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December 02, 2010


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I lived in North Pole, Alaska (not THAT North Pole, a suburb of Fairbanks) for 18 years. It was not unusual for the temp to be 30 below. Glad to have moved. Super cute pattern. Thanks. I am a new follower.


I am a Mug Collector, too...so I feel your pain. I wish mine was just for the Holidays, but I will collect ALL kinds of different mugs. I enjoy them, though. Thanks for including us in your holiday fun!!


Thanks for sharing some Christmas spirit.


I was a mug collector, until I was forced to downsize, and I had to get rid of a lot of them. Broke my heart! Really like this quilt - very festive looking. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us. Merry Christmas!

Sandy Brown

Love your quilt - and the happy fabric, too. It looks like I could finish it by Christmas. I'm making State Fair with Christmas charm packs right now - maybe I could get two done!


Love Shiny Brite!


Love your snowman and love that you got him at a bargain! I would really like to win a prize from you - the quilt looks so cute, I think I will add that to my 'to do' list. Merry Christmas from the North Pole, I mean New York!


Love the quilt and the fabrics in it! I'll definitely try to make it, if not before Christmas I'll do it after.
Lotta in Sweden


Love the snowman. Cute fabrics!


Love the new quilt. It's great!

Deb G. in VA

Love the pattern! Thanks for a chance to win the fabric to make it!

Linda Lum DeBono

Thank you Miss Carrie! Love the quilt, your wit and for being an awesome part of this event! Xo, L

Liz Tamiso

thanks fo rsharing a pretty pattern - I might just get this one done, and get over my fear of triangles !!

Linda Goulty

I love the quilt, thank you for the pattern. I live in France and it is like the North Pole here are the moment!!! It's freezing cold. Linda

Vickie E

I love the new quilt too...super cute.


Gooooooooooood Morning Carrie!!! OOPS, sorry, did I wake you? No, of course not, you never sleep. It's 3:50 am here in cold (North Pole cold) Northern Utah and I was have a a bad night with my Sclero so I thought 'Self', instead of laying here and being miserable, get online and visit some of your favorite haunts, so here I am! Besides, I had to check my Idaho lottery ticket numbers, we won 3 big ones...dollars that is, LOL. Don't scoff, it will buy a Fat Quarter, LOL. Okay, down to business...OH, but first I just have to ask, did you ever have one of those Aluminum trees with the color wheel that went round and round? We did when I was just a kid and oh how I loved to sit in the dark room with onlylthe color wheel on and watch the beautiful reflections of colors off of the miriade of shiny 'tree branches'. We had to keep it simple usually but mom splurged one year on that tree and it was the one we used for almost 10 years. Though I can remember the shopping for a real tree and getting it home, when dad would cut branches off areas that were too full and drill hole in the tree trunck to hold other braches he had trimmed off. Watching him 'build' the perfect shaped tree was always a special time for me. Ah, fun memories. NOW...on to the business at hand. Thanks so much for the great pattern. It looks like a fast, fun project. Though, holiday sewing this year is questionable at best because we are remodeling, well, giving the inside a little face lift anyway and my house is pretty well torn up until after the end of January, but I will be making some Christmas decorations for next holiday season. I did get a couple of very small projects finished to brighten up my new sewing room before the remodel work began. *sigh*...the one decoration I will have out is my Nativity...very important for me. Probably my tiny little Precious Moment miniature tea set Nativity...not sure I'll have a space for the larger one. Ah well, it's the thought that counts, or so they say. Who is the illusive "They" anyway??? Just wondered! Don't care if I miss a tree this year, but the Nativity has to be out to remind me what I am celebrating. Okay, it's early and I'm rambling. I have the 'Shiny Brite' pattern safely saved and if I have time I will search to see if I have fabrics to make it with. I recently ordered some holiday fat quarters from the "Quilters Store" in Sedona during their Fat Quarter Frenzy but they are more subtle, almost elegant designs and I think this pattern calls for bright and cheerful so I'm keeping my fingers crossed to win one of your wonderful giveaway treasures. OH how I would love to finally own an honest to goodness 'Fat Quarter Bundel' but all three fabric prizes are perfect. Thanks for a chance to win some of the bounty of booty your are giving away. Well, I think I can sleep a bit now so I'll just leave it at that. Thanks again, Big hugs to you and scratches for sweet Rosie. Good Luck to Everyone!!!


How cute is that cheerful little quilt! I'd love a chance to win the fabric to make it. Thank you for sharing.

julie love

Such a cute pattern - thanks! And, of course, what nice giveaways for some lucky winner!


