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August 02, 2010


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What an amazing tutorial. It was almost like taking a workshop LOL!! They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Judy in MI

Thank you - it looks like fun! Question - did you use a top load washer or a front load washer? Do you think it would make a difference?? I've heard that front load ones don't felt but I've not tried it since I have a front load.

auntie pami

I have a front loader too. So, I've always been apprehensive about felting...But, I do have lots of roving and these are adorable!

Lisa D.

Thanks for the tutorial and links to sources for the wool. I bought a cute silver toothpick holder at an antique shop in Danville when I visited Sister's Choice Nicole a couple years ago, and have wanted to turn it into a pincushion ever since. Now I know how!

call me crazy

Very cool! About how many yards of roving did it take to make one pincushion? or maybe the better question.. can you make more than one from a skein? I have some research to do! Thanks! (I think) LOL :-)

Madame Samm

I could not agree more with the first comment...it was like a pin cushion workshop. Carrie you are such a ball...lol. No really you have a way of embracing us all like you are just talking to us one on one..thank you for my smile this morning, I too love love love pin cushions...ps. I have a tutorial for one for your sewing machine I did last week...
blessings ms


Wow, wow, wow! Amazing tutorial, Carrie. They are sweet.

Madame Samm

ps. Carrie, it is not a table runner it will go on a double lounger...some of our friends call it a bed in our parlour...silly peeps lol .tried to reply, but it took me here...anyway, nice to have you drop by, I was out, now in, lol. blessings madame samm

Mary Flynn

The links you gave for felting in a front load are very helpful to me since I was thinking laundromat for a top load machine. Thanks!

Leslie Schmidt

Great tutorial, Carrie. And I checked out the links to felting in a front loader, since that is what I have. I have tried felting in it, but didn't have as much success. Maybe what I learned here will help me out. Your wool balls look so perfectly round! And they are so much better to stick the pins in. I've always hated using polyester stuffing for pincushions. Thanks!

jordan retro 11

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Nadine Woodraska

I love pincushions!! They are a weakness of mine also. I have made a couple with the roving, not all successful, I can't wait to try it again using your tips!

Karen Grabowski

As if I don't have enough "can't wait to try this" projects lying around...now I have to add this and all the necessary stuff to make one for all of my friends because who can make just one and since you have to run a dryer full of wool balls, shouldn't there be enough to bounce around in there and since I won't want to give away any color that, God forbid, I'd never see again, I have to make sure I keep one of each for myself!!! Thank you though for the excellent tutorial! I am going digging for pin pots now because I've amassed an armload of egg cups for just such a project!

Jane Pritchard

I just went out to clean my garage...I know, why am I cleaning my garage when I could be sewing? This is why. I was thinking of my friend Kathy. Kathy is the person that brought the love of quilting into my life. She also brought Miss Rosie's quilts into my life. It's wonderful to have Kathy and Miss Rosie to inspire me.

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