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February 25, 2011


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suzanne simpson

i have no post project unless you can call getting ready for the next one-always busy and for some reason, i just love cutting-weird, i could cut all day


My goal is to tidy up after each project. It helps to clear my mind, give me some breathing room, focus on the next 'mess' I will make. BUT, reality often sets in and I am too impatient to put all my scraps away, or ever the extra fabric and I just push it to the side of the table and start in.


I cut all my leftovers in various size of usable squares & strips and arrange in boxes by size for future scraps quilts. All the tiniest are sewn in crumbs blocks !

Layne (A Gal Who)

My sewing room never gets completely straightened up because I can never work on only one thing at a time. When one thing is finished, there are at least 6 more laying around that I can't put away. These books and fabrics look very inspiring!


I did a post-project clean up yesterday...all the triangle offcuts go in a zip-lock bag, despite being too small to use, as I cant bear to throw them out. Larger offcuts go in the big scrap tub, mat gets a wipe down and all the tools get tidied into a pile. I can actually see the table!


I clean after each project. i actually tidy up for 5 minutes each time I use my sewing room which helps a lot. It's amazing what I can get done in 5 minutes! I also cut scraps into squares or strips, sort them and put them away. I also save smaller pieces for applique or a future crumb block. New needle and rotary blades are a must as well.

Christina D

I fold the leftovers and put them back into the cupboard.The scraps go into the strip bucket. I put my tools back where they belong. I have a list of projects to start! Thanks for the chance to enter.

Diane Kelly

I have to keep my sewing room clean everyday. I watch my two grandkids and they play in my sewing room while I sew. They are 2 and 4 years old. Needless to say all sharp things stay high. They love to play with my scraps and put them on the design wall.
Also the 2 year olds sleeps in a crib in that room.

Laila Kristin Skauge

I love Kim's book, and I won a signed copy on the last day of the blog tour :o) I was so happy! I think it was a smart move by Kim, showing the content of the book. The quilts are just great, like they also are in her first book. I bought that one too because I found an internet shop that did show the content:o)
The other book you have looks great too, and I know I'll have to order that one too. (No way I'll have luck two times in a row, in a give away)
I actually talked a little about the rutine after every finish in my latest blog post:o)
I love to clean up my mess in the sewing room after every project. It gets me motivated to do so. I also clean up and oil my sewing machine, and change the needle while I'm at it. I try to cut my fabric scraps to pieces that could fit for another quilt, but I think I'm saving too many small pieces. I've got boxes of triangles in different sizes, and some so small I think I'll never get to use them...
Hope to start a new project this weekend, since I did clean up my mess the other day after finishing the main part of a beautiful quilt from Kim's first book. I'm planning on start cutting fabrics for a quilt from an other great book. The quilt's name is "Raise the Roof". Sounds familiar? ;o)
Have a great weekend,


I intend to have a post project plan but it never really extends beyond sorting the left-over fabric into various drawers and containers. I do replace the needle on my sewing machine & rotary cutting blade after each project!
Chris x


When I finish a project?!? I tend to have 4 or 5 other projects in various stages of done-ness also on my work table so it doesn't get cleaned at the end of 'A' project but as soon as my "list" of deadline quilts is done! Much like your cleaning habits; I tend to tidy up, put a new needle in the machine, clean and oil it. I also tidy up my craft area as well as the work table since it tend to accumulate junk when I am working. I always forget to change the blade in the rotary till it's not cutting at all! So, maybe I need to add it to my cleaning schedule... thanks! I would love to win the book since I am on a no-buying-books-diet right now, and of course the fabric would be divine!!!

Cheryl Miller

Goodie, goodie, I have wanted both books so badly! Actually, once a week I pick up, put away and do a good housecleaning of my sewing room. This includes dusting all the cotton lint off the book shelves...whose idea was it to put them in my room?...neatly folding used pieces of fabric and replacing them in their color coordinated bins...yeah, right...I wish, and then closing the door to the mess I call my sewing closet. I started to cut 2 1/2" squares from my scraps, but that lasted just one day. Too anxious to get on with the next project. I change the needle with each new project and thoroughly clean out the bobbin casing. Thank you for your generosity!


