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January 21, 2011


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This is a great idea. I need to put this together before our quilt-in. Thank you!


Fabulous idea - one I need to copy! teehee!

Thank you for sharing.


Me thinks you are definitely up to something, Carrie. Hmmmmm...Are you getting "Carrie-d" away again? I can't wait to find out what it's all about! Hints, hints, and more hints, please. Pretty, pretty please???


What a great idea.....thanks for sharing it :)


what a great idea! can't you see some red ric rack around the edge?

Sandy E-H

Thanks for sharing this great idea! I'll be making some of these soon!
Sandy E-H
Bemidji, MN


Fantastic idea...I'll be the hit of my little sewing group. I just might make one for each of the 4 ladies as a gift! Gotta go...I have to go buy some foam core!
Thank you for sharing!


Awesome idea! I consider walking from my sewing machine to the floor where I lay my blocks out as 'exercise'.


Pure genius - thanks for sharing!


These are certainly a must do, I think I will make a set for friends as gifts.


What a great idea! No wonder you borrowed it! I'll be sharing it for sure.


Genius! I'm so glad other people come up with such great ideas! I must steal this one! Thanks for sharing!


What a fantastic idea...I'm constantly trying to move blocks from the cutting table to the machine on a small rotary board...yes slip sliding away, and nothing's ever where it's supposed to be...thank you so much for sharing this with us.

pat sloan

What a TOTALLY FREAKIN BRILLIANT bunch you are!!! Seriously bright girls.. and I'm not talking lime green here!


ooooh! That's brilliant! I may need to do this - and it would help use up the last bits of that crappy polyester batting I have left (forgive me, I didn't know any better as a new quilter a couple years ago....and it's still around because now I refuse to use it!)


Great idea..... one I will be shamelessly swiping too!

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What a very wonderful idea! Now I'll have something to do over the weekend.

madame samm

Ok, Carrie, I have been impressed by a lot of things..but this one..over the top...what a clever idea...I don't want to get carried away here...but you amaze me ...lol


Thanks so much for the inspiration. I loved and used your idea and blogged about it.


Can you tell me where Quilt N Friends is? My daughter lives in Sterling Heights and I've been looking for a quilt shop for some time. I visit her often and while the kids are at school, I'd love to have somewhere to go. What's better than a quilt shop? Thanks. Dotti

von rod limpot

this is superb! It is just so amazing whenever a person discovers new things. Gonna do this over the weekend with my kids.:)

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