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April 12, 2012


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I have seen those Clover binding clips in recent Quilts Japan mags, but not here in UK, so far. At the mo, I use pins and yelp a lot. ;-)

Loving the sneaky-peeks of the new schnibbles, specially what I see of 'Bounce'--I seem to have a 'thing' for stars ATM, and the stair-like border (I guess it is border, no?) is super!
hugs to you and Rosie


I have not done my taxes yet. I have all the info together but I just hate doing them. I know I will get a nice return and I can always use a little extra cash so I don't know why I put them off the way that I do. I also have to total up all the fabric and supplies I use. Thankfully, there is the "sales" side of that total to offset some of the numbers or I would quit buying fabric today (or not!!)


oh those clips look good!!! I use the old fashion hair clip looking things! but I like the look of these better :)
hey that matters doesn't it?
like the look of bounce, hmmm should I buy a layer cake now!
good luck with the taxes and yes I had to add up my fabric purchases !
the book purchases thats another story!
have a great weekend hope your not having to write a check to uncle sam

Sandy M

I bought a pack of those clips to give them a try and... lost them before I got home!!! LOL! So, I need to keep an eye out for them again since I think they would be more multipurpose than the hair clippy thing.

Loving your sneak peeks. I'm skipping market this spring so I'll miss the up close and personal view, but I'm very happy things are going so "smoothly" for your attendance.

I love PDF patterns since it makes it very easy to cart around when I go out to the quilt shops. I typically scan my patterns into PDF and put them on my iPad. I then can prop the ipad next to my sewing machine for easy access. Plus, the immediate gratification of buying now and having it in your inbox almost immediately. No shipping, no waiting, makes the impulse shopper in me sing! Have a great weekend!!


Taxes! What's that? I quit working many years ago but am too young for my pension so I am a kept woman...and loving it. Speaking of loving it... I love the idea of pdf patterns! I love your new clips and love the border on your new quilt. Can't wait to see the whole thing.


Love the sneak peeks! While, I'm not a quilt designer, I was shocked to find out how much fabric I do have stashed in various locations in my sewing room! The sad thing is that I'm not even finished in reorganizing my room and actually figuring out how much fabric I do have. Even worse is coming across fabric that I bought in the late 80's and early 90's!


My fabric purchases go in the vague category marked "household". There's a reason for that. When it's mixed in with the cat litter, dog food, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc., it gets lost a lot faster. I don't need to keep track of it for tax purposes like you do, so that's a huge blessing for me. Glad you're almost through it for another year!


No fabric total for my tax man. That's the one deep dark secret I keep to myself.

Cheryl Miller

Love the staggered border on Bounce! That will be the first pdf I buy.

Lisa D.

I can hardly wait to see Bounce revealed. I have a FQ bundle of Hope Valley with no particular quilt in mind. I love the stars and the borders and I'm pretty sure I've found "THE ONE". Also, having a Leap Day baby, how can I not get Leap Year! Looking forward to your website launch!


Squeal! Can't wait to make Bounce! Now I need to go search for some Hope Valley fabric.


Oh! I can tell from the 'bouncy' looking border (that's the border, right?) that Bounce is going to be on my shopping list!! I, too, have the box of 50 Clover Clips and I'm not looking back! How did I dispose of my hair-clippy-clips without one bit of guilt??? Easy!! They were snapped up (get it?) from the Free Table at a guild meeting!! Looking forward to seeing all those new patterns!


can't wait for your pdf patterns. i've often wished i could get them INSTANTLY! and for he schnibbles...instant gratification?! fabulous! SO...you'll be at spring market? me too ;)


I am jumping... and bouncing for joy! I like what I am seeing and can't wait for a chance at doing some clicking on your purchase page!


Since I don't have a fabric related business, I don't have to add it up. Good thing! Are you going to be doing another post on your design process? (Nag, nag, nag.)

I'd like to see Eventide as a PDF. And anything that Sinta and Sherrie pick as the Schinbble of the month. I used the fabrics you used in Leap Year for this month's Schnibble. Love it!!!


PS - which fabric line did you use in Bounce?

Archie the wonder dog

I love the sneak peeks and Linda's quilting looks as fabulous as always - I wish I lived closer as I'd love to watch her at work!! Good luck with the Rosie shop, it's bound to be a huge success!!