Great pattern! And wonderful fabric - thanks for the chance!


Right now my passion is retro-christmas, this pattern is perfect for using those delicious retro prints!

Pat A

Good Morning from cold Minnesota!!
Great pattern will look good in any color combos. Thanks for all your hard work


Thank you for the lovely pattern, I am going to try and make it tomorrow ,And thank you for the chance to win your competition as I don't have much Christmas material at all.
Lot's of Christmas Cheer to you.


Thanks for sharing the great pattern! Definitely going to try it out after the holidays. Thanks for the giveaway.

Paula W.

Thanks for the great pattern. Merry Christmas to you!

Vanessa VanTrease

I'm so glad I found your blog! Such inspiration! Thank you.
Vanessa in Oklahoma

Susan J.

Thanks so much for the cute pattern. I collect nutcrackers and I think they multiply by themselves. Glad to read Rosie is doing better. Remember to give us an update on your sewing room some time. I don't remember seeing what you decided for the design wall. Happy holidays!

Kim G

That Shiny Brite pattern is adorable!! Would love a chance to win your giveaway!! Good to hear Rosie is doing better!!


Wow I love your quilt, thankyou so much for sharing the pattern with us! And such a great giveaway to boot, woohoo!!


The quilt is lovely. Wouldn't it be nice to snuggle under the quilt while sipping hot chocolate from one of your pretty mugs. So glad you are participating in the blog hop. Happy quilting.


Love the pattern and thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


Gorgeous quilt! Thanks for the chance to win!


Old Man Winter has arrived in Michigan too. Not liking it at all. Thanks for the cute pattern...it's printed and ready to go. I've got my fingers and toes crossed hoping to be the lucky winner. Wising you Good Health, Happiness and Joy and may 2011 be a Great Year for all!!!!!!!


Cute pattern and great giveaways. Thanks. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

mary beth

Hey since when do they spell North Pole I-O-W-A. The older I get the colder it gets! Great quilts btw!


Well here in southern NH we've had a fairly mild winter so far...yesterday was a warm 44! I collect mugs too, all kinds, but when I moved I decided to give some away. I did keep the "work" mugs - I have mugs from almost every company I've worked for...at least the ones I liked working for! I love this pattern, it's so cheerful and I have a niece-in-law who would adore it, so I can start Christmas presents in January! Thank you for creating this for us. You do the neatest patterns! Hope it warms up for you, but please feel free to send that 50 degree weather on up here!

Jeanne H

I love the quilt, what a fun festive quilt to make. Thank you.


What a great pattern. It's gorgeous!!! Oh I would love to win some of your fabric. It's so wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing with us today. It's so much fun. Hugs Ariane


Carrie, I totally know what you mean about the weather the past week here in Phoenix! I was freezing even with a coat and gloves on in the morning...could have used some long johns lol. Thank goodness yesterday was back into the 60's and today is supposed to be 70. Woo hoo!

Anyway, I love the quilt and fabrics and would love to be the lucky winner.

I am a "less is more" Christmas decorator too...less to put away that way. That, and there's just certain things that don't work too well with 4 cats and 2 huge dogs!


This hopping from blog to blog is great! Thanks for sharing about your love of mugs...I also have a collection!


Thanks for a nice give-away. The quilt is adorable. I have one Christmas mug that I use every Sunday morning all year long. I don't know, it just makes me happy!


This is a lot of fun! Thanks for the cute pattern and chance to win.


Hi it's really cold here in the UK (North Pole cold)
Great pattern and fabrics - count me in please


I think Shiny Brite will have to go on my "to do" list.


Oh, Carrie, I am so into Shiny Brite things that you could call me a crow! Thanks for the pattern!

Anna McD

love shiny brite! thanks for a chance to win!

Marcia Kosturock

Thank you for the quilt pattern, it is quite lovely! The fabric is gorgeous, and I would love to have my name entered for a chance to win. Oooh those colors :) make me smile!


Thank you for the great pattern! Winter has finally arrived in Michigan too - 25 degrees and snowing right now!


That pattern is fabulous! It's going to be 72 in Houston today...aren't you missing it! :)

Connie Campbell

Thank you for the great pattern! Love the colors you used. Would love to win the fabric, Merry Christmas!


I'm with you, it's 56 degrees here this morning and I am freezing. I wouldn't let the hubs turn on the heat though. Thanks for the chance to win those gorgeous prizes.

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