Well...let's see. I wish I could say I do the exact same thing as you! Close...but nope. I do clean off my cutting table...pitch the unusable scraps and cut things down to 2" strips or 2 1/2" strips...whatever works. Notes and books get put away and then I sit and stare at the wall until the new quilt inspiration pops into my head. I'm usually not sitting very long though. :o)

Jayne Honnold

I need to adopt your post-project routine, as I currently have none. Admitting the following must be akin to going to confession, or the first step of a 12-step intervention program...here goes. Generally, I'm so eager to start the next project, that it's started before the current one is completed. Consequently, I've got a sewing room that looks like a fabric volcano erupted in there - from carpet that is littered with dogears and snippets of thread to open drawers and spilling-over bins. There are piles of scraps, little clusters of spools and bobbins, scissors and snippers here and there, just a general mess. At some point, I reach my frustration point and get into a flurry of activity of cleaning up. But not too often - maybe twice a year. (Oh the guilt!)


When I am done a project I clean my sewing room. It looks so good then I start another project and my room is a mess again.


I do try to clean up after every project. Notice I said "try". Sometimes I slip right into the next project without even thinking about tidying up. But when I do I put away the pattern and put away leftover fabric or cut the scraps into pieces for my scrappy Irish chain I'm working on. Leftover strips go in my strip tub for another scrappy quilt to be made in the future. I also clean off my cutting board and ironing board.


I like to tidy up and cut the remainders into usable scraps! someday I'll use them!

Tina Gordon

When I finish a project I am already started on the next one! I have several projects going at once. I try to keep things cleaned up at the end of a sewing session. If things are neat I don't mind going back and sewing some more. But...if it is a mess I want to avoid it! Neat is a relative word here. My neat may look like a mess to others. :)


As I don't have a workroom, I have to keep fairly tidy as I work. The sewing machine lives in a travel case under the kitchen table and the ironing board is hung on the wall. At the end of a project my small scraps get tidied up into a basket maybe to be used in applique, the rulers and cutting mats are put back into a big art-type carrying folder and the threads are put back into my sewing box. One question - when are you going to show the new projects? Can't wait!


I also like to tidy up when I'm finished a project so I'm all ready to start the next one.

Carol Sc

I hate to admit, in print, that I do little tidying up, when I finish a project (finish?!!). I'm always "on to the next" as quickly as possible --- usually, because there are too many in the "next" category and too many deadlines to meet. Then, when things "crash", I force myself to "clear the decks". I always have the necessary tools at hand, so I can continue to work. Reading these comments may have succeeded in guilting me into following a different method to my madness.


I survey the leftover fabric, figure out what is worth saving, does it need to be cut into strips or whatever, then put it away. I am trying to get into the habit of replacing my rotary cutter blade and sewing machine needle at the start of each new project.


My post project routine is that I really don't have one! Probably because I have to keep things pretty much put away even while the project is in progress, thanks to all of the felines that live here with me! And I work better when things are organized, so I don't let them get too out of control to begin with.

I do file the scraps in the boxes of scraps waiting to be cut down and when I trim a finished quilts, I do the same with the fabric trimmings from that, although that isn't always timely either lol.


I look at my scraps from my project and see if there is enough to use as a starting point for another quilt!

Darlene B

I do clean up after a project...the only problem is that every time I get organized, I can't find it later. I know the place where I put everything made perfect sense at the time, but later, I'm not so sure! Thanks for the opportunity to win!


I actually laughed out loud when I read you wanted to know how 'I' cleaned up. I don't clean up. I am messy and that bleeds me into my quilting. I do make my binding strips after the quilt top is pieced and I fold the quilt top nicely to hand over to the quilter. I have realized the importance of changing blades and while I don't change them every project it usually is every two. I am not much of a scrap saver. I use precuts a lot and so there usually isn't much left. If there are scraps I keep them together by project in a bag. I am a newish quilter, so I don't have enough scraps to do a scrap quilt yet.

Amy in Eau Claire

I'm 5'8" so all cutting gets done on my kitchen island. Then all the little scraps, especially those waste triangles get stored in one of those plastic artbins. End of the day it all gets cleaned up. Needle is changed before the next project - you taught me that in one of your blog posts! I've been known to lose the dining room table until the current project is completed, though!


