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March 12, 2012


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Good for you! I would label that as "having integrity" and that's pretty high on my list of traits I adore in people! I'm pleased as punch to hear your're gonna keep designing patterns, though!


That's right Carrie, you need to be true to yourself and really no-one designs patterns as well as you. Focus on your true love and you can't go wrong.


It is so refreshing to have a person stand up and say "No" and not be pressured into something that they don't want. Let's face it, there will always be things we like to do and things we really don't like to do and sometimes we have no choice, but when the choice is yours to make then I say go for what you love. Like Jennifer said before me, "Integrity is high on my list" too. Bravo Carrie for not being pressured down a road you don't want to travel! Stay busy with what you love and I will be anxiously awaiting the results!


Good for you Carrie...you're staying true to you! Do what you love and the rest needs to go...there are just so many hours in the day and you need to be doing what you love. Take good care! Wonderful stacks of fabrics...you're going to have some fun now!


Bravo, Carrie!

Auntie Pami

Stay true to your heart. It will not lead you astray. (would that be a Schnibble name? "Stay True"?) Lovin' the Jo Morton.


That's what I like about you, how you stay true to the things that are important to YOU! Kind of like when your mother would say to you when you were small "If your friends jumped off the bridge would you too". I love how you have your own mind and do the things you love. You go girl!

Lisa D.

What background did you decide to use with Hello Luscious?

Debbie Gallett

Can't wait to see the new quilts. Love our fabric choices. Now you can concentrate on what you like to do. We tend to put too much pressure on ourselves to do everything and that is not good.


Wow Carrie - I'm sure it was a difficult decision, but Good for You! I've noticed that "if you're not a designer" attitude and it's Really annoying (not to mention the cut throat attitude among some of the "designers".) There are so many gorgeous fabrics out there - I can totally understand the guilt you would feel about wanting to use other fabrics when you should probably promote your own. I often wonder about some of the designers - don't they get bored just using their own fabrics?


I think you did the right thing. You acted with integrity and thoughtfulness and made the best decision for yourself at this time. Good going!


Carrie, there comes a time when you have to consider what's best for you and the ones you love. You've made a smart, considerate decision and should be applauded for it. I do try to remember 'those who mind don't matter; and those who matter don't mind' as I wander through life. You won't go wrong keeping that in mind.
p.s. Does this make Nine Dots a collector's item???


Good for you! Who says you have to "do it all", anyway? Focus on what you love and enjoy what you do!

Deb A

Good for you! You should stick to what truly makes you happy and the Schnibbles and other patterns are so popular, how could you go wrong! I'll be interested to see what you make with these stacks you have ready. I'm also a huge fan of Jo Morton fabric, get a FQ bundle of every line, like I have enough time to quilt it as fast as I buy it. Darn, why does a person have to work to pay for bills and quilting supplies?

Julia P

Wow, I guess I never realized that the quilt business could be so cutthroat. Love your patterns and am very glad that you will continue designing them. Love reading your blog!!

Archie the wonder dog

Well done for deciding what you did and didn't want to do and sticking with it - if it's not fun don't do it unless you have to!! I'm looking forward to seeing your new projects


Sometimes we just have to do what is right and best for us. You tried the fabric designing, and very well I might add, but quilts and patterns are what make you happy. And I also might add, it makes us happy too. You go girl !!!

Mary Flynn

Your love of designing patterns and quilting quilts is plenty enough for me! I can't keep up with all the fabric lines I love anyway. :-) *wink* I'm curious...what will become of Jo fabrics I see there? I have some at the ready!!!


I'd love to know what you will be making with the PKM fabrics. I've always been drawn to the Lakehouse bright fun prints, but don't always know what to make.
I hope someday you have another quilt class in St. George or even So. California, so I can go again. You are an amazing entertainment squad all by yourself and very helpful to boot..


Can't wait to see what you do with the PKM, I'm always a huge fan of your wonderful quilts.


I can see your point but I will miss your fabric designing. But if it's anything like giving birth(which I think designing is)... you might have caught your limit (so to speak) and are happy with that experience. It's not like you don't have lots of other tricks up your sleves my friend:)


I so appreciate and support your decision to stay with your "A" game. So many designers seem to get caught in the fabric line twice a year puppy mill and lose their designs which were what got them started. Your patterns are awesome and I look forward to many, many more.

Linda P

Well, can't say I'm surprised or not surprised, but like I tell others - I know my limits and what I can do well. I do lots but don't want to just skim over and do it part way. Sooooo, we should buy up any 9 dots we see... it will be collectible and all, right? Or Fresh!!
I don't think I saw your house quilt in 9 Dots - on the hunt now.
I've seen the Hello Luscious - I actually had someone call me that years ago - not like a boyfriend..... more like an endearment or bribe to keep making peanutbutter pies - but I pick up on the name, makes me laugh! Give Rosie a hug!
Give Rosie a hug


Hurray for you! It takes real bravery at times to say, this is what I like to do, don't enjoy the other stuff and I'm gonna do what I like. It's smart and I'm right there with you. Besides, I love your patterns and want you to have the creative energy for those!


*points up* What they all said! I concur; Good for you in making that tough choice to stick with where your heart is. I look forward to new patterns from you and Rosie. :- )



I'm glad that you are doing what you want to do! Your fabric lines are beautiful......no guilt intended here.......but you need to go with what you love to do, not what you feel obligated to do. It is your life after all, and you should true to yourself, not just do what others think is right for you. What an inspiring decision!

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