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March 03, 2011


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Okay Carrie...Here I am, My name is Nancy and I DON'T press with steam because I distort my blocks every stinkin time I do, LOL. *sigh* I know this about myself so I accept it. OH, and there is another club I belong too, "Hello, My name is Nancy and I am a Fabric Fondler" ...Big Hugs...


Thanks for the tips! I never thought about putting my Big Board on something like that......what a set-up! Mine is on my ironing board which is not the most stable thing around! Your starch method is great too. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope it stays warm :-)


I will look for this on the next trip to Target. I too, buy Best Press by the gallon (gallons). Love it, but it ain't cheap. I also used to pre-wash back in the day. That was when I had to buy fabric from 5 & dimes and chain stores. Not any more - the quilt fabric is so superior now. And yippee for dye magnets!!! (My bigboard is a bit envious of your bigboard - what a good idea)



Thanks for the spray starch info. I'm headed to Target to get some!


Thanks for a great post. I never knew to starch and press my fabric before cutting. I will be looking for the starch. I do use the aerosol kind by Niagra.

Sandy (Strlady)

I love that Niagara. I picked up the tip online someplace and I immediately went off to look for it but had a horrible time finiding it (like you) but I stumbled upon it at... TARGET! LOL! I have been carting it around ever since. It took me a bit to get use to the 'clean' scent but now it's second nature. I love that big board idea. Looking online it appears that mr Golden Hands is not the same as Mr Big Board. With your travels, have you ever had a chance to compare both boards? I have seen the Big Boards but not the Golden Hands version. I'm thinking I will need to breakdown and buy a BB. I'm tired of the ironing board issues I have. Thanks for the informative poat and enjoy your Faith! I have not conjured up the nerve to cut into my FE yet.


I also use steam and won't quit!

Thanks for the tip about Niagara spray starch. I'll be on the lookout for it.

Cheryl Miller

I wish I had known this tip before I pieced my last quilt. I will be practicing your method from now on. Looking forward to what you do with Faith.


Carrie, I size every charm square too! Every single one! Actually anything that stands still long enough in my sewing room gets siized! LOL! Here I thought I was the only one out there!! :-) It makes a huge difference in the accuracy of my piecing! Accuracy is very important to me and my 1/4" is always Spoy on too with prepping my fabrics first. I'm excited to see what you make with that fabric collection! I love it, but I think you know that already. :-)

I've always used cheapo Magic Sizing from Wally World because that's what Lisa Bongean suggested, but will try the Niagra to see which I like better.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Lots of good info Carrie! Thank you!


I use the niagara sizing, I guess it does the same thing?
oh I have my fat quarter bundle of faith sitting right here waiting to be cut up and made into a quilt, hmm maybe I should wait a bit longer to see what you come up with first!
I have a big board I bought years ago, love it!
never thought of putting it on a cabinet to have shelves on the bottom , yes you have sent me shopping now I have to find something like that one never has enough storage especially for baskets underneath that hold a few projects?
have a great weekend!

Linda P

Well, good to know I in excellent company!!! I press with steam & have been using Best Press or a diluted other brand of starch. LOL!! It's one of those things you do behind closed doors, because everyone tells you not to!! I don't have the Big Board, however my hubby made me another one that fits on my old ironing board with huggers underneath to keep it from sliding. I could always use more storage tho, so really like your underneath system.

Louise Murphy

I have used Niagra in the non aerosol spray bottle for a number of years now. I buy it three bottles at a time when I can find it. I have even gifted it to quilty friends. Love your big board ironing surface. I use a very vintage small wooden ironing board which I like as it doesn't take up much room but it is definitely vintage!

Mary Ann

I love the spray starch and use a lot of it. I haven't dropped in yet this week so I just got to see all the new patterns, I'm hooked! Love them and am anxious to see them in the shop.


I bought Niagra non aerosol at Cub Foods. I haven't tried it yet. I'm wondering if the sprays make a mess of your carpet around your ironing board, or do you not have carpet? If you test a dark red fabric and it leaves a tiny bit of red on a napkin when it dries, do you pretreat it with something? Thanks for the info.


Would you believe my Target here in the Seattle area does NOT carry Niagra?!? Now I'm on the hunt for it.....

pat sloan

well aren't you the most clever girl ever... and productive... and I want to visit your studio to see it 'for real'...wink!

see you in Salt Lake!

Nancy E

I always press with steam! I have used Best Press, but it is expensive! Thanks for the great tip about Niagara spray starch. Next time I'm at Target I will look for it.

Bonnie Nyquist

I read with interest about the Niagra Starch,and I found it at Wal mart! When I used it,I was in love! Fabric feels like silk! Thank you for sony good tips and information, You are the best!


I have an old wrought iron table (did have a glass top until it broke) that is 35 X 69". I had a 3/4 inch exterior plywood top cut to fit and covered it with a layer of cotton and made a heavy duty 100% cotton "fitted sheet" to go on top of it. Washed it with hot water to shrink it and put it on the table wet and let it dry, I now have it in my sewing roon and use it to iron on and have my cutting mat on the other end. My sewing chair rolls between it and my machine cabinet just perfect. The fancy wrought iron makes the perfect place for the hangers my husband made for all my cutting tools,rulers and templates.

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