I love the idea of a post project clean up but sometimes it doesn't happen right away. Sometimes I'll go right into another project and push everything into a pile. I like a clean work area but liking it and putting it into practice doesn't always line up!

Nancy E

After I finish a quilt top, I fold & put away the leftover fabric. Otherwise, I wouldn't have room to cut another quilt. Then, I vacuum the floor & dust off the cutting table and sewing machine. It is always so nice to have a clean work area .... now if it would only stay that way. LOL!

Mary Flynn

I enjoyed helping make quilts for Kim's book and participated in the blog hop. Always nice to have another review some somebody like YOU! Tara's book is awesome too....especially for those small bits of fabrics leftover from all the tidying up!
Usually I end up working on two or three projects before I realize I need a post tidy. This means stripping and squaring up scraps for organization. If it is a fabric that I'm not keen on I toss it into another box to pass on to another quilter. Vacuuming...now that is big! Always feels so good to vacuum up and dust those lint and tidbits too.

Annie Davis

Post project is definitely cleaning time. Everything gets cleaned up and re-organized. Any scraps get integrated back into my stash, and ready to start all over again.

Wendy Scott

I usually have multiple projects going on at the same time. I love to cut out things with my new Accuquilt Go! cutter and tend to make a mess that builds up until I can not find either the cutting table or the sewing table. When it gets to this stage then MABEY I will clean off the table. Yes I know I am terrible about cleaning up my sewing room. That was on my new years list.

Anna McD

I'm not very tidy. I try to throw the scraps into bins. I'm always in a hurry to get started on the next project.

Karen Pollard

I always try to put things back where they belong as I use them. It drives me nuts when I can't find something.
I always have several projects going at once, but I keep each one in a separate plastic container with a lid, along with the patterns. I guess the reason I try to keep it neat is because it's not a separate sewing room, but about one half of the sunroom. It's seen by everyone, so I have to be neat.


I have the book by Tara and I agree, it is a wonderful book. I don't really have a post-project clean up, other than putting the scraps with all my other scraps, I don't have enough room yet to have sorting boxes for different sizes, I will in the future. :) I also have more projects lined up ready to be cut on my table, so there's no point in putting my rotary cutter and cutting board away. :)

Jaynie Gamble

I can't start a new project until I clean the whole studio. I keep strip scraps in a tub, selvages in another, larger scraps in another, slivers in another (I have a hard time throwing anything out). Then I sweep, dust, clear the counter spaces and cutting table. Put everything back in its place. Then I can start fresh on a new project (doesn't mean I don't have a few dozen UFO's stashed away....but I'm working on them...LOL).

Donna Wheeler

Post-project cleaning means 1st: the vacuum-an above floor attachment to clean the sewing and cutting table and wherever else threads fly. All implements and tools were put away first of course. Then the surrounding carpet and all through the house as I went to the kitchen for more coffee or the bathroom or to let Casey the Cat outdoors. Finally its time to sit down and give that quilt a last close inspection and admire the beauty.

Cathy Buel

I make a lot of scrap quilts. Large, medium and small. I also work on 2-3 projects at one time. I never finish them at the same time. So once every week I try to straighten up. I put away fabrics I'm not going to use. Straighten up my rulers, and vacuum up all the little threads and triangles from the floor. Then the next day it looks the same....lol Thanks for the chance to win some fabric and a book. Hugs

Barbara L

I was tempted to fib a bit and tell you that I pick up my room after each project, but then decided to keep it real ;-) I finish a project, then ignore the other two or three I have started that are piled up on various surfaces, start taking out new fabrics or wools for my next project, and just pile them on top of everything else. When the piles start to topple, that's when I finally decide enough is enough and put at least half of the stuff away! I'd sure love to start something new with either of those gorgeous fabrics and books you're giving away...lol!

Patti O'Donnell

I love to clean up after I finish a project. However, since I also do my own quilting on a longarm I have tendency to move down stairs to get it pinned in so that I can start quilting asap. Which of course leaves my piece room a mess to be cleaned up later. But as soon as I start itching to get started on a new quilt I must get it cleaned up then.


