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October 01, 2010


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Happy birthday, Carrie! Can't wait to see those rulers!

Mary Val

Happy Birthday! So you hear me signing here? I'm doing so very quietly since it's so early in the morning. That was a very entertaining read. Randy Quaid,the actor with the more famous older brother, is one funny guy: think National Lampoon Christmas vacation. We watch that every year at our house, along with the Red Ryder BB gun film: over, and over, and over, ha! LOVE the rulers, love the cookies, love that gorgeous dog too. thanks!

Paula L.

Happy Birthday! And thank you for the recipe - your cookies look so yummy I have to try both this weekend!
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com


You associate the same memories with those actors that I do! So I have a question on the rulers - what does it SOUND like?

Teresa Felgueiras

Happy birthday. Thank you for your delicious recipe. Those rullers seem great too.

Györgyi Varga

Happy Birthday! In my country we say on this special day: Boldog Szülinapot! The cookies you made looks like delicious and your free pattern is lovely. Have a nice day with your family. Györgyi


Happy Birthday and thanks for the free pattern. Would love a set of these rulers

Mary Jordan

Happy Birthday! I graduated high school in 1973. That would make us about the same age? I know that now I like my tops long enough to hit my finger tips. That's were I liked my skirts hemmed in those days. We could wear pants when we were sophmores but they had to be suits. My mom made me umpteen double knit pant suits. My mom didn't let me shave my legs until I was in the middle of my 8th year. It was so embarrassing. I wore fishnet and textured stockings so no one else could tell. Finally I told her the kids were making fun of me and she finally let me use nair. I was allergic to it and had an awful rash and it was just yuk. She would tell me...I told you were too young to shave. The moral of this story is I picked my battles with my children. If I caught them in a lie or the didn't do their best at school then they were grounded. I think my daughter was grounded the whole school year when she was 12. Now that child is a whole different story....

Pat said to post our email addy...azuree55@yahoo.com


It's so sweet that you give on your birthday. Thanks for the recipes and pattern. Wishing you a day full of wonderful things and memories to last you for years to come!! Happy Birthday, Carrie!


Happy Birthday, Carrie! I hope you have a perfect day! Thanks for the recipes and the free pattern.


Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one. jmb8161{at}yahoo{dot}com


Happy birthday, Carrie. Thank you for sharing the recipes and pattern. :) The butterscotch cookies look delicious! The oteher do as well, but I'm allergic to walnuts. So, I won't be making those. lol

julie love

Happy Happy Birthday! Tis the season for birthdays! We have had four just this week -- that translates to lots of CAKE - YUM!! Thanks for the pattern - you are so generous! Enjoy your birthday!


Happy Birthday!
Your cookies look very yummy, and I like your Moose on the Loose quilt!
Have a nice day today!

Debbie Gallett

Happy Birthday. Love the stories.

Marcia Kosturock

Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday! And thanks for the yummy recipes and pattern!


Happy Happy Birthday to you and all the other Oct. Birthdays (mine is in Oct too!) Thanks for the pattern and the recipes. Your quilt is beautiful!


Happy Birthday! If it were my birthday today I'd wish for the rulers :-)


Happy birthday! Thanks for the pattern. And non-glare rulers? They definitely sound like they're worth their weight in gold! I've got to find one NOW!


Ohhh...cookies...rulers...today is going to be a good day

Shawntel Parker

Happy Birthday! The puppy is adorable, too! I'll definitely have to try the butterscotch cookies b/c my husband LOVES butterscotch anything. Your first quilt is full of bright colors--love it! Thanks for helping Pat with her blog hop!


Birthdays, cookies and rulers. What a good combination. Thanks for participating in the giveaway.


happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dearest carrie,
happy birthday to YOU!

Have a grand day and don't think you won't have to hear me sing! bahahahahahahahaha

You already know how much I love Moose on the Loose - LOVE IT.

Linda Brown

so cute I love seeing first quilts they are so precious. Lots of laughs Linda

Sarah Vee

Happy Birthday to you! Love your post - actually read your other hop post too and smiled. I love how you write - and create! Thanks for the loose Moose, too. I'm going to print it for my 9 year old daughter. The cookies look good too. Thanks, Carrie. Enjoy your cookies and cake and whatever you want on your special day!

Vicki   Quilternp

Happy Birthday and thanks for the chance to win the rulers
Those cookies really look good especially the walnut bars


Happy Birthday. I love seeing first quilts too. It's cool to see how tastes have changed. Thanks for the cookie recipes and the quilt pattern. Definitely making the walnut cookies this weekend.

Thanks for sharing.

Deb S.

Happy Birthday, fellow Libra! Love the Moose quilt.

Deb S.

dolores fegan

Happy Birthday! Thanks for a fun read. Enjoyed learning about your first 3 quilts!


Happy Birthday. Those walnut cookies look scrumptious.

Melissa Corry

Happy Birthday!! The cookies look so yummy!


These rulers have me intrigued and I would love to win a set.


Happy Birthday, Carrie!


Happy birthday Carrie, I think the first of October is a special day - I know 3 awesome people that are born on that day. One of them is you....not that I really know you, but you know what I mean.


Oh my goodness Carrie HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!You are among the rich and famous. Er, maybe they are among the rich and famous. Whatever. I hope you have a terrific day!!! And THANKS for the pattern..... my stash is calling me.

Darlene B

Happy Birthday, Carrie! Hope you have an absolutely wonderful day! Thanks for the free pattern. I would love to win these rulers!


These posts are so full of stuff. wow. I love your cookies recipes! The pattern is awesome. Im keeping for a have to do.
Happy Happy Birthday!!!


These rulers rock. I'll be looking for them. Cookies. Ymmmm!!!

Linda P

Oh my!!! You have made it feel like our birthday!! Hope you have a really wonderful day as well!
*groan*... I never liked school clothes shopping either, we grew up rather on the poor side, so I remember having to only get a couple of skirts that we could mix & match with shirts or sweaters and then also share with my sister... then I remember having a shirtwaiste dress passed to me, and I really felt "IN" then. Thanks goodness, I'm not so hung up on all that now.
Cookies??? now those never go out of style - love, love, love!! Thanks for those recipes. They have to be tried and true, if yall have been making them for that long! Not sure where I've been, but don't remember the Moose Munch - I just like saying it - sounds like another recipe in there some where!
The rulers!! Wow, can't wait to try them. I am deciding which size to start with - of course I'd love to win the whole set, and if I did would share with my sister in Germany - I'm sure they don't have them there! This was a jam packed post, thank you for everything, and always making me smile or giggle thru it! hugs!


♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you, Haaappy Birthday to you, Happy Birrrrrrthday dear Carrie, ........ Happy Birthday to YOU!!!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

It's so of you to share your special day with us! Thanks for the pattern and the chance to win a set of Pat's rulers, too!

LeAnne Olson

Happy Birthday Carrie....Today you are The Birthday Princess...Do as you darn please and have fun doing it...no matter what it is...xoxo

Michelle Browning

Loved your post! You are soo funny LOL Ah, yes, the ugly clothes of the 70s. And we thought they were sooo cool ROFL/Thanks for the pattern.


Happy birthday! Spoil yourself today! Love the moose on the loose quilt, thanks for sharing!


Happy birthday and thanks for the pattern!


Happy B-day to you! :)

Please count me in your giveaway! :)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for the cookie recipes. I love the rulers...and could use them!

Nan S.

Happy birthday!! Your posts are always so much fun to read. Hope you have a great day today.


{Happy Birthday!}


yeah- what DO they sound like? quiet I hope, as I'm eyeing that 16.5" square!

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