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March 14, 2012


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GREAT POST it was fun looking at all the things you keep near your sewing machine, love that soap dish and the story behind it but you can just send me those candies!
ah yes I too have a collection of scissors and I need a few more seam rippers not sure where they go in the sewing room! I haven't tried cone thread, maybe I need to!


Wonderful to see your sewing table and the gadgets that surround you. You never know when you might need an extra pair of sissiors...giggle! Enjoy your cosy nest!


Really enjoyed reading your post today and hearing the stories of the different items on your work table. What a great big table to work on!


Carrie, I love this post. Not only is it fun to see what other quilters 'keep handy' but I got some great ideas from both you and Nicole. Question...where did you get your basket? I love all the little compartments in it and one look at it made it a serious 'I WANT' item for me. (Please, please let it be somewhere that I can get to or order it from, cause I sure ain't flying to France) ... I'm not flying anywhere, I DON'T FLY, LOL. See, coming back from Hawaii many many years ago, after living in Kailua for almost a year while my hubby was stationed there with the Marine Corps, our plane lost an engine just about 30 minutes past the 'point of no return'. So of course everyone, including the flight attendants, strapped in, me with a nine month old baby with the measles in my lap, and just waited the next 2 1/2 hours to see what happened. We were not allowed to leave our seats for any reason, couldn't even stand up or undo my seat belt to change my tiny daughters diaper. I did get on the plane to make the one hour flight home to Utah from LA, but not until having a long and tearful conversation with my dad begging him to drive to LA and pick us up. "We could sleep in the airport" I argued...I was so scared. Wow, I really jumped the track there, but had to share the story with you *it's just what I do* sorry. Okay, back on track, can I get one of those baskets here in the US?

Okay, that's about it, except one more comment about the shark feeding frenzy. I saw it on the news last night and it was really amazing, but I loved what our local news anchor said at the end of the story and thought you might get a giggle from it too. He said, "Everyone got out of the water safely and no injuries were sustained by the public, but the tuna suffered a huge number of fatalities". Not sure why, but it cracked me up!!!
Okay Carrie, I'm through rambling now. Please take into consideration that I am on medication for problems with my Scleroderma this morning, so I will use that as and excuse for my train of thought jumping the track so much. *wink* Big Hugs...


I covet your divided basket! I would love to know how to get one as well. And why on earth didn't I keep my Brighton tins when I could have? I used them to package gifts for others. Darn.


Really enjoyed your post today. Love your bandaids! My bandaid tin is a little boring now that I have seen yours. Your Charlie Brown quote made me smile...I can relate!

My husband and I will be leaving for Europe in a little over a month. I will certainly on the lookout for those little candies.

I also read Nicole's post yesterday and enjoyed it immensely.
Seeing what quilters keep in their "basket" beside their work station is so interesting. Tells a lot about them (sort of like viewing the contents of a lady's purse).

I was wondering what to write about on my blog today I may just have to go take some pictures and blog about "what's on my table" too!


Loved the post. I would love to know if the maker of your basket still makes them? Who knew there were such interesting bandaids? I've got to get "out" more and shop. Give my best regards to your dear Mother and Miss Rosie.


What a great post! It is always interesting to see what other folks like to keep close to them when they sew. Now I must go find some interesting bandaids too. LOL!


Feeding frenzy at amazon, those candies are all sold out. This totally cracks me up, same thing happened when I blogged my little bird clothes pins. Amazon is probably wondering why suddenly random things just sell out. Thank goodness Simply Gourmand has that candy. I'm going to copy you.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

What a fun post! I keep lots of things next to my machine too. Have a happy day!


Your wit and humor can turn any kind of run down day into a Happy one, after reading a post of yours! Now all I need is a sewing room, so I can keep all my necessities out all of the time.


Thanks for sharing your "space" and your sence of humor, well, I guess it wasn't so funny for the tuna... but you know what I mean.

Denise Cheke

I have been reading your blog for over a year now and I finally decided to quit being shy and leave a comment. I LOVE reading your entries...they always entertain, inspire, amuse and give me food for thought. Thank you for sharing! Happy sewing!

Mary Ann

Loved this post Carrie. My basket is full of similiar things but not those candles...darn I missed them on Amazon...lol. And I don't think I told you I had to run off and get teux Deux...I love it. Simple and functional, just wish I could title the "Someday" lists. I use one for fabric to buy, one for Books to get, one for recipes, one of apps to look at and one is still open!


1) thank GOODNESS you gave an alternate site to buy the candies because they aren't 'in' on amazon.
2)i HAVE to get some of those band-aids! too funny.
3) the $160 pillow? i think your $20 investment was a deal!
4) brighton tins? WTH?! seriously, now i'm gonna go look it up and i just KNOW it's gonna cost me money...

thanks for the amusing/expensive post.. ;p


What a fun post! Your story about the soap dish made me laugh -- I used to do that sort of thing all the time. And that's the number 1 reason why I love cell phones -- snap a pic of the pillow and be done with it! I LOVE that cute bandaid box too!


What is a Brighton tin? I've never heard of them. Didn't you say at the beginning you were going to tell us about the basket? I thought you meant where to get it but maybe that was just wishful thinking! Great post - it's so much fun to see what everyone else has next to the machine.

Archie the wonder dog

I love the quote!! The box of plasters (band aids) is fabulous, as are the Brighton tins - I'm off to Google them!!


Love reading the comments almost as much as the post. The Schultz quote was priceless and I think I can relate! You'd better let us all know where to find the basket. Sounds like we could give Barb's basket making business a boost! Thanks for sharing what you keep by your machine....mine is similar, just a lot messier!


I'm having a space issue too!


Mdm Samm

Hi Carrie, oh my I wanted more....I am reading along and then wammo like a great novel with a twist, it was the end. Lol. Love your story about Charlie brown quote....did you ever stitch it up on something? Your basket well my oh my, I think was expecting all kinds of gadgets....lol and those scissors, your black ones, I recognize those...I need mine sharpened too. I have my things in frogs...you know those glass things for flowers. I buy them at auctions, they hold my cutters, scissors, pencils, rulers,....how did this become about my stuff.....back to you...I like your post, your stuff, even your table...I also sew on a large dining room table....I as topping now ...thanks for the chuckle


Fantastic post! The Peanut's quote story was funny. I adore your basket...can you tell me if Barb makes them to sell and where? Thanks!


Carrie....thanks for showing your organization and love that you are using the basket! Can't believe that was 2006 that you got it. If anyone is interested in the basket, (or the smaller option), feel free to contact me. I am trying to get the bases now.
Thanks! [email protected]

Linda W.

You made me laugh out loud when you talked about going back into the store 3 times (!) to get the correct quotation from a pillow. I have done the same thing! Then I feel obligated to buy something for being so ridiculous. I don't know if I'll ever be able to do it again without thinking of your story and laughing all over again....

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