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March 01, 2011


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Despite my deep and abiding love for hexagons, I think Brocante is my fav ... love the pink/red! (Did Rosie make Yosemite Sam wash his mouth out with soap?) ;)


I love Road Show and Recess and Brocante. OK, I love them all!!


Can't wait to get my hands on every single one of them! Wonderful designs!! I think you can give yourself a BIG pat on the back and go get some pampering!! :-)

Mary Flynn

You've done it again! You've sold me on all of em! Your fabric choices for each are spot on perfect making the quilts SPARKLE and delight the senses!!!
I'll take all of them please!!! It was fun seeing you here bunches this week.


I'm sorry, but after three days we are spolied so you really should make this a habit! And you spoiled us rotten by revealing 6 yummy new patterns?! Decisions, decisions! I'm currently working on my 2nd Pick and Choose quilt because my family is fighting over the first one! LOL! But, I'll just put all these new patterns in a hat, close my eyes, and pull one out! They're all fabulous girl! You definitely have the magic touch! I always have to make your quilts bigger though because we all love to snuggle up with them.


Wow! How exciting! I love them al!! The hardest part is going to be picking which one to make first! I just finished Sweet Spot last night and now I'm thinking of more Schnibbles :) Your fabric choices are beautiful! Thanks so much for designing these wonderful patterns! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who does some grumbling while sewing :)


I love Recess, Roadshow and Ric Rac and plan on making them all. I liked how you gave general ideas of the fabric requirements for each of the patterns so that those of us who can't wait to get started can order/buy/shop in our stash and get ready to sew. However, you didn't give any specifics about Recess and I was wondering if you used a jelly roll or a charm pack or what and how much yardage for background. I'm already drooling over on Fat Quater Shop's website, so would love to have the particulars for this one as well. Great job!!


Love the new Schnibbles! Though I thought George was named after Mr. Clooney since Laurie mentioned him last Friday on her blog...

Sinta Renee

Bravo Carrie! I was trying to decide which one I like best... but I can't, I love them all. My review: Brocante is beautiful and well worth the grumbleing and pain it took you to get there. HOneycomb- gorgeous and I love the simplicity of George. I think I have a "mistake" quilt that would be perfect for RicRac... a quilt that I had to tear apart and repurpose. Roadshow looks like fun and Recess is just cute as can be!

Betty in Ky

Wow, you've been a busy girl! I love them all, but, George is my favorite. I wish I had a teeny bit of your vision.


Carrie, I love the new designs, every one of them, but then, I haven't met a Scnibble I didn't like! I think my favs are...hmmm, don't have a fav...love em all. Can't wait to hear from you again tomorrow but...3 days in a row! Do you have a temperature hon...feeling alright? Everything okay? Well then...please DO make a habit of it. You always make me smile and that is a wonderful thing to do every single day. Hugs...

Loris Mills

Loved Honeycomb and then RicRac but then came Recess. Not sure I can pick a favorite...these are all wonderful! Thank you so much for the post sharing them! I miss so much of what is new..I appreciate you pointing them out to us :-)


Wow, who could pick a favorite among these? Congrats on what is sure to be another smashing success with your new wonderful designs. I may favor RicRac a bit more than the others, but am definitely torn!


I'm speechless. And I'm never speechless. I love them all. If I had to choose one it would be RicRac but they are just wonderful. blessings, marlene


Oh wow!!! There is no way I could pick just one as a favourite. They are all beautiful!

Anne D

They all look great. You did it again!


*stands to give round of applause* Brava! All so different and yet all so Miss Rosie! Where to start, well, once I've made 'mon ami', and 'x-rated' and 'plan c'!

Recess really catches my eye--there's something about it that i can't put my finger on, but George looks fabby for showcasing favorite prints, and Ric Rac catches my eye as well, and I love hexagons too. (Shut up, H, you're babbling.) ;-) Enjoy your spa time--it's richly deserved!!

Sandie ~call me crazy

Just gorgeous~ each and every one! I thought George was for George C too. ;-) Have a great day!

Ramona Chester

Fabulous Work Carrie!!! Rosie honey, just cover your little soft fuzzy ears because the results were worth the few discouraging words. I'm proud of Carrie for continuing on because when I get frustrated, I generally just toss everything and start over. I can't wait to add these to my Miss Rosie's collection of patterns!!


