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March 18, 2012


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guess I need some of that pin dot too! I am actually looking for a dot fabric for the background of an applique quilt I want to make!
ok love that new farmers market line, I need some of that.
I went into the brighton store the other day looking for the tins with no luck, now I know why! I thought it would be too dangerous to order those caramels.....another quilt done for market good for you!

Cheryl Miller

I have a few Brighton tins...now I have a use for them...duh! Caramels...no self control here...they would be gone in a day.


Ginger's all wrong. No one I know has any attention span, especially if they read blogs! Write on, as random as you want to be.


I'm not a linear thinker, either. My late husband had me trained so that I'd say 'new subject' before I started a sentence!

I lost my favorite scissors, too. Bah, humbug. They're Dovo, the perfect size, and my only pair from them. I've looked everywhere. Let us know when you find yours and I'll look there in my house, too, unless Ginger really does have them.


This may be the basket source you're looking for:

Kay Kjeeldgaard
Handwoven Basket Creations
3310 Monterey Road
Bloomington IL 61704

(309) 6635497

Archie the wonder dog

I love Mary's idea of announcing a new subject but I'd also need to announce the reintroduction/resumption of a conversation started hours or even days ago!! I love your rambling non-linear posts, they make perfect sense to a grasshopper brain like me!! Hope you find your scissors soon (and not by sitting on them!) x


Hiya girlfriend! Tell Ginger hello from me. I haven't seen her smiling face in years. Hey! It's probably been at least a year since I've seen you too! Looks like you have been a busy girl! I bet you are coming up with all sorts of beautiful quilt patterns - you never cease to amaze me.

Mary ann

Working in an engineering company my none linear brain has been a challenge for people to get used too! But I keep reminding them that diversity of thought is an important part of innovation....lol! Just the way your diversity of thought redesigns fabrics. I haven't lost my scissors this week but I do have yards of pin dots in most colors, it's my favorite background to for summery quilts and sweet babies too.

Kathy Rosecrance

July 2005......Paris......I fell in love......with Mi-Cho-Kos ! And have craved them ever since! The second I saw them in your basket, my heart started racing! And I knew I now had a source! And I'm not surprised that You are the source! Thank you! Can't wait to order them!


I don't have any problem following your train of thought...not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing! :)
When I read your last post on March 14 it struck me that I probably don't shop in the higher end stores like you do. I'd never heard of Brighton tins and still don't know about the store. Of course I live in the sticks so that might be why but I'm more of a JoAnn's, WalMart, IKEA kind of shopper. Not that I don't like those higher end stores but I'm probably a little on the cheap side when it comes to spending money.
Hope you find your scissors. Those buggers have a way of hiding under a pile of fabric at my house.


I LOVE American Jane pin dots! I have lots of colors and I use them! ;p

Still waiting on the chocolate...seriously, they're coming from New Jersey? ;p


I love the way your mind works...it all makes perfect sense to me! Ginger is too funny! Love those pindots...perfect backgrounds.

Judy Kjorvestad

Carrie, once when I dropped my scissors into my recliner (don't ask) I had to turn the chair over to get them out. Lo and behold, I found 5 pair of scissors in that chair. I'm telling you that chair eats stuff!

Lynne @ boutschoisis

I love the chocolate caramels - but then I am lucky enough to live in France and can get them easily at any supermarket - Sorry!


I'm looking forward to seeing some of that sewing! I just got some Salt Air myself :-)

Carl Hardy

I know this is not the place to contact people but I have been trying to locate Judy Kjvorstad. She is an Old friend of mine and would like to get in contact with her so if someone here could help! Thank

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