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September 02, 2011


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Sandie ~call me crazy

Wow! Would it be wrong to love every one of them?? :-) How am I ever going to decide! Thanks for the fun, have a happy weekend!

Archie the wonder dog

The new Schnibbles look lovely - I particularly like Summer Day! Congratulations on your new book (no...we don't think you're nuts!)


Congratulations on being published. I have to admit though, that when I saw the book, I thought, of course she is an author. She has all these beautiful patterns. No surprise for me. But now that I know it is your first book, know that I am proud of you for taking the step. Look forward to your next book!

Elizabeth E.

I was just haunting your site this morning, wondering how things were in your world. And, truthfully, glad to see that you were taking a break as this confirms you are a human.

Congrats on getting your new quilts out the door and on all the fun new designs. I can see a couple right now that I want to put on my list to do in fall/spring. Yes, summer's over and it's time to think fall. Spring.

Anyway--happy day! Congrats again.


Only you could name a quilt i.s.t.h. and get away with it! Love all your new Schniblles and can't wait to see the book! Congats on all your fabulous work!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Two more versions of Full House? I can't wait to see them! Love all the new patterns and waiting for the book.


I can't wait to get my hands on your new book and new patterns, I need to make Doc ASAP!! and then the rest lol


Wow Carrie! Congrats on another great book! I love Full House!!! Can't wait to see it.

manybooks (Linda)

Oh, the new book looks fantastic! On my wish list already. CONGRATS!


I adore your new patterns! And I've been waiting (not so patiently) for your new book. Congratulations!

Andee Neff

You are very welcome (says a year of Schnibbles participant) and we were honored to make your patterns all year. And now I am a fan for life!


Your new Schnibbles patterns are beautiful. I especially love "Spot" with Kate's bright fabrics. Also, I am eagerly waiting for Another Bite of Schnibbles. Congratulations!


as I sit here on Saturday afternoon in Starbucks, yes having a coffee just for you with whip cream (who cares about the calories at this point!), still wiating for our power to go back on from the hurricane Sunday 4am it went out , some one needs to invent a sewing machine that runs on batteries!!!
glad to see all your wonderful patterns oh boy can't wait to make a few of these quilts and oh I can't wait to get a copy of the new book, looks great.
ah a new box of fabric, thats what i need the mail man is still delivering mail ... supposedly my package of little gatherings should come next week!!!! those houses are perfect for those fabrics, ah yes something to dream about the next few days!
I can get emails can' sent them yet..will be in touch soon...hope your having time to unwind now all these are done!


Hi Carrie! I CAN'T WAIT to get my hands on your new book. It looks great. And those patterns look like alot of fun. I'll be patient ...

Auntie Pami

Yeah! My pattern order is enroute, charms are starting to arrive. Quilt show just around the corner! I don't know where to start. Doc is the first in the alphabet, so maybe I'll start there. Oh wait, I skipped Bibelot.


Hi Carrie! Thanks so much for all the inspiration--there would be no "year of Schnibbles" were it not for your amazing designs! Congrats on the new book, too...I absolutely can't wait to see it...almost as much as I can't wait to see your two other versions of Full House; I was going to start that this weekend, but now I will wait to see your other versions! Sewing Schnibbles has been so much fun. I was looking for the first one I made the other day and had so much fun going through my stack. SOOO Glad I have made them!

Kim P.

I WONDERED what i.s.t.h. meant! And I'm really looking forward to the new book--I've asked the quilt shop to reserve one for me, and now that you've given us a peek at the mention of our Year of Schnibbles gang, . . . well, I'm even more anxious to get it! But really, Carrie, it's YOU who deserves all the thanks--your patterns and your continuing innovative uses of charm packs inspire all of us!

Mary Flynn

I sure wish you could come to my home and see all the Schnibbles I have made and then so many gifted to family and friends. Quilting can be addicting but I found your Schnibbles to be even more of an addiction! Yes...my name is Mary and I'm Schnibble addicted. LOL I hadn't been able to play along as much with the Le Petite Sinta and Sherry have this year but last year sure cranked out Schnibbles in participation of the year and yes...even the contest. I loved being thanked in your newest book. *wink* At some point I'll find some extra $$ to get all the latest patterns and your new book...though I do want autographed! (doesn't that increase value? LOL) You rock!



Your new patterns are awesome, you have come up with some very exciting one. I love the houses and can't wait to piece them. And the cobblestone border with the stars is so creative.
with all your creativity a book is definitely in order.
Enjoy your new fabric!

Linda P

I adore all the Schnibbles!! Of course, I'm cracking up over I.S.T.H....... thinking OK, let's unscramble the letters!!! Works for me - LOL!!! Miss you when you don't blog, but we all need some time....... looking forward to the new book also!!


"Osculate" -- I think that'd make a good name for a Schnibble. I love that word. ;)

The new Schnibbles are great! Thanks for the reveal!

Laila Skauge

Congratson a new book! I love your Schnibbles, so I'll go get it as soon as it hits Norway :o) How great! Gorgeous quilts!
Have a great new and creative week,


This looks like a wonderful book....I can't wait to get one!


A little bird told me it was your birthday today HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! xxx

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