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May 04, 2012


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I think I'd have to go with Karen McTavish, I'd love to be in her brain as it swirls with the ideas for quilting on a piece.


Susan McCord . she has made some incredible quilts and thank goodness they have been preserved for us to see many years later.
Ruth McDowell I have always been amazed by her quilts too, not my style at all but oh would love to spend a week with her and make one.
Sue Garman as I just love her style of quilts as well and would love to know how she schedules her time and shops for fabric , she is so prolific with incredible hand appliqu├ęd and many hand quilted quilts.
don't include me in the giveaway just thought this was an interesting question
like who would like to invite to dinner? Of course I would have chose Miss Rosie if she would tell me your design secrets :)
would love to see how you go from a concept for a schnibble to the finished product

Auntie Pami

I'm with Kathie, I'd like to have dinner with you and get doggie advice and how to be more patient with all those pieces!
I love strips and precuts, so I'd have to say Daniela from Cozy Quilts.
Eleanor (or Orion --what a cutie) would be fun too. I've truly have been a fan since the beginning! (My Mom & Dad met her at a Quilt Show a zillion years ago--her booth was across from their booth).


hummm, if I could sit and have a cup of coffee and pick anyone's brain it would be Lisa from Primitive Gatherings.


This is a great question!
I would love to spend time with Kim Diehl and see her approach to Machine or hand Applique. I love her work.
I would love to hang out with you. I would like to chat about your thought process and how go from inspiration to creation. I am a piecer (with ambitions of branching into applique - see above) and I am always playing with the math involved in the patterns. Your patterns are one of the best written patterns I have seen and I think it has to do with your thought process. I wouldn't mind chatting about it.
And last... hmm. Ah! I would like to talk to those buggy barn gals! Honestly! Great fabric designs, great funky techniques and just all around great minds to pick at!


I would love to spend some time with Sue Garman. I'm in love with her designs.


I would pick Leah Day! She has the greatest videos for Free Motion Quilting on your home machine. She is also a very impressive and interesting designer. Hugs...


Not to grovel, or pander, but I'd like spend some time with you.


You and Bonnie Hunter are my favorite designers, and I would love to find out what inspires both of you and keeps all those great ideas coming.


Or......Kathleen Tracy would be nice!


I would pick Anne Sutton. She has a unique sense of design which I find fun and happy. I would also pick Polly and Laurie of Minick & Simpson because of their love of patriotic/Americana colors and designs. And I would pick Brenda Riddle. Her embroidery projects using the soft colors I love is so inspiring. And then there's Carrie and Miss Rosie! I can't even imagine how you come up with those beautiful designs time and time again!

Kathleen B

Wow, so many successful and talented quilters to choose from. I think I'd go with the classic Jinny Beyer! Talk about timeless and enduring, that's Jinny for sure. Thanks for the great question, Carrie, although I'd really like to just get to know you better and hang out with you as you are brainstorming quilting! Give a big hug to Rosie for me. :)

Pat Sloan

you really made me think! SMOOCH!


I would love to spend time with Eleanor Burns. She is so energetic! I would like to ask her how she gets her inspiration for designing patterns.

Cindy Kellett

There are so many naturally artistic people out there how could I possibly just pick one :)


Hmm good question! I would love to spend some time with Eleanor Burns.One of the first quilts I made was an Eleanor Burns quilt it was published on her Commodore64 computer! I also would like to get some tips from Bonnie Hunter, Then go have coffee with Pat Sloan!

quiltmom anna

What a terrific question - so very hard to answer because for every name that I think of there are many more that I would love to meet and ask them questions about their creative process. So beside yourself ( I enjoy reading your blog and reading about you, your life and process. I would love to meet Freddy Moran who has this great exuberant sense of color- she is a liberated quilter and she obviously loves what she does.. I would also love to meet Ricky Tims as I have made a number of his designs and I have heard that he is very funny too. There are many more wonderful quilts who do inspire me with the beauty of their quilts and their awe inspiring works of art. People like the Gee Bend Quilters, Paula Nadelstern, Karen Stone, Pat Sloan, Victoria Wolfe and Judy Niemeyer - my list could go on and on for awhile yet.
Thanks for the great question.


Sarah Fielke comes to mind--she has a very distinctive style, original and quirky. I'd mention Bonnie Hunter, but I feel like I already know her because she is so generous with her time. And then there is Liza Prior Lucy--what a dream life she must have with that warehouse of Kaffe Fassett! Other than you, of course, because you are not only talented, but so funny and clever!

Mary ann

Well not to be too obvious but I would like to have a conversation with you...your designs and impeccable color sense always draw me in. And then with Alex Anderson, she has managed to capture both the old tand the new in her styles as they evolve over time, and like you, she is awfully funny!

Kathy Pennell

I think I could learn from so many! I am trying to spend a part of each day learning how to read these blogs for information and inspiration. I am amazed at the amount of knowledge out there. I learned to quilt with Eleanor Burns and she is always one to learn from...but I am discovering so many new people and having horizons expanded in so may ways!

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