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May 01, 2012


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I love Antique Mist in it's original colors, I would love to make it with Papillon!


I would make this quilt using Etchings. The reds and grays would look fabulous!

Tracey @ The Peony Teacup

I think Antique Most would look gorgeous in California Girl by Figtree & Co, or perhaps Kate Spain's new line Cuzco!


OOOH, I love blog hops---or blog prances! I'd love to make this quilt in Rouenneries Deux! I love everything I've seen made from that line!


Blog Prance...how funny! I have a really busy week tho so mine will be a Blog Jog I'm afraid. I have to say I do like Antique Mist in the pinks and I have a perfect bag of pink scraps, but I am totally smitten by your first choice. I am such a sucker for calicos and ginghams and your colour choices are perfectly suited to my taste. Yup! ...all decided...when I win the book that's what I'll do; Antique Mist in P.K.M. by Lakehouse! Thanks! That was easy!


I think the quilt would look lovely in anything by French General or Three Sisters. Different fabric groups but all equally lovely.

Laurie Sanders

I love the French General look! Thanks for a chance to win :)


With a name like Antique Mist I can't help thinking of blues - maybe lots of different soft subdued blues with a creamy floral :) I love the look of medallion quilts!

Linda P

Yes, gotta love French General, but wait I have some Blackbird waiting in the wings (bird/wings) screaching for me to do something. Yes, and some wovens that I am hoarding.
Missed last post, but no I don't put the needles in my chair any more - mine is leather - it sure wouldn't look good. I used to do it all the time then find them later poked down inside - YIKES!! Now I have a little table topper beside me and hook them there AND a pin cushion - now why don't I just use that?
Thanks for participating in Pat's Prance - just love her!


I love medallion quilts too. They are so orderly in a messed up world!

Pat Hersl

No contest--French General for me. I love blended looks.

Gale Lavers

I think Flea Market Fancy would be great sew up in this beautiful quilt. Love all you color choices. Thanks for the chance to win. I don't leave needles on the arm of my chair, too many searches for dropped ones made me stop. I use a pincushion.

Paulette Doyle

Ohhhhh definitely Rouenneries Deux!! Love French General and Antique Mist would look wonderful decked out in this fabric!! Thanks for the chance to win!! Have a wonderful day!


Since I will be one of those who will get a book I would make a medallion quilt out of Civil War fabrics. I also love the Antique Mist design! we like books at our house! Thank for the blog prance!


I really like this quilt in pink, probably because I usually work with darker or brighter fabrics and am dying to make a pink quilt. Looks like a fun book to add to anyone's collection.


I think I would make Antique Mist in a either Maison De Garance, or Hello Luscious. Actually, I think it would be pretty in many of the ones listed. Pretty, pretty pattern!


Happy May Day! Okay, I'm thinking of using civil war prints in blue and yellow, or maybe blue and yellow from French General's Pom Pom de Paris and Rural Jardin lines. As you can see I'm on a blue & yellow theme here. Thanks for the chance to win, you are so generous.


I love the Antique Mist quilt in Pat's new book. I was thinking soft teals and yellows with white. Thanks for the tip on extending the borders. I like bed quilts

Carol F.

At the moment, I can't get enough blues, purples and greens. Kinda funny actually as usually I am more into the yellows, pinks and oranges.

Mary ann

Oh my I love this quilt! And I just found (ok I was rooting through my out of control stash) a FQ stack of Poetry by April Cornell and a second stack of the wovens too! They will be perfect. Thanks for letting us all jog a long Carrie.

Mary Kastner

I love the Antique Mist. That's the way I wold go for sure. Thank you for the chance to win.


I love Antique Mist! I would probably make it in colors similar to the original because I have a collection of pinks that is just begging to be used.

Debbie B

I love your fav quilt, too! I think it would look awesome in the French General fabrics. Oh, how pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!


I'm on a Rouenneries Deux kick right now and I'd love to see Antique Mist in that line, but I'm also thinking how fun it would be to use V and Co's Simply Color line (I just read her blog and love the new line).


