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November 09, 2011


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Linda P

This was the yummiest post!! Love all the pillows the quilt, and the pin cushions! I have a few little pillows with ribbons on drawers pulls or the knob of my sewing machine. Haven't found the pattern in any of our shops - most are 45 min away at best. I think Miss Rosie needs one also!!! Really enjoyed seeing them!


Akkkk!!!! I LOVE HOUSE QUILTS. And these would put me over the edge. Such pretty colors, in every variety. Okay, you've got me digging for my house patterns. One is yours, and one is by Primitive Pieces by Lynda. Sigh.... so many quilts, so little time....


Wow Carrie, I'm drooling all over my keyboard and it isn't because of the homemade Chicken Pot Pie I'm eating. I love the table topper version...and oh those little ones for ornament, gift tie ons or...pin cushions. This was a really yummy post. Hugs...

Ramona Chester

Too adorable - each and every one. Of your latest schnibbles patterns, I think I also like the little houses the best too. Thanks for sharing with us.

Sandie~ call me crazy

Oh no~ now I have this big urge to go sew more houses!! LOL Cute, cute, cute! I'm in love too. :-)


Ooh very pretty, I really love those little houses, I know what I am making/building this weekend :)


A.door.able! I love house blocks too. Thanks so much for the pdfs, that was very generous of you!

Donna S.

Omigoodness, how cute.


Oh...they are wonderful...I'm going to have to put off working on everything to make pillows and pincushions! Thanks so much for the pillow pattern, too...it's already printed!


Carrie your house quilts are so lovely and all so very different. I simply adore your pillows and pincushions. I can just see a basket of mini houses sitting causally on a coffee table.

Kristy Wlikinson

Wow have you been busy! I love all of the houses. I can't decide which ones I like best. The tiny ones are very sweet! I really like the houses that go around the center, both color ways. Do you dream about houses? :-) Thanks for letting us all want to make house quilts now. K-

Cheryl Miller

These are all great! I want to make one of each, especially Jo's neighborhood.


Building Permit lol. Oh my goodness you have turned a simple house block into such a fun project! How clever of you. My faves are the Countdown to Christmas one and the "Pink Hood". That is hysterical! I love your sense of humour...oh yeah the little minis are so cute and would make wonderful door hangers..nice to add to a housewarming gift or for your favourite real estate person. Keep em coming!

Tina C.

All of these projects are so stinkin' cute, I can't stand it! You really went to town on them (heehee).

Auntie Pami

You are killing me! These are too cute! I am a charm pack hoarder, oops, I mean collector. I see houses in my future. And these are not stucco! I need pillows too. Oh man...I need sugar.

Auntie Pami

Stupid question. What about layer cake houses? Sorry, couldn't resist.


oh my gosh. these are sooooo cute . where to begin....thanks for this post , i think.... i'm so behind in my projects, but it's snowing in MN!!!

Archie the wonder dog

These are all fabulous!!


I can hardly wait to get my building permit! First I need to finish Birdseye, then I need to finish Starry Eyed, THEN, all my Countdown to Christmas scraps will be used for houses, I can hardly wait to create my own little village and once all the Countdown to Christmas Scraps are gone I'll move on to other scraps, I won't stop with a village I'm going for a town, then a city, then, then, then look out world!

Thanks for the free patterns!!


All your house quilts and pillows are so adorable. I especially love the mini, single-house pillow/pincushion. As you mentioned, they'd be a great addition to a Christmas present.


They are soooo adorable. I love them all!

catherine wilson

Simply adorable!! I can see these on presents, and then on the tree next year!!! They can multiply and fill the world with joy! I want, I want, I want!

Sinta Renee

OK this is just killing me... I have to leave work sick now and go directly into my room, sewing room that is, take out my my charm packs, starting with Countdown To Christmas charms and
well, just copy you! I loved Simone's version too... actually all of them. I might have to be sick for the rest of the week!

Sinta Renee

P.S. my printer is now working overtime... I feel a fever coming on... cough, cough. Sniffle sniffle... Gotta go!


I love these! Thank you for generously sharing the patterns. I'm putting these on my list to make.

Wendy P

Now I have the Carpenter's "No Place Like Home for the Holidays" stuck in my head! Must be the cute little houses in holiday prints!

You and I are on the same wavelength, because I am making Full House in both dark fall colors and Christmas prints too! So fun!

Thank you, Carrie!

Colleen M

I love all your houses but the Pink 'hood is my favorite. Thanks for sharing the pattern as well as the pics.

