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July 27, 2010


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Sinta Renee

I love seeing workspaces! I will be looking in my mailbox for my issue! Speaking of falling apart fast... that is just what happened to my Schnibbles Times Two! I knew that I should have had it spiral bound to start with!


oh no! now I have to go to town before I leave on vacation to pick up this copy! I shouldn't have read blogs this morning, LOL.


I can't wait for this to arrive...seems I always get my copy about a week after I see them showing up on-line....so hard to wait!

Sandy (Strlady)

I caught a glimpse of this issue over at Tara's blog and I'm crossing my fingers that my issue is waiting for me in my mailbox. I'm traveling for business and I don't think I can wait until I get back to read it!! I tag all the quilts I like as soon as I get the issue and I'm thinking I'm going to have this issue all tagged up when I'm done!!


Oh wow! I can't wait til my copy arrives..... I sure hope it doesn't get lost in the mail. Moving and all you know ;-D


Oh I hope mine shows up in my mailbox today...all those wonderful projects in 1 issue! WOW!


I sure can't wait till my comes to my door! I am wowing with every blog that mentions it!!


You're the second blog I've read - and I don't have my issue yet!!!! Maybe it will be there when I get home from work :). Love APQ!


I have checked three places in town for this issue, and no one has it yet! Blast. I want to get started on all those quilts right now.

Madame Samm

For goodness sake honey child...MAIL IS bad for YOU...but for us, it is a treat to have you give us a play by play expose..
You are one funny lady. Now really what else is in this issue that you have not covered?
I will go out and get a copy and see for myself and tell you...
not really......blessings msamm


Gorgeous quilts thats for sure. I am loving that beautiful chair also which the first quilt is displayed over.

Nancy E

I haven't seen it in the shops yet. It is an issue I must get! The quilts look wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

Magnolia Bay Quilts

A super-nice issue! Where is my mail carrier?

Leslie Schmidt

I got mine today, but I've been waiting for the evening to read it. As lovely as all those quilts are, I am a little sad to see the emphasis on fall already. I still have a lot of summer sewing to do!


Oh I just love this issue and yes I have to buy a ....on page 4 too will it fit in your new sewing room???
perfect solution to keep my wip from becoming ufo's when they get lost!
oh the sewing rooms are to die for...and the quilts in this issue , one of the best issues this year in mho!
great review and ah to be invited to the creative circle of excellence what an honor.
great review of the magazine and sorry I cost you a bit of money :)
thanks for the link to my blog and showing my quilt.

pat sloan

Yes... I DO want to make Lissa's quilt.. and yes... my clone DOES NOT Sleep!!! there... my secret is out!... LOL!


Oh yes, I definitely will need to make Lissa's quilt and now I can't wait to get my copy of APQ in the mail, ahhhh!!!!

Nancy C. in Utah

Okay Carrie, here's the deal...I have a bladder problem (I know too much info) the reason I say this though is because I also got my copy yesterday and all 4 times I got up through the night to use the 'facility', I grabbed this off my nightstand and ended up sitting on the pot (every time) until my legs went numb. All I needed to do was piddle but I got so involved in the magazine that I just sat there. Why didn't I just lay in bed and read it you ask? I already had...twice. There is just soooo much to see and I didn't see a pattern I didn't love so I had to read over the instructions too and until I started feeling a cool draft from the air conditioner on my backside, I forgot where I was sitting. What can I say...'Senior Moment'? Yup, that sounds like a good enough excuse. Besides, I NEVER EVER read in the bathroom, truly! Now, about that baking rack, if I had a sewing room, well, you know what I'd be shopping for!


I wonder how ya'll get your magazine before I do? I wonder if there is a rhyme or reason to the magazine companies mailings. Torture is a good word here! Maybe mine will come sometime soon until then, I still have money in my wallet. Have a great weekend!


oh NO! now I have to go find this issue asap!! wonder if Barnes and Noble or Borders has it yet?? Might have to make a stop later this afternoon! Then I just have to resist having to pull more fabric for another project (at least for now!)

Sigrid Wilcox

I finally subscribed to this magazine 2 issues back. I have to admit that I'm drooling most oer the crochet afghan but thinking I might try it using brights that I've got a lot of to use up.

Mary Ann

I felt just the same way reading this magazine. The afghan..oh my be still my heart. But I'm thinking a should have got a FQ stack or two at the Long Beach show last week to fill in my scraps (sounds good anyway!)

Deb A

I went to Barnes and Nobles last weekend to buy the magazine, (one that I don't have a subscription to!) and I love the quilt on the cover and several others. Now I need to go buy material and get started!

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