Mary Flynn

How fun! I think getting the patterns .pdf is wonderful!!! Love the peeks.


The price I pay for living with DH who does the taxes is that I fess up each year as to my quilt related excesses....er...expenditures. Fortunately he knows, "happy wife, happy life!"
So, so, so excited to know there will be PDF patterns. I so love instant gratification! The sneak peeks are so tantalizing. Hugs!


I am so totally happy (ISTH) that you will be offering patterns online in PDF format. It's a wonderful addition to why I love Schnibbles and am so impressed with creator Carrie...because she is always thinking! Yay you!


Thanks for the sneak peek! New Schnibbles are certainly something to look forward too :-) Linda is an amazing quilter and a sweet blog friend :-)


Oops! I mean look forward to! LOL!!

Auntie Pami

Hey girl, I'll take those 19K clips. I do sell fabric on bolts you know. I really like the Clover clips. They are good for holding quilts to be on embroidery hoops so you just clip and stitch. Nice. Hmm, sounds like the many uses of the clips would be a fun contest, huh? Ok, so I will take one each of the new patterns PDF and you know I need paper ones for the shop! LOVE the Hope Valley Quilt. I must make it. But, think I'll be using FMF. Nice pic of your Rosie.


Thank you for offering your patterns in PDF. I'm all for paper elimination. I use my iPad in my sewing room and actually don't want paper. Yay!

Susan J.

Can't wait to see The Rosie Store. It is nice to be able to download the patterns when you see something you love. We submitted our taxes this week, and it is never a fun thing to do. We are starting a little "lab" experiment of our own beginning on April 20th. We lost our dear golden, Sandy, last year, and we are finally ready for a new puppy. This time it will be a fox-red lab. Let the fun and games begin!


Can't wait to make Bounce and Dimestore! I've been saving some Hope Valley...looks like I have a project for it now...and can't wait for her next line too! And I'm so curious about your project for October. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Clover binding clips. I've seen them but didn't know if they were going to be as good as the old clips I've been collecting for a few years now. Congrats on the shop going live for Monday...yay!


Hey Cupcake, I don't ever add up the quilting stuff. I wouldn't be able to live with myself. Even THE DOG looks at me with eyes that say, "Really? More fabric? You need MORE fabric?D!"

I'll just go hang my head in shame and stand in the corner until April 17th. ;p

Deb A

Had our taxes done in January since we were getting a SMALL refund. I don't add up the quilting purchases since I don't have it as part of a business and it's probably a GOOD thing! I do a lot of my shopping at a LQS and she's always asking if I want to know how much I've spent, and it's always a resounding NO, the shock might cause a heart attack or stroke! Can't wait to see your new patterns, the quilts look very nice!


That was really the only thing I didnt have to do becasue I kept it all on an excell spreadsheet throughout the year. Thank goodness...

Karen Gonzalez

Our CPA has filed extensions for us for a few years. Hubby had his reasons for the delays, he says. I expressed my frustration, and said do you think we could get our taxes in on time ONE year. Well that did it. The next year he was done at the end of Feb. I took the info to the cpa and they were shocked to see me. It was embarrassing, they said they have not seen me here in years this early. I blushed. When hubby came home I gave him an ear full. Ever since he has been good about getting our info ready for the cpa. And I am not embarrassed when going to the office.


Taxes were done in March and the check for IRS will be in the mail tomorrow. Pretty late for us. Gosh, I sure wouldn't want to add up my quilting expenses or my husband would probably put me on a real fabric diet. I'm excited about the Rosie Store!


I too was a tax procrastinator until my kids went to college. Now I need to have taxes done before March because I need to file the FAFSA for their financial aid before March 2nd.
I'd rather be quilting! And I thankfully don't have to total my quilt related purchases for the year!]
Looking forward to your continued creativity now that your taxes are done!
Hugs to your mom and Rosie.


I'm so glad taxes are done. Now on to more important things like quilting :D

I love those clips by Clover. I like their size better than the hair clips I was using. I still have those too, but maybe I'll use them for something else. Any ideas?


You're killing me - 18 new patterns? I love Urban Cowboy - please share a full picture, and stars I'm always up for stars. PLEASE don't tease us - just give us one or two full pictures to look forward to!


I'm looking forward new Schnibbles patterns... and I'm so glad with pdf patterns! They are very practical - THANK YOU for them, Carrie!

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