Mary Flynn

I'm so glad that Darlene alerted me to your post of these houses! I'm drooling Carrie! I always say anything with Jo is fab...well this is just over the top! My mind is racing....I need more time in a day....dang nab it...my must make list just got a wee bit longer!!! Loved the post!

Amy C

So cute! I like both the fall and Christmas look. Thanks for sharing the different project ideas from one pattern.


I love them! The pillows are great :) And Thank you so much for the pattern, I am totally making them. I am thinking a beach town is in order!

Kim G

I usually don't comment, but just look. I had to comment this time, these are just adorable!! Love all of it, but especially Countdown to Christmas!!

Bari Jo

Thank you SO much!!! I've been dying to get this pattern and now I just can't resist! I've also been wanting to make some quilty covers for some of my pottery barn down pillows... score - thanks so much for the instructions! Lumbar is just what I wanted to do first!!!! I have an older sweater I was going to cut up.... now I will do this instead!! woo hoo! Thanks so much for all your great inspiration!!! Hugs to you! Bari Jo


I loveeee house quilts too . . . and I love every one of these projects . . .

my problem right now is . . . I cannot find "Full House" anywhere !!! . . . I have loved it since I first saw it on here . . .

I live in Massachusetts and can't find it there . . . and I've been vacationing in Calif for the last 2 weeks . . . have gone to every quilt shop I can find . . . and nobody has it . . . by any chance is it not out yet . . .

I tried the Fat Quarter shop too . . .

please tell me how I can get this pattern . . . I so want to make all these projects . . . they are just wonderful !!


too adorable!!

Mary ann

Oh my gosh....if I wasn't so tired tonight I'd be cutting fabrics and sewing all night...but that's tomorrow. I've found my friendship group holiday gift! holiday house pincushions and polka pins!

Bari Jo

Hi Carrie!!! I just emailed looking for a copy of the pattern, but in case that was the wrong place to contact you, I thought I would post here! Can you tell me where I can find this Full House pattern? I have not been able to locate it anywhere and would LOVE to purchase a copy so I can get started on some Christmas gifts! These pillows are so much fun! Thank you so much for all your wonderful inspiration! Love reading your blog! :O) Bari Jo


Okay, do you ever have one of the 'DUH' moments and just want to have someone give you a 'Gibbs' smack on the back of the head??? Well, yesterday I went to my LQS for our monthly BOM. I passed by a display with your Full House patterns and picked one up. (They are hard to find here locally for some reason) Then I wandered aimlessly for a bit(and I do mean wandered...I didn't feel too perky but thought I was just tired after our cleaning day at the church.) When I got up to the counter with my treasures, I asked if they were going to get in any Nine Dots and they told me they hadn't ordered any and I told them they REALLY need to. But if they don't, I buy it online *I hope*. Ah but I digress. I got home, tossed my package on the bed and left it there until this morning at 4am when I decided that I wanted to read over the Full House pattern. ACCCKKKK...it wasn't in the bag!!! I checked my receipt and I was not charged for it. I must have dropped it while I was wandering around. DRAT! They are closed today but if I feel well enough tomorrow, I will go back and get one. They were going fast so cross your fingers that they will still have some.
*In my defense, it turns out I wasn't just tired, I got up this morning with a viral throat that mimics Strep, so I really was in a fog yesterday.
I have also notified hubby that if I can't go get it, he will have to bite the bullet and go in the quilt shop to pick one up for me, hehehe. Quilt shops are out of his comfort zone, with all us crazy ladies oooing and aawing over fabric. Great therapy for him don't you think???
So back to my original question Carrie...do you ever have those "DUH" moments? Hugs...

Becky S

Your pillows are so cute! Thanks for sharing the directions. I HAVE to make some.


How darn cute! I now have pillow fever...thanks so much for sharing!

Connie dunn

Where to get the pattern for the pink hood. Love the houses.


The pillows are just adorable. I have been searching on line for the pattern, but can't find it :( I am in the UK which doesn't help. Do you do any pdf patterns at all? If you do, can you point me in the direction of where I can purchase. Many thanks

Marybeth Paulson

Carrie ..what is a lumbrar pillow is it like a travel pillow 12"x16"? where to buy?

Barbara L

I just saw this post this morning, and I LOVE these. I've read that others have been able to access the patterns, but I can't open the files! It says I need Adobe Reader version 8 or 9, but I have version 9. YIKES! I want these patterns so badly but don't know why I can't open the links. Has anyone else had this problem but figured it out??? HELP!


Cute pattern! I was going to make it but can't seem to locate the cutting directions?


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All of these projects are so stinkin cute, I cant stand it! You really went to town on them (heehee).

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