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July 30, 2010


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wow! love hearing about this one. it's amazing how with so much technology these days, most ideas still start with a pen and paper. can't beat it! oh...and that's a freakin' GORGEOUS quilt!


Fascinating! I've always wondered how you do this...your mind is absolutely amazing!


Gorgeous quilt...and yes, I love reading about the process...I've read both posts you mentioned and think that the process is actually one of the most fascinating aspects of quilting. And it's good to think about it. I know my quilting has improved considerably since you mentioned in your trunk show that we should think about the elements of quilts we like...would love to hear the process on the Luna Notte quilt too!

Kim Pebley

I loved reading this piece. I have done the same thing to my notebooks.. makes it personal! Thank you for sharing with us your journey.

Melissa C

Love reading about your process. LOVE this quilt. Can't wait till it is available.

Vickie E

that was cool. I think I can relate when it comes to designing. I mostly use my EQ to translate my pattern for submission

Sinta Renee

I loved the story without the Cliff Notes version! I'm glad we had this little talk... and yes, I would love to read about the adventures of Eventide! I'm actually happy to know that pencil and paper still work for designing. Like candles still work for lighting:)but better!

Cheryl Arkison

We modern quilters don't mind! Process is fascinating regardless.


Gorgeous quilt, Carrie, and fascinating to read about your process. I'd love to read your process for Eventide. Thanks for letting us in on how you design.

Pam P

Love Heartland! Just beautiful! And I like to read posts that have "a little meat" on them :) I'm not a fabric or quilt designer so it's great to see how your ideas become the patterns that I buy - pretty cool!! Thanks Carrie!

Sarah B.

You know, Carrie, I HATE the triangles... even with the brainless Thangles I get intimidated by them. However, I LOVE the Heartland quilt pattern so very, very much that I might even brave the bazillion (it's giving me heart palpitations just looking at it!)called for just to own it! Seriously, if there was ever a quilt pattern that screams America the Beautiful, this is it. I will be waiting anxiously for the pattern to show up at my LQS. Meanwhile my "Picnic in Frolic" is languishing so I better get that one finished first... :o)
Oh, and I love hearing how you work thru your design process. It's facinating to me how so much talent begins and the ending results.

L. M. R.

That is one beautiful quilt.

Leslie Schmidt

To get a result like that would inspire me to make all those little half square triangles. It is breathtaking! I enjoyed the process description. It makes me appreciate all the work designers do even more. I'm glad your mind works like that, because mine sure doesn't!

Deb Myers

why, of course, we/i want to hear all about eventide! we/i want to hear about everthing you do, think, say!!! it's all sooooo fascinating~~

Cheryl Miller

Wow, Carrie, I am impressed. I wondered how you did it! Love the quilt. Now I know what to do with all my red, white and blues scraps.

auntie pami

Wowser. That is one beautiful quilt. I'd like to hear how you designed Eventide. And, how do you cover the notebooks? I was just looking at the moleskins myself, obviously not close enough --I didn't know they had gridded ones.

Kathy J

I.WANT.THIS.QUILT...but I'll settle for the pattern. Hurry 2 weeks until available, hurry!


Yes please...share the process on the next one too. I find it very interesting to read.

You are very talented!


Ah, a glimpse into the mind of genius. Seriously, it was fascinating, and I cannot wait to make that quilt.


Great post... loved the insight!

Mary C

I'm not a fan of Log cabins, but your quilt is pretty nice. I like the added point on the Log Cabin blocks and on the outside edge. Thanks for sharing the "process". I'll be listening to your visit with Pat Sloan...she made me visit and read your post today.


Wow, so that's how you do it!! Fascinating! I found it interesting that you had pretty much figured it out and put it on paper before you started cutting and sewing. I don't have that kind of vision, it's not until I have the fabric up on my design wall that I can decide things like block sizes and border options. My process is a real fabric waster!

I wonder how I can develop the skill of seeing it in my mind's eye before seeing it in person. Maybe that's just something you're born with....or not!

OK, I'm all ready to read about Eventide!


Yes, I would love to read about how you develop your patterns. What seems obvious to you on border balance, for instance, is not so obvious to me. However, I really want to know how someone looks at this. The more information you share, the more I am able to "push" myself into learning. This is the path to becoming more mutant on my own when creating my own designs.


I laughed when I read that your last version of EQ was 4. I bought EQ4 and never installed it. I love paper and pencil and while it may be not be "up-to-speed" for today's technology, it is what works for me. :-)

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