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May 28, 2012


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can't wait to see those quilts , what a tease!
oh I love those greys in that line, nice looking reds too, maybe I need a fat quarter bundle....one NEVER has enough reds.
glad to hear your mom is doing well,sorry about the 6 am calls! there is always fall market....family comes first.


Good for you that Mom came first. You only have one chance to do it right in this life. Quilts are a wonderful sideline, but they keep. Mom's don't keep on forever. Enjoy yours.

Sandy M

Happy to hear your Mom is on the mend and coming home soon.
I'm thinking I just might need a taste of that French General line too. It looks yummy.
Just like those quilts you keep teasing us with. Can't wait to see!


Glad to hear that your Mom is doing well. Looking forward to the new patterns!

Cheryl Miller

Hope Mom is feeling better soon! Sounds like she will keep you on track to finishing things. Cannot wait to see what unfolds from that stack of quilts.


Carrie, I'm so happy to hear your mom is on the mend. I'll be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery.
Now about that stack of quilts and the new French General you teased us with...Really? I mean REALLY??? You couldn't have arranged the stack just a little "skiwampus" to give just a little better peek, or shown us a blurred glimpse of the French General blocks??? Cruel, so cruel!!! Ah well, it is what it is, LOL.
I really can't wait to see your new projects, and oh my gosh, that French General is sooooo gorgeous! Big Hugs coming to you, vigorous scratches coming for Rosie and very gentle hugs for your mom. God Bless...


I can never get enough of French General. I've loved all their lines. This one looks like a winner too!


So sorry to hear your mom is in the hospital! I'm sure you're disappointed about missing Spring Market but it was a good decision putting your mom's surgery as the priority. Can't wait to have a peek at the new patterns! My Urban Cowgirl 'Doc' is coming together...hopefully in time for the 'parade' later this week!


Hope you mom is home soon! xo

Laura G

I am so excited to see your patterns, especially the French General pattern. You are so creative artistically and skilled at mathematics and it is wonderful that you share your talents with those of us who are numbers challenged. Let us know AS SOON AS these patterns are available. Hope tour Mom is feeling better It is always worrisome when a parent is sick.

Archie the wonder dog

I'm really looking forward to seeing the quilts when they're revealed and to following the adventures of the FG quilt. I'm also relieved your mam is ok - I hope she gets home soon...and starts sleeping a little later!!

Deb A

Looking forward to your new patterns. The French General fabric is beautiful, can't wait to see what you make with it, and get some of my OWN - like I need more fabric!

Jan S.

That is a tempting stack of quilts you have there! Best wishes for your Mom :)

Becky S

I hope your Mom has a speedy recovery. I can't wait to see all of the quilts you've been working on!


Yep, I couldn't believe you hadn't blogged for a bit and knew something was up. Family comes first and everything else follows...that's life. Hope your Mom is on the mend and I wish her a speedy recovery. Take care and hope you're able to work on your projects soon.


A hug for you because you really do know what's important in this life and a hug for your Mom for being the kind of patient that nurses can love--and a hug for Mom for raising you right!! Looking forward to those new patterns and to see your Chateau Rouge


How cool that all the nurses love your mom! She has probably promised them all quilts, too. ;p Hopefully, she will be home soon and recover quickly.

Can't wait to see the new quilt.


Hope your Mom is doing well and will be home soon.
I'm excited to see the new quilts and will keep watching for the big reveal.
Have a great week,
Karen M

Linda P

Can't wait to see the new quilts, and yes, I know how things do happen. I had finished my Full House quite a while back, however only tonight I finished the binding. Thank yous are in order!!!
Glad your mom is on the mend and while I know you must have missed a grand time at Market - as they say, It's never wrong to do the right thing! Been missing you.


Best wishes for mom. You are quite the tease with your quilts stacked. Love the peek.

Elizabeth E.

I echo what everyone else has said, about what a tease you are with the quilts, and how luscious the Fr. General fabrics are.

My Mom just turned 84 this past Monday, and my Dad's 86. I'm their "tech support" for their computer needs which means I get called about every third day to help them upload/download/update (and why do those young bucks at the computer software places never think of failing eyesight when they design their instructions?) Because of this, and few other things with my parents, I've put a few things on hold--certainly nothing as grand as Market--and while I'm always glad to do it, there's always some wistfulness about wondering how things are going at the places I'm missing. I know you made the right choice and not like you need all of us to tell you that, of course. And I'm really glad to hear that she did well with the surgery, and is recuperating (waking up early so she can talk to her daughter!)

Good luck to you as she comes home and transitions back to regular life. And good luck with the getting to large quilts. I did one last year--wait, I did TWO--and this year I'm thinking small is great. Whatever you do, we'll be glad to see!


Hi Carrie, I received my Hello Luscious bundle last week but I was very busy with the moving of the shop. Thanks a lot for the fabrics and pins, and the card is very lovely. Waiting to see the new patterns, today I finished the DOC top for the Schnibbles parade and love it!!!! Hope your mom feels better soon. Kisses from Spain


Oh I'm so glad that your mom is doing better...and of course that Miss Rosie is doing well. Life...we sure have learned what the important things are this year...take good care.


Hi Carrie, thanks a lot for the AYOS pdf pattern!!! Kisses


My comment isn't about this post but to say a big thank you! I'm (faithfully) doing AYOS and just got the free pattern for June. You're so nice!


Thanks so much for be willing to give us a free quilt pattern for the June Schnibble. I have so enjoyed making each of your patterns so far. Thank you for your generosity.


Thank you so much for the new pattern for another year of Schnibbles, very generous! I am thrilled, I think it will look great in 30's -- so glad to see your mom is doing well, moms are special people:)
Thanks again


Thanks for the Leap Year pattern for AYOS quilt along! It looks like lots of fun! When you take a look at the Doc parades I used the Urban Cowgirl fabric you & Rosie sent me awhile back! I sure loved getting those charm packs! yummy colors!!

JoAnne McPherson

I'm writing to say a big Mahalo Nui Loa (Thankyou very much) for the Schnibbles pattern for us AYOS participants! I love it and would really like nothing better than to have at it. But the Army has other ideas and we had packers today and more next week. All my sewing stuff is already packed up! And I have a bin of 1.5" strips, so I could have just plunged right in. Oh well, I'll be looking forward to making it whenever we get settled in July or so.

Karen Shackleford

Hope your mom is home by now, and recovering well. Thank you for the Leap Year pattern for AYOS participants. I finally finished one in time to be in the parade--DOC. It was so interesting and fun to make. Looking forward to seeing all your new patterns!


Carrie, I hope all is going well! I hope your Momma is getting to come home this week and things will improve for her pain, and of course you'll always know you did the absolute right thing. I always think of the things my parents probably went without or didn't get to do when I was a young kid. Love your nice collection of FG. Good Luck with sewing soon. It keeps us sane! Pam

Kay Mc

Carrie, Thanks so much for the Leap Year pattern. It looks like a fun easy one to make which I need at this time of year. I started cutting it out last night & am using mostly some older Blackbird fabric scraps that I have. I sure hope your Mother is better & back home soon. Your are blessed to still have her with you.

May Kristin

Hi Carrie!
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your generosity, for sharing Leap Year with us! I had a lot of fun making it! And like always, your pattern is great and with very good and accurate instuctions!

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