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April 16, 2012


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I've seen this idea before and I never could figure out why I would care to do this. For one block, it just seemed like a lot of trouble. But, (and I'm slow) now I can see how helpful this is when putting the blocks together (I'm sure that was your point LOL!) Thanks for the tutorial.

auntie pami

If you use this technique, life is easier on your quilter/quilting, your quilt lies nice and flat and thinner in spots.


For some reason I have always loved doing this. Once the quilt top is finished it makes it much easier to quilt through the center without having a big "bunch" to go over and possibly break a needle.


Thank you so much...I have always wondered what people were talking about and you are right a picture is worth a thousand words!

Sandi M

I sure wish I had read this last night as I was fighting to remember how from your class at the Buggy Barn. Now I know that I have to remove the stitches on "both" sides. Silly me. but I have flat pinwheel blocks.

Bari Jo

Thank you so much for this! I always love your tutorials and 1000 words, er I mean pictures! hee... don't stop - you do a great job and it really helps to have you explain it like you do! You're the best! ;O) ps Rosie - Cody says hi!


I just started doing this technique since I'm making two of your 501 quilts for some twins I know. Very handy. The way I'm keeping the blocks going the same direction is ironing the first seam towards the dark square. So far it's working...


lol, you mean i can no longer eat all the chocolate i want? damn. ;p

Edie Gottschall

Are you sure about the chocolate???? Carrie, as usual, your directions are FANTASTIC. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Tell Rosie Lucy says hi.


For any doubters out there...this is THE MOST useful technique. I've been doing this since you showed it to me sometime back in the last century--Hah! I try to teach it to all my students and love it when the light goes on for them and their little patches lie so perfectly flat.


This is the best illustration/explanation I have seen. Thank you for that.

Brenda Broadwell

I have a question about how far your carry twirling the seams. I'm doing a postage stamp quilt, first sewing 4-patches, then sewing the 4-patches together, etc. It quickly gets very awkward trying to twirl seams. So, when do I stop and just press them one way or the other?

doni boyd

Thank you! The best 'lesson' on how to do this ever!! And your timing is awesome - I'm about to embark on a 4patch project!!

doni @ Oregon coast

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