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April 13, 2010


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Sara Ross

It certainly doesn't sound like 'work' to me or rather it is just the kind I like. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and anytime you can come back to Dade City we'll be GLAD to SUFFER through another project. Only one 'Three Barns' completed (that overacheiver Kay, of course) but several (mine included) close to 'flimsy' stage.


It was so much fun...and you wrote the perfect re-cap...just wish I could have stayed for Saturday. I did post my quilt on my blog already...had to iron it first thing the next morning and take pictures...oh, and read your book, cover to cover several times! Thanks so much for a great class, trunk show...and quilting inspiration!


Gee I wish I lived in America!!! I guess I'll just have to keep reading! Thanks Carrie for all of the wonderful things you do to keep us quilting! I, for one, am very grateful!


Work! Oh my goodness, this is the kind of work I want to do! So much fun :-)


Looks like an awesome class...feel like coming to Australia? :-)


Sounds like a blast. Oh the Rural Jardin...so pretty. I've bought a layer cake to make something out of the new book from!


It was a wonderful class! I've already recruited a few quilters to come next year! You truly are a delightful and talented quilter. Thanks for sharing!

Sinta Renee

I love this post... and wish that I could have been there! The class looks like it was so much fun... and great women also! Love the projects they shared. I can see that I won't be able to live without that book!!! I just bought some of the new RJ by FG yesterday! Must have been tuned in to you both:)


I'm soooooo jealous...wish I could've been there too! Just ordered the book from Amazon but says it will take 2-3 weeks to ship - I don't know if I can wait that long.

Camille Roskelley

Yep, looks like work to me! But a great, wonderful 'love what you do' kind of work. It looks like you had a fantastic time. I love seeing everyones projects. So a few things-

LOVE my aqua frame. It's on my mantle, and is perfect there. It ties in my aqua lamp and as Jarom put it "things don't look mismatchy anymore". That man... So thank you. You are a doll. The bags are pretty fantastic too. Thanks. :-)

Next thing- so beyond flattered that YOU would copy ME. Blushing! Just hurry and make something with it so I can copy you, will you?

(This is a really long comment) It was so fun to meet up for lunch and a little shopping. Can we just plan that once a month or so? Please?

One more thing- We just got a dog, Max, who I think should be Rosie's boyfriend. Think about it.

Sorry about the lengthly comment.

Mary Flynn

All I can say is wished I was there! I'd love to be able to meet you afterall I've got this addiction you gave me with Schnibbles! In fact, I've quilted three today for others!!
I'm looking forward to getting my hands on your book...though I'm holding out for autographed copy!


Looks like a wonderful class...what great show and tell...thank you for sharing all their quilts. Do I need to rush out and order Rural Jardin? Am I going to NEED this?

Laura Miller

Can't wait to purchase more layer cakes and get started on some other projects. The top is done, I just have to find the right backing. The two days were incredible--next time we will leave the misters home. The trunk show, class and advice and my 15 minutes of fame were wonderful. Thank you for a great visit. Laura


Wow, what fun it was to be in this class!! You are an excellent teacher and just plain fun to listen to and be around! I was so excited to see my Good Tidings quilt in your posting. I can't wait for my next chance to be in class with you! Susan

Cat Wilson

Glad to see you were working hard with the ladies. I ordered my book from Amazon (since my local store can't get them in until June)...and even Amazon is making me wait.....May 3rd, May 3rd, May 3rd, can't wait. Congrats again.

Samantha Robinson

This was my very first quilting retreat and it was a blast. Thank you for the great weekend. I will email you my finished quilt. Samantha

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