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May 02, 2012


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I have been saving every month for a year to go on a quilt tour in France and it will happen this Sept. wish I could hide you in my suitcase!!!


Oh Carrie, it's so funny you should say that.
Mr. O and I are leaving for Europe on Saturday and I will be spending a week in France, a week in Italy and another week in various other countries.
If you were closer I would pop a "point turner" in your mail box this afternoon on my round of errands!
Mr O makes them for me.
One year I wrapped fat quarters in twine and embellished them with aromatic cedar ones he made especially for them.
Hope you find what you're looking for and your day turns out to be surprisingly fun! (even if it is not in France!)
p.s. I remember you raving about a candy you bought in France and I am anxious to look for it, but can't remember the name of it...I am going to go back through some of your old blog posts and find the name so I can write it down and stick it in my wallet!


It's not been so good in France we have had days and days of continuous rain, good for the gardens but not for me!! Sunny today hooray...forecast not so good.

Sew Create It - Jane

I'm just working on a solids quilt using a palette from a photograph at the moment. You can see the first post here :

Cheryl Craig

Oh, don't buy just one. They are not just for turning points. Use instead of finger pressing seams--so easy to slip into the littlest space and open up, and for paper-piecing, too.

I'm drooling over that book!

Ranch Wife

I'm betting your Rosie's favorite person every day and she loves you for more than your fabric! :) I'm thinking a point turner from France would kill 2 birds with one stone.

Gayle Chapell

Keep your book close for seting bindings.

Archie the wonder dog

Have you tried clicking your heels together and wishing?!


Please please please - let us know where you find the bamboo point turner. Mine is in hiding and I can't find another one like it.

Cathy B

Pat's new book is fantastic and your blog is wonderful!!

Jennifer Padden

Love the quilts I've seen from the new book. They are so tempting.....Thanks for the inpiration


Well after reading your post Carrie, then reading the comments I was scratching my head thinking "What is a point turner"??? So I Googled it! *Blushing and hanging head in shame* Ahem...it is the very tool I was using last night on one of my projects and yup, it's bamboo! Hey, I've only been quilting for four years, don't judge, and the fact that I have been sewing all my life should not count against me either, LOL. Of course, when I was younger, I used a pencil, scissors or anything that was handy and would do the job, even a seam ripper, though that one did cause me a few problems! Besides, I turned 62 last month so I'm allowed a lapse in logical thought processes now and then, or as we all like to call them, "Senior Moments". For those of you asking where to find one a bamboo 'point turner', I got mine at Joann's, they can also be ordered online for about $5.00. But Carrie, if you can't find a bamboo one, let me know and I can send one off to you. There are several shops close to me that carry them. By the way, you can be MY "Favorite Person" every single day Carrie, (if that helps!) :o) Big Hugs...

Kathy Raabe

We all need some inspiration from time to time - and new spring fabrics along with Pat's new book are just the trick. Thank you!


Medallions....ooooh! Very nice; can't wait to see this book.
Hope you enjoy France when you finally get there! and you will.


lol, yep, paris would be nice....

Mary ann

Oh yes....to be in Paris in the Spring....or anytime! When I misplace my point turner I use a wooden chop stick, I always grab an extra set or two when we have Japanese!

Nancy L

Love the picture; yes, it would be a great get-away, and I sure could use one right now! Love your color palettes, and the medallion quilts!

anna nowicki

yummy !!!


A nice hot soak in the tub after a full day of quilting, a romantic novel in hand....oh yeah....(or better yet, Pat Sloan's new book!!)

Mary Lachman

What great colors!


What a fabulous palette pleaser! Thanks for connecting me with Seeds!

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