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April 02, 2011


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sigh...... I wish I could have been there too :-(

Jennifer Dancy

This is one of those ultra-rare moments that it sucks to live in California! Thanks for sharing - I am in awe just seeing the pics!


Carrie, that is truly an amazing exhibit. It really does look incredible.


What a wonderful post. I would have loved to have been there! I'm keeping a file in my reader of all the terrific posts and photos of this exhibition. I'll definitely be getting the book...and if there's a show anywhere within 5-6 hours drive I'll be there! Thanks so much for your thoughts and descriptions!


I would love to have been there too! Thank you though for your posts, photos, links...without which I'd have known much less


Stunning! Thank you for the photos.


Amazing Carrie...absolutely amazing! I love that there were lots of non-quilters there and that they were asking lots of questions. Thank you for sharing the show with us!

Sew Create It - Jane

Looks like an amazing show. I can't wait for the book to come out...I think I could spend hours looking at it!


How astonishingly beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Being Australian, I am very unlikely to ever see such an incredible exhibition. And now, all I want to do is stitch a red and white quilt! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Incredible pictures, and an awesome description of the venue and the show. It's also wonderful to hear that non-quilters attended and appreciated this rare exhibit of Americana. Thank you!


Best description of the show so far. I feel so lucky to have seen it.


Thank you for that excellent description. I've read a few blogs about the exhibition but that really is the one that has given me the best sense of what it was like - a case of words being better than pictures for a change.


Thanks for your great description!

Cheryl Miller

I wish I could have been there too!! I love that there were plenty of non-quilters attending the exhibit!! The best photo for me is the one as you are entering from the hallway. I think it gives the best image of the scope of the display and fills me with a sense of anticipation.


I am drooling all over the place! What an amazing quilt show to have seen! I really love the way they are hung and yes, the adjatives to discribe them are probably all used. Icing on the cake to be there and see your fellow designers and share the experience together! I am curious about the men asking the names of the quilts... was this information not provided???


My jaw dropped at the first photo of what you saw when you entered the venue. I got goose bumps too! I had the same reaction when I saw Michelangelo's David.

madame samm

How riveting....I would have loved to seen this, however the next best thing is to hear it from those who attended it like yourself.. Nice to hear that many non-quilters were in attendance were really interested in asking around these type of questions...Before last year, I had no idea about anything quilting...had I known I would have been a quilter much sooner...
Hopefully this opens up the eyes for many newbies...


Thank you thank you!
My niece-in-law was able to attend. She's not a quilter, but a fiber artist and it was fun to read her take on it from that direction.

Stunning display, amazing experience. Thanks for letting us share it vicariously.


Great summary of the exhibit and awesome pictures. I am so happy you got to meet Kate Spain. We so love her.

Ramona Chester

Thanks for providing all those little details. Time to pull out that French General Rouenneries fabric I have been hoarding!


Carrie, I think 'Overwhelming' and 'Breathtaking" are the two words that would have been my description, even though there is always that old stand by ... 'Indescribable'!!! I wasn't there but I was completely blown away by the overall effect of the display. Question...I know it would be beautiful, BUT..would it be as impressive if it hadn't contained only the two color quilts? I've been pondering that, because the 'OCEAN' of red and white is so striking...what do you think? Hmmm, now that I think of it, if my first impression just from the pictures was an 'Ocean' of red and white, perhaps multi color quilts would look like a beautiful Coral Reef! Food for thought. Hugs...


This is one of the best descriptions of the show I've read! I'm so happy they decided to do a book since I couldn't get there in person. But for now, I loved your description!


I wish I could have been there too! It looks absolutely breathtaking. Even non-quilters must have been impressed. How could they not be. I'm pulling all my reds and whites/creams and making a red quilt right now. Not that mine would be exhibition quality, but it will make me happy. I've always wanted a red quilt.


The photos of the exhibit are breathtakingly beautiful! The contrast of the red and white and the symmetry of pattern is stunning! Though we see so much written and printed about "art" or "contemporary" quilts, it's wonderful to see so much enthusiasm over these lovely "traditional" quilts. Love it!


Wow, thanks so much for your perspective--it was interesting walking through the exhibit with you! Inspiring, this entire exhibit--a quilter's fantasy. I wonder if Mrs. Rose has any other quilts to share?

I've had a pile of (mostly) red and white bonus triangles and am now making a broken dishes mini quilt for a red and white quilt of my own :)

Sandie ~call me crazy

Oh my goodness! I think Jennifer was right about washing and brushing! My mouth is hanging open just from your photo's! ;-) How inspiring! Thanks for your post!



Sandi McKell

Carrie, thanks so much for sharing with those of us who couldn't make it. What a chance of a lifetime.


Thank you for such a detailed description of the quilts and the way they were exhibited! The chairs are such a unique was to see them displayed. I've seen many photos of the show, but your's is really helpful in seeing the 'details' like the diagram of how they were set up. What a once in a lifetime experience!!


Thank you for posting these photos! It was almost as good as being there... well, pretty close to almost. ;-) Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

When are you coming to babysit?

Jan in Adelaide, Australia

Not a usual fan of Red and White, this exhibition is outstanding. Thanks for the photos, lots of eye candy.

Linda P

Awesome recap!!! Once in a lifetime opportunity!! I didn't get to go but I'm still overwhelmed!! Thanks!!


Wonderful exhibition , wonderful post: thank you for sharing! x


You are quite right--I would have loved it, and walked round with my head back and mouth open, marvelling! Many, many thanks for sharing this superbe exhibition!


Carrie, Thank you so much for sharing this in so much detail for those of us who could not be there. I love your blog.

Mary Ann

Thanks so much for such a vivid description of the impact of the show. The staging is amazing and the red and white...wow. I only wish I could have seen them in person!

Beth Strub

Thank you so much for sharing, every time I read about this or see it in photo's, I turn to goosebumps. again your post to great !

Kathi B

Actually, what amazes me is how many quilters I know who were completely unaware that the exhibit took place.
How can that be? It's like being unaware of a total eclipse...

Liz Leary

Thank you for your wonderful description of the exhibition. A once in a lifetime experience. It is at times like this that I wish I didn't live on the other side of the world!


great post....well said
I am still trying to process it all!
It was a once in a lifetime experience and I am so thankful that I was able to be there as well.

Julie Averill

Red and white quilts just beautiful.


Thanks for sharing, Carrie! I am just awestruck by the photos, can only imagine how it was to see in person ... wish I could've made the trip to NYC but it's a might far piece (as they say) from TX

Lori Morton

Wow!!! What an amazing sight to see!! Can only imagine what it was like to see in person!!! You are soooo lucky to have been there!!

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures!!

Hugs! :)

Kari Rindal EIde

I love the way they have displayed the quilts!


Wow, totally awesome. thank you for sharing such an amazing show


Thank you for such a wonderful tour of this quilt show. I would have never seen it otherwise and you photos are fantastic as are the quilts and how they are displayed.


I so wish I had gotten to see this. Heard about it way to late and couldn't get my act together in time. What a sensory experience it must have been! Thanks for sharing!

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