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May 05, 2010


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Hi Carrie!
Yay, already spotted your 3rd book for this year on amazon website...all good things come in 3 (and I hope that *my* amazon will hurry up to deliver the Schnibbles Times Two book soon...).
Already finished this month's challenge...I wonder if someone else made the same choice.
Can't wait to see your new creations,


Carrie, your quilts look great the way they are on your chair. Gosh those ladies quilts are gorgeous and as for those beautiful bags holding your quilts, wow, why can't we have shops like that here in little old New Zealand..... (stomping feet..)
big hugs Deb


Don't worry friend I can take all those quilts off your hands! ;-)

badlands quilts

off to amazon to get the scoop! Have a great day!


My Schnibbles Times 2 arrived from Amazon last Thursday and then Spice of Life showed up on Saturday. They are both wonderful!!


Yummy stacks of quilts...Rosie has lots to pick from! Those Container Store bags are wonderful!


Good luck in the workroom...I wish you all the best in your market preparations! I've also been wondering if one Schnibble would get more exposure in next month's parade...it will be interesting to see! Take care!

Sinta Renee

Aren't you so darn clever... love the opening little story! You look like you are extremely busy... I don't know why I get a visual of Rosie chasing her tail... anyway, I loved the Schnibble parade too and all the little twists those blogettes came up with! Gotta go check out those bags... and Amazon for the 3rd book rumor!

call me crazy

LOL MIW~ love that one! :-) Love the stack of quilts too! Congratulations Mary and Andee!


I have 23 kids in my class and I am sorry to say that none of them have the same birthday. So is the theory blown? Love the quilts. I can't wait for summer and some serious quilting time.

Lisa V ancor


You are just too good, I just ordered the spice of Life book at Amazon and will be tapping my foot till it gets here.


Andee in aZ

I left a comment the day I read about my good fortune, but it isn't here! Thankfully, Sinta gently reminded me to comment so I came back and checked! I am very excited to get an autographed copy of your book straight from you! I just finished up this month's Schnibble...before this Year of Schnibbles I had never made one, and now I can't stop! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

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