I like this quilt very much, it would look great with Vintage Modern. Pam Kitty Morning is one of my favorite fabric lines too.

Jackie E

Antique Mist looks like a "got to have it" quilt. Would love to see it made from the Curious Nature by Parson Gray. Thanks for the giveaway.


I think any French General fabric would be awesome. I'd love to own a whole truck load of FG. It has to be my all time favorite.


When I saw Antique Mist, the first line which occured to my mind was Fig Tree Quilts' 'California Girl'. There is just perfect daisy and stripe prints for the middle part of the quilt. Although it would be nice with the dusty shades too...


The Antique Mist is just dreamy. Wouldn't French General be fabulous in my livingroom with it's deep faded reds and creams.

Patty Happel

I think Antique Mist would look great in the French General line. But it's perfect just the way Pat originally did it too!

Sandi A.

Oh, I like the look of Antique Mist in French General fabrics.........and I have some that are just waiting to be made into a quilt! Thanks for the chance to win!

Diane W

I am a green girl. Not sure of the fabric line though.


Jogging? Prancing? Is sitting on the couch, ok? I know exactly what fabric to use for this quilt! Nine Dots by Carrie Nelson! I happen to love it and there is some in my sewing room just waiting to meet the right pattern! I can't get enough of that stuff!! =)


Love the French General lines! Have already made three quilts using them and another on the way. Will be there for a "woad" workshop on Saturday.
Very excited about learning a new process.

Julia P

Trust you to come up with another way to do a blog hop..Blog Prance has a definite ring to it! Love your color choices for the quilt, me, I would have to think about it for awhile. Also there is that problem of finishing up one's other projects!

Nena Caldwell

I can see the Antique Mist quilt being beautifully done in all the ways others have suggested but I'm always drawn to the reproduction fabrics. I would make it in Civil War or 30's fabrics--hey this quilt would be gorgeous in any color--with any fabrics--truly the mark of a classic pattern.


I have a lot of French General which I'm sure would suit Antique Mist and as I'm on a buying ban ...

Chris x

Meredith F.

I have never been to a blog prance before! I love all of those fabrics - the Pam Kitty Morning, French General and Parson Grey....would all make a lovely quilt!

Julie in WA

I am thinking black and white all from my stash! After all, mist is rather grey in color, and if it was antiqued mist...it would learn more towards the dark grey/black, right? Yep, that is what I would go for!


How about a bit of Primitive Gatherings new fabric line, Seasonal Little Gatherings. I just bought a HUGE tower of fat quarters and just need a great new pattern like this to try them out! I can always start a new project ;P


Hmmm... so many possibilities as Antique Mist would look good out of any fabric... but lately, I am into bright oranges and hot pinks with dab of lime green...

Denise W

Blog Prance sounds so 'spring' like. Great idea. I have been looking for the perfect pattern for Rouennieres Deux, and this may be the the one I have envisioned. Thank you!


How about Blog Promenade! I'd have to give this quilt a try with the Parson Gray or with Simply Color (a must have FQ bundle).


I think the the pattern would be spendid made with Rouennieres Deux. I also think any line from Minick and Simpson would be great, too.
Like you, I love medallion quilts and would love to win this book. Thanks for a chance.


I think I'd go with solids with some tonal variantions.


Gorgeous, gorgeous quilt. I'm still in love with Vintage Modern so would probably use that and, perhaps, make it slightly bigger.


Blog prancing is a great term :) I've never made a medallion quilt but have always wanted to. Lakehouse would be perfect but I could also see it in Good Fortune by Kate Spain with all the cool colors, or Fig Tree's California Girl Petite, or Heather Mulder Peterson's Seaside Cottage. Oh, it's endless! Thanks for the chance to win!


"ANTIQUE MIST" is so beautiful! I think I'd like to try one like it! Thanks for sharing!
Prancing msstitcher!

Denise J.

I'm totally in love with the French General fabrics right now but I think the Parson Gray would be beautiful too.


I love all the fabrics you showed, every one of them. But I'd probably make it from reproductions because that's what I have so much of. Although, that PKM fabric seems to be calling my name!

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