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September 29, 2010


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Kathleen B

Welcome back, Carrie. I'm not the biggest carrot cake fan, but that recipe looks delicious. I'll have to try it...and share it. BTY--an early "Happy Birthday to you!" in case I forget. ~Kathleen


Love the Gibbs comment...too funny. After apple pie, carrot cake is my favourite taste. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


I've never been a huge fan of carrot cake, but your description makes me want to change my mind. I saved your recipe for an adventurous day! :) Thank you so much for sharing a wonderful family recipe.

~Teresa ;)

Sew Create It - Jane

Thanks for the link to the carrot cake...it is the perfect time of year to eat it! Yummy!


I love carrot cake too, and have a great recipe that (HORRORS) does not have cream cheese frosting, just a yummy glaze that keeps the cke supper moist. But, German Chocolate was always the cake of choice for birthdays in my family (and not from a box, either!)

Sandra Cudd

NCIS is one of the shows that I will not miss even if I have to DVR it to watch later. So, I know about Gibbs' thwacking (love it when he does that) Carrot cake...one of my favorites. Hmmmm, most anything spicy is a favorite taste treat for me. thanks for your recipe. And an early Happy Birthday to you.


Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Sandy (Strlady)

I love Carrot Cake! It's right up there with Red Velvet cake! YUMMY!!
May your Carrot Cake Birthday be super yummy this year.


Oh yum, I LOVE carrot cake. Off to visit the Monique's blog :-)


The last time I made carrot cake was for Easter. It's one of my husband's favorites which is saying alot because he only likes a couple of cakes.

I'd like to try this recipe!


I know it's hard to get excited when it's still basically summer where you are. Here in California we finally got our record breaking temps of 108 yesterday!


YUMMO, Carrie! Carrot cake is a fav of my family! Thanks for sharing! Polly

Cheryl Miller

My husband always wants carrot cake for his birthday too. And will the heat please let up!

Robin Crittenden

the carrot cake recipe sounds really good. can't wait to try it.

Pat Sloan

How did you KNOW I love Carrot cake!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it took me YEARS to try it.. No McCoy to swat me!


Carrot cake? Omnomnomnom! If I hadn't promised to make double chocolate mint muffins for a birthday tomorrow, I'd be making your family carrot cake. Pass a cloth to wipe the keyboard! ;-) Thank you for sharing!




Life gets crazy sometimes, I love carrot cake and I think I will make some tonight


Can't wait to try this recipe...I sure am collecting some great ones today! And I can definitely make carrot cake any time...even if it is 105 today!


OH!!! Carrot cake is a personal favorite of both my hubby and me. That picture is pure torture Carrie...we are on 'heart healthy food' and we already had our treat meals this month! *sigh* The cake will have to wait a week or two, but it does look scrumptious. Hugs...


I'm definitely going to have to try this recipe. My son's birthday is in November and carrot cake is his birthday cake of choice. I usually end up getting it at a bakery nearby, but I'm going to try this and see if I can beat out the bakery!


Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is the best.


Happy Birthday! Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is great any time of year! YUM!

Cindy Carlson

I HEART Carrot Cake. And with Cheese frosting.....tummy delight indeed!!!

Happy Fall.

Lee Ann L.

Carrot cake is my husband's favorite. He likes it best with Cream Cheese frosting. :-)

Sandie ~call me crazy

MMmmm I love carrot cake! :-)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Yes, Carrot Cake! Get ready for a great birthday!


Carrot cake is a favourite at our house too. Will definately try your recipe. Oh, the cream cheese frosting adds that final yummy touch. Carrie, are you leaving all the news of your trip to the "girls". What is filtering through looks like one great trip.


Yummy! Cake with vegetables and fruit too--there's dairy in that cream cheese--this almost qualifies as all food groups! Yes! put those walnuts on top, they are good for you and I think they have a little protein in them.

Lovie Ball

Love carrot cake without frosting. I dust with powder sugar or make a glaze.
In my family for birthdays we got our favorite meal. For me that meant - Fried chicken, cauliflower and cheese, and carrot cake or red velvet cake. So a carrot cake brings back good memories.

Carol Sc

I remember that "ewww" comment on carrot cake --- and,now, as I have "matured", it is one of my favorites. I wonder what other tastes I have missed?!


I love carrot cake. In fact, I had some today at my workshop but I have never made it. Thanks for the recipe. Did the top picture have chocolate chips in it?

Marcia W.

xI once lived in Arizona and understand what you mean about Fall. My family also has many Fall birthdays (BTW my uncle and late father's birthday is today). While I love chocolate birthday cakes, my SIL makes me carrot cakes that are wonderful. When was younger, halloween cakes usually ended up as my birthday cake. Thanks for the taste of fall.


Thanks for the recipe! Seems like the time of year for baking. Kim

Bonnie Nyquist

I am a carrot cake lover!!! So this is right up my alley!!! Thank you for posting the recipe. Loving the Blog Hop! Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com

Louise K.

I love carrot cake. Thank you for sharing your family recipe.

Leslie Schmidt

Carrot cake is so good, and you can rationalize that it must be good for you with fruit AND vegies in it! The recipe looks very good. Another one I shouldn't eat, but probably will.

Bobbi Delsing

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Was my hubbies favorite. Will have to make it is his honor!...and eat it , of course!

Beth Bush

Thank you for carrot cake recipe!!!

madame samm

I cannot say I disagree with you Carrie..carrot cake is also this french family's favourite. Always will be...we even soak our raisins now in coffee, to give our cake an even more moist texture...and can we talk about mouthfeel? lol
I making it today for a retreat tomorrow...so off I go..thanks for the smiles ...blessings msamm

Paula Johnson

I dont know anyone that doesnt like carrot cake. Its part of the season.lol.

Sally Baumeister

I love fall and have enjoyed the freebie designs you Galfriends have been giving these last days.

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