No post project routine. I ususally have several projects underway and a quilt on the longarm - so in reality - never really am finished.


If you're looking for the real truth....We haven't sat at the dining room table since Christmas! I love working on projects when I can squeeze it in, so leaving it out makes it easier.


Finish? Hmmm, that's a hard one. Usually I just put the parts I've got done into a box, label it, and add it to my UFOs! But on the odd occasion that I do finish a project, I do tidy up a bit. Since I am constantly in the middle of projects, I have learned to change my needle after emptying 4 bobbins. I always think to myself, "Why didn't I change the rotary blade sooner?"

Joy Taylor

Dear Carrie and Rosie,

I read your blog all the time. I love to hear what you are doing.

My clean up after each stage of the quilting. I usually cut and then clean up after the cutting. Then, I start the assembly and it has to be organized because I am a very slow quilter. I still work 50-60 hours a week and don't have a lot of time to quilt. So each stage gets put away as things move forward. Sometimes this get confusing because I decide that I want to make a change--and have to drag it all out again. I love quilting and hope that someday in the near future I can retire and do more of it.

Penny Loise, my redbone coon hound, wants me to tell you that she loves Rosie! Penny likes to be around when I'm working on a project also.

Best regards,

The Joyful Heart

Jeanne Killough

I have finally given myself permission to leave my sewing room in a "mess" until I'm finished with a project. This was a hard lesson for a neatnik! But, now I can just pick back up where I left off and it really is nice.
When I finish a quilt or wall hanging, I like to clean things up, putting my rulers and cutters....and rippers back in their respective baskets. I have a basket for each type of tool that I keep to the right of my machine. I fold the leftover fabrics and put them back into their plastic tubs. I keep like colors together and like fabrics together. Sorry, I forgot the correct term, but you know what I'm trying to say. I also clean up the threads on my ironing board, wipe my machine off and cover it up... so more everyday lint doesn't get inside of it. I refile any patterns I used that weren't in a book and I put any books back on the shelf. I might add, in alphabetical order....cuz I can find them better when I'm looking for a specific one if it's in order. Finally, I sweep up the threads and scraps from the floor and throw them away. I'm always amazed at the beautiful "trash". It is so colorful. Sort of a shame to throw it away...maybe a new project to consider!!! ha I guess the last thing I do is start thinking of what I'll do next. I just love sewing and quilting!!! Thanks so much.


Awesome giveaway - I'm spoiled and already own both books. teehee!!!

Geri Sherwood

I try and pick up after each project. I usually put the left over fabric away, clean the cutting mat. Then I am ready to start another project. I usually have 3 or more projects going at a time. Never enough time.

Sandy (Strlady)

I definitely pick up after a project. I don't vacum or put away things I know I will be using for my next project (rotary cuters, rulers) but that is mostly because after each use... I put it away. I have a basket for my cutting tools and after I cut, I drop the rotary cutter in the basket. The rulers are standing next to my cutting table, and after I cut I lean it against the table with the others.

I am a bit organized.

After I finish a project, I do pack up all the left over fabric I have used in the quilt and set it aside until the quilt arrives back from being quilted and I have bound it. At that point I either put the scraps in a scrap draw (smaller pieces) or take it to my guild for charity quilts (larger pieces). I also empty out the garbage pail on my sewing table and I collect all the pins laying around. I tend to sew in a fairly clutter free environment so I don't have too much tidying up to do after I finished the project.

Have a Great Weekend!


Well...I just finished my biggest quilt project yesterday! Hooray! I made a king size bed quilt. After I finish a project I put away all of the rulers, notes, etc. around my sewing table. Then I dust my sewing machine and the sewing table and also take a little brush and dust the inside of my sewing machine. I remove the throat plate and also remove the lint that is in the bobin area space. I also clean my ironing board. Then I put the leftover scraps away in my 'scrap box.' Then I get my fabric ready for the next quilt I want to sew.


I put the fabrics away and, while I'm there, look for inspiration for another project. I clean off the desk in my sewing room, pick up the pins that have inevitably fallen on the floor, and then start more projects!

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