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February 10, 2011


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Cute boxes - thanks for the tip.


Sounds like so much fun...great vendors...I've been to three of their shops! And the pincushion pattern is adorable. Can't wait to see the Central Park quilt...and what you make with Pom Pom!


It's always good to hear from you Carrie. It sounds like a very fun trip. I LOVE the pincushion. I actually won one from Miss Chitter Chatter herself. Just have got to get busy and make it. You know the story ;-)


Scarlett Queen, count me in, with a name like that the quilt must be amazing, and red, my favorite color. I've always been a fan of Gone with the Wind, and would have loved to name my daughter Scarlett, but folks didn't take to it when they asked if I had a baby name, we went with Ashley instead, another good name from Gone with the Wind.

I just love how you spend my husband's money, how can I pass up those adorable pin cushion patterns and storage boxes...Happy Valentines Day to me!


That looks like a wonderful place to be hunkered down staying warm!!
What sweet purchases, especially the pin cushion.


Hi Carrie, I have read about Winterfest and even checked into go because I'm here in Utah but just haven't ever made it yet. Somehow, finances and health issues get in the way...not necessarily in that order. Ah well, I live vicariously though you and other quilters that travel a lot anyway thanks to blogland, LOL. Ah but I digress...aren't the Utah mountains just gloriously beautiful in the winter time? Of course incredibly cold too. But if it was 30 degrees up there when you were up there it was a heat wave, LOL. What a beautiful lodge *sigh*. I love the patterns you got from the vendors. I adore Material Girls in South Jordan. My hubby drives me down there every now and again, the store is amazing but you have seen it I'm sure. It's about 150 mile round trip drive for us but I make it worth the drive, much to hubby's chagrin, hehehe. Now, about those organizer boxes...I'm going to have to find an Office Depot, they look perfect for my stitchery tools and trinkets. Those leather sticky thimbles are the best thing since pre-cuts. I have trouble finding them at my LQS and I'm about out of them so I guess I better hit some online shops soon. Once I used them, I put my other thimbles away. I can't wait to see your new quilts, two weeks you say??? Sounds like forever...Hugs to you and scratches for Rosie.


Great to hear from you again. Winterfest sounds like a lot of fun and sewing. Thanks for the tip for the boxes. They're really cute and we have an Office Depot nearby so will check it out.


Can't wait to see what you've got in store for Pom Pom. I have a fat quarter bundle and two charm packs that I will not cut until I see what magic you make. Even though they are crying to be made into valentines. Should I order a layer cake and fat eigth bundle just to cover my bases? Another charm pack or two? My hoarding gene is tickled by this fabric!

Linda P

As usual, you crack me up!!! And I was missing you!! Can't wait to see Honeycomb, love that name, must be something sweeeeeet!!!


Scarlett Queen!
Sounds like a quilt I must make! I would have named my son Rhett, if it were up to me... and he has told me that he would be DEAD if I did so!


What an amazing trip! Winterfest sounds like the event of the season for sure. And to toss in some Carrie Nelson classes as well, it would be heaven.


My, you have been busy. Glad you didn't freeze your fat quarters! Too funnny. Winterfest sounds like a lot of fun :)

Sinta Renee

I knew you weren't just being "absent"... you were off working "hard" in the cold and snow! Do you hear a lot of sympathy in my voice??? You're right!LOL I love the photos and that sounds like an amazing place for a retreat... I'm going to have to go check it all out! I like Utah:)
I can't wait to see your new patterns! I'm already starting to do the happy dance! Now I just have to go find my Paganini pattern... I get to teach a class in it next week/I need a refreasher course myself! Any tips???

Deb A

Can't wait to see your new patterns, but have a question. I was going to participate in a sew along with Eventide, but can't locate the pattern anywhere within a 100 mile radius and not even on-line. Is it not available any longer?

Cindy Dubbers

Hey Carrie you'll never guess who this is. First clue, you once sent me a box of flip flops. Second clue, I've always thought your dad was one of the smartest and most interesting people I've ever known. No more clues for you. Cindy Dubbers, that's who. I would love to talk to you, looked for you at the Long Beach Quilt Show last July. It was the first show I had been to. I think of your dad often, we had a terrible falling out with Alice, after G'ma passed away. It was very sad and really crazy. But it made me see a lot of things in a new light. Would love to connect with you. My blog is crimsonheartstudios.blogspot.com


Oh cool! I"ve got 2 Office Depot's by me. I"m going!


Can't wait to hang out in that cozy little lodge next year. Thinking of dragging the fam with me. Maybe.


the "Fig" you mentioned

Kirsten Goff

Winterfest sounds and looks absolutely lovely--thank you so much for the very nice comments about my little valentine pillows!!

The Calico Quilter

Oh, I'm safe! I too adore "organize-y" stuff and fell in love with that box in the great green color, but the closest Office Depot that had it in stock was 25 miles from my house. Even I'm not that crazy. Whew! That was close!

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