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February 28, 2011


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Sinta Renee

I guess you are in flying geese production!!! you go girl!!! Congratulations to the winners!!!


Congrats to the winners! I am off to the store to buy my own copies! You know what they say - if you can't win you go shopping!!

Sandie ~call me crazy

Congrat's to the lucky winners! I like the way you think!~ I do two things at once a lot of the time.. keeps from getting bored with one thing! lol


Lucky ladies--congrats on winning!
And such neat geese, Carrie! I'm glad to hear I'm in illustrious company doing two (or more! lol) things at once. Brown isn't usually my thing, but that cover quilt on Deanne really catches my eye--it really sparkles! I might get lucky and find it at Harrogate this september.

Cheryl Miller

Itty bitty work--what I love best, but not in that quantity! I imagine it will be beautiful as always.


Congratulations to your winners Carrie- they are lucky ladies-
It is funny how different people organize themselves- I can live with more disarray than some but as I have got older I find I need to be more organized because my memory does not remember as well as it used to - too much brain overload I guess...
I will look forward to seeing more Scnibbles.

Karen M

Hey, I'm one of the lucky ladies. Thank You so much, I'm so excited.

I'm very curious to see what all those tiny geese are going to be and new Scnibbles too. Can't wait to see.

Thank You!
Karen M

Linda P

Congrats to the winners - I know the thrill of winning here!!
Those flying geese are SMALL, but I all ready love it!! I think it's fun to make flying geese, but that many to send you to the moon!! Can't wait to see the new Schnibbles!!


congrats to the winners oh my I am jealous of Karen that book looks great scrap quilts go country...
I love that cover quilt...

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