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September 05, 2011


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I got that same e-mail and determined that Cooper is a member of Congress, too. LOL

Seriously - what a life!!!!

Cheryl Miller

What a hoot! Thanks for the Monday morning giggles.


Very cute and also very true. I've got 5 members of Congress in my household as well.


It sounds so right, but my senators are more intelligent than the elected ones.


I'd vote for Rosie any day. At least dogs love and care about us. Not sure I could say the same about the current congress!

Mary Flynn

It is afterall, "A Dog's Life." What is really funny is if that was a slacker, moocher or whatever you want to call them (afamily member)...would be be as tickled to see lounging all the time? Yepper...."A Dog's Life!"

Ranch Wife

LOL! Well she gets my vote! She's loyal without fail, would protect you at all costs, and loves you unconditionally. I think Congress could learn a thing or two from her!


ROFL and I thought my dogs had a a good life...I best not show them your post. Hugs Linda

Julie Forslev

And she's worth every penny! Can't say that about any other members of Congress!


At this point, my vote goes to Rosie! At least she didn't assign herself all of those perks, and she doesn't waste any money people give to her.


ha ha ha ha ha

Good one!


I have about decided that in the next election I will not vote for ANY INCUMBENT. I will make an exception in the case of Rosie!

Our Sophie would like to add that when you are 93 you can get ice cream cups (Frosty Paws) every night and when you piddle in your sleep you get clean sheets every day! Diapers are right around the corner and paid for by the resident housekeeper. Sunday mornings are very special in the nursing home. The staff gives you eggs and bacon!


Nancy C. in Utah

Oh my goodness, I have two members of Congress living with me. Hmmm...let me rephrase that...I work for two members of Congress who wake me at 5:30am every single morning to prepare their breakfast. Then I must escort them down the stair to their (open) doggie er...VIP door. After they go out to do what Congress does best (oh, that was naughty *snicker*), I am waiting at the top of the stairs with a treat for them, wait while they enjoy it the watch them go back to their beds to sleep. I don't get paid a single plug nickle for these services. ((However, I am repaid 100 fold in unconditional love and companionship)). Love the photos and the email...talk about hitting the nail on the head!!! Hugs...

Barb in MI

Love it! My vote for Rosie!


I have two Congressional members living at my house. They get along well most of the time--doing whatever it takes to ensure their own comfort. However, if one takes the prized spot that the other one wants then there is a great deal of wrestling, hair pulling, chasing and biting til the prized spot is yielded or held on to. It seems both benefit from this exchange and we still get second choice on the couch or bed. Hmmmmm. Sounds very familiar!

Mama Spark

I'm pretty sure that I would vote for Rosie. Your email made my day!! I have 5 members of congress living here. Like someone else said, at least she didn't vote those things in for herself! I appreciate your sense of humor. Is Miss Rosie a tea drinker by chance? LOL.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Does Rosie need a campaign manager?


Cute :) Looks like Rosie has the perfect life. :)

Edie Gottschall

Perfect, absolutely perfect!!! Hey, Carrie, Rosie's a lot smarter than most members of congress, and I'd vote for her any day. Hugs!

Linda K

Too funny! Thanks! My two senators, Miss Murphy and Riley, would agree wholeheartedly that they like the job, too, and would like to keep it indefinitely - no term limits for them!!

Sinta Renee

You kill me! That is so funny... and so true!


I don't think ROsie would have any problem getting elected!

Linda P

I hope you enjoy Rosie for many years to come!! My precious Sunny Boy can no longer send puppy kisses to her or to me for that matter. We lost our precious little man a week ago Monday. I can hardly function, in fact I can hardly go to my sewing room without my constant faithful companion and confindant. Not to be a downer, but just a gentle reminder (not that you need it) to treasure every minute. Not sure when it is all supposed to start getting easier. Do you suppose I could make the new house quilt into little doggie housese?? Nah..... he was strictly a bed guy!!!
I am loving all the new patterns!


I Love it!!!
And so true!!


Judith Blinkenberg

It's wonderful just like Rosie. Our little girl was 16 when she went to sleep. My husband and I miss her so much. Hope Rosie lives to 20!

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