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March 25, 2011


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That looks like fun! Thanks for the info :-)

ellen patton

I'm taking the train from Boston tomorrow and I'm excited! I made a red/white quilt that would fit right in!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I'll be dreaming about red and white quilts and attending this exhibit! It would be so fun to attend. Thanks for keeping us updated and reporting back after the show.


O.M.G and a great big ZOINKS! Now I have to add one of these beauties to my to do list :)

Thanks for dropping by Miss Carrie. Your support means the world to me. Really.


I would love to go! Almost as much as I want to go to quilt market! So glad you will be there to give us a report...And thanks so much for the links!


Wow!! Just looked through some of your links showcasing these simple, yet elegant beauties! How exciting for the collector, Joanna Rose, to see them all at once.

By the way, the I pad app is available... just downloaded it on I tunes.

Have a wonderful time and safe travels!!

Sandie ~call me crazy

wow! I love, love, love red and white! Can't wait to hear all about the show. :-)


Definitely worth fighting airport traffic and crowds to see! Have a great time and thanks for all the info.

Ramona Chester

Quilt number two looks like it could have been made by one of Miss Carrie's relatives. I know she loves red since she even painted Rosie red that one time!!!

L. Rudd

Have a wonderful trip, Carrie! I look forward to reading more about it.


Have fun! (Well, that goes without saying, but I said it anyway! lol) Thank you for sharing the quilty images. I look forward to your photos when you return!

Red. J'adore! I am now asking myself why I have not made, nor planned, a red and white quilt. I have some red-and-white prints that I planned. Hmm. :- )



We'll be there! My teenage daughter and I have tickets for tonight's performance of Wonderland: The Musical on Broadway so we're going to take the train into the city earlier to catch this extraordinary exhibit. Hope to see you there!

Cheryl Miller

Thanks for all the links for those of us who cannot see it in person!! Greatly appreciated.


Oh I wish I was close to NY! How AMAZING this will be! Have a blast!

Linda P

I'm excited for you, aw heck, I'm excited for anyone who gets to go!! What an awesome experience it's going to be and yes it is, my favorite color!!! RED, glorious red!!! Can't wait to read your blog on it!! Thanks for the links - will go pick up my magnet and see what else I can find!!


I called the museum yesterday and you're right, unfortunately. No book, no catalog. I was really hoping.


Oh, I wish there was a book!! I live in England, so no hope of seeing this! Do you think it will travel abroad? Could we all bombard the Museum with requests for an exhibition catalog? But we do have an I-pad....now I
know what it's for....x


Wow! What an amazing exhibition. I hope lots of people are able to attend. Travelling from England isn't going to happen so I'm very grateful for all your links & have downloaded the App which is excellent.
Have a great trip & look forward to your photos
Chris x


Thank you all the info - cannot wait to get that app!


I live just a few blocks away from the Armory so I spent a few hours there this afternoon. AMAZING! It's the best quilt show EVER!You are going to love this. It was packed with quilters! I'm already thinking about what kind of red & white quilt I need to create...


See you there on Tuesday.

madame samm

Well what do you know...NY. will be embraced with lot's of heart...I am thinking about all the gazillion quilters who will be snapping red and white pics..well to tell you the truth I think it is absolutely amazing..thanks for the great links...and YOU in NY...that is something NY will embrace...no really...YOU in NY... Lucky them!


Thank you for all these links! Is the app available yet? I searched, but didn't find it. And if it is available - what do I search under? Thanks!

Pat Sloan

I created a blog to record all the wonderful places people post on this.. see it here. share the love and tell everyone!

pat sloan

it will blow your socks off! I was there on Sunday


Thanks so much for mentioning the free app. Not quite the same as being there but sure is close. I can't believe I am adding to my to do list but these are stunners.
Thanks again, Sharon

Laila Kristin Skauge

Wish I lived closer, so I could go see the quilts! Such beautiful ones! Imagine all the time the ladies (and maybe men) used to finish them, they seem to be hand quilted most of them... Wow, stunning!
Wish you a great and creative weekend,

Auntie Pami

Man, I'm inspired. What about Toulouse (did I spell that correctly) in red & white? Looking forward to more pics.

BTW, is this dog related to Rosie?
(Kleenex is required)


Kathy DB

Thanks for the links! So jealous! App is downloading right now>


Without a doubt the best showing and best photos of the exhibit. Wonderful job. So worthwhile for people to find this show as it travels and witness it for themselves. Will it ever be as good as it was at the Armory - I doubt it. Was a grand time.

rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron

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