You've done it again!!!!! I want to make them all! I'm supposed to be doing my Schnibbles parade post right now, but came over to test the link to your blog...and now I'm sidetracked...because I love them all!!!

Kim Gammill

Carrie, you have wow'ed us again. I have a hard time choosing which one to do next. I will just have to do them all. I need to make one wedding, 2 graduation and 2, no 3 baby quilts this year, forgot the newest grandbaby.
Can't wait to get home so I can start pulling fabric. Your patterns always inspire my, keep it up. Just an fyi, my sewing room looks like a tornado hit it. I think it is a prerequisite for a quilter's domain. A messy room is a sign of a creative mind. And you my friend are a genius. Best always


Love them! Worth every bad word! I will have to quit my job to stay home and sew!

Shelley dionne

Well, first you see, I was going to pick my favorite, then my next favorite and well, then, you see...they're ALL my favorite lol! It's just like a new box of chocolates..which one do I pick first!:)


I am in love love love with Brocante! And then there's Recess. Hmmmmm...and George. I guess I'll start with Brocante and work my way down the list. Thanks!


what fun!!! love that ric rac and Recess , and george and roadshow, great fabric choices here :)
so exciting to see your new patterns!
I think you need to send ric rac to me and I will tell you if it looks old or not!


Carrie, each of those look like so much fun! Thanks for the preview. My mind is already planning!


Just wondering if you will be including alternate cutting instructions for using the Fit to be Geese rulers, from now on.

Karen M

Wow! What a great new collection of Schnibble quilts. I can't wait to get my hands on those patterns. I'm in love with George, Brocante, and Honeycomb, and Ric Rac too. You do a wonderful job and so does Rosie. I'm sure she names them for you.
Thanks for sharing the new patterns.
Karen M


More fabulous Schnibbles! How do you keep coming up with quilts I just NEED to male?? I also love that they take just a couple charm packs. My favorite--Ric Rac. Love, love,love those precut squares from Prim Gatherings!!


Well you just gone done and did it again...didn't ya?! I love them and can't wait to get my hands on them!

Thanks for sharing Carrie.


Ric Rac, Honeycomb and Recess are my favorite trio. But I love all of them and it's always hard to choose.Wonderful job again, Carrie.
Hugs from France.


I just love them all, but I can say that about all of your designs, maybe that is why I have so many of your designs. I am now busy with Eventide and I am totally in love with it.

Linda P

I adore them all, however anything RED is the best in my book, and anything Blackbird is drooled on........ guess I would have to see it out of order but don't see right now how the order of row would make too much difference in Roadshow. Great choices of fabbies for all of them.You are waaaay forgiven for not posting, now that I see how busy you were - however I do like the 3 days in row thing, starting tomorrow you can post 3 times again!! LOL!! I'll bet Rosie loved that you were right there sewing and not leaving her home!

Colleen M

The patterns are fantastic! I think George is my favorite followed in a close second by Brocante and then Honeycomb. Actually, i love them all. Thanks again for sharing:)


I like them all but really love Brocante. So beautiful.

Sandy (Strlady)

I'm loving them all. Can that be possible? Oi. Of course it can! I especially love how you told us a little about each one and that just makes them even more dear to me. I'll be on look out for these. Thanks for sharing with us!!

Kathleen Keough

Love them one and all! Can't wait to get my hands on them to use up some of my overflowing basket of charm packs and layer cakes!


Ohhhhh.... Lovely new Schnibbles... already have one favorite... That I just have to make...:0)
Or maybe there were two more... Lol... Ok ALL..:0)


Applause! Applause! Beautiful new designs! I love every one of them. Your work is always gorgeous, probably because of the way you agonize over every detail, and obviously all the #*[email protected]*%# is working for you, too. :-)


Channeling Yosemite Sam? Ha ha! My favorite rant and pharse is "Con-sar-ded Id-jit!" The cartoon doesn't have subtitles so I doubt it would be written that way. But it's fun to say.


I love them all but Ric Rac and Recess really grab my eye, it's the graphic appeal

I think there REALLY needs to be a Schnibbles X 2 - II book soon!

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