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March 02, 2011


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Oh Carrie, I laughed till tears were rolling, thank you so much for sharing these words of wisdom, LOL. I have to tell you though that #13 really got me. My hubby and I go to 'Senior' water aerobic 3 days a week (if you want a really good laugh, come and watch that, LOL). Every Friday, we play volleyball and there are two ladies that will always, always just watch the ball come at them and when it hits them in the face, they look around and say..."Oh, I didn't know it was coming to ME". They are two of the younger gals in our class and neither of them wears glasses or contacts. I always wonder what they are thinking as they watch that ball coming at them...apparently though, they aren't thinking!!! (sorry to pick on us ladies but the guys have "a little more on the ball" *wink* when it comes to this particular time in our class)

Colleen M

Funny, this is something my teenage boys would like. I love the pole vaulter as my niece is a pole vaulter...I should send her a link to your blog.


Love these...a great way to start my morning!


omg my husband is going to love this.

Lisa D.

I love puns and this was a wonderful collection of them! Thanks for sharing. I had to send it to a couple of my work friends.

Sandy (Strlady)

The comic strip had me laughing out loud. Thanks for the laughs!

Sandie ~call me crazy

*giggle* Now my DH wonders why I'm laughing at the computer. LOL


What a hoot! Thanks for sharing these and thank Ramona for sending them to you. Do I have y'all's (that looks comical with 2 apostrophes) permission to pass these along?

Ramona Chester

I feel famous now that you have put my name in print - TWICE! My favorite latest quip was this one: "Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone". Have a great day and take a rest. I have to go back and oogle over those latest Schnibbles.


Those are all so funny!! That bottom cartoon is just like some of my days. Work really hard to get somewhere then I hit a brick wall. LOL! Thank you!


*lol* loved # 24
love those puns...and i'm happy i understood them (as english is not my mother tongue.
another one (unfortunately a 'picture pun' hanging at the memo board at work:
a stone and a yard stick meet, says the first: you rule!, the second: you rock!


Oh my goodness, I can not stop laughing. Thank, thank, thank

Kathy in FL

I worked in Tech Support for more years than I care to admit (18+)! I love the Tech Support cartoon!


lol teehee gufaw haha hohoho!

Linda P

Really enjoyed - I only wish I could remember them without a cheat sheet!! Thanks for starting my day off on a positive!!

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