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June 19, 2012


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I already have a fabric in mind for the Stars pattern! What a great concept! I'd love to win a copy of that book!

Karen M

This book looks intriguing. Thanks for reviewing it.

maureen livingston

I would love to use this book with my stash!

Wendy Ouellette

I was going to wait to be commenter #5 because I thought it might be the lucky number, but what the heck, if I don't win I can always go out and buy the book eh?(excuse the "eh" but I'm Canadian)
Either way it is a fabulous book and I love the patterns I've had a peek at so far.


Would love to have this book. I might be able to handle choosing 5 fabrics.

Nancy E

Love the Gets a Buzz Cut quilt! Like you I always use several fabrics in a quilt and think it is would be quite a challenge to decide on just five fabrics.

Sue White

I've made a committment this year to try and "bust my stash" and this book looks like it might be just what I need to help with my project. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.


5 fabrics, i usually only need 3.....lol I love KB she has some of my fav patterns in simplicity....but then with the same breath i have made more of yours lol mmm..ok, i did make 2 of hers....ok please include me...love the beige ivoey one


Thanks for the chance to win. The quilts are very nice.


This book looks like a true winner for every quilter. Thanks for a chance.


Love that Rocks with the Stars quilt! Also, the Gets a Buzz Cut! And yes, I have PLENTY of 1 yd cuts that I could put together to make some of these quilts! I need to destash with this book!

Lisa Marie

I haven't done a quilt with just 5 fabrics but this looks intriguing. I'd like to see if I could make things as beautiful as the quilts in the book. Thanks for the chance to win!

annie smith

Really loveing the stars quilt. Sure are some lovely patterns in the book.


I really like all the quilts I've seen so far. This book looks to be a winner. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.


Sounds like a great book and I have a couple of bolts of fabric in my stash that I could finally make a dent in by just using 5 fabrics!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

I'd love to win this book -- the stars pattern speaks -- CALLS -- to me!

Colleen Gander

Who couldn't use more inspiration? I have fabric lengthes stored away because I love them but this would be a great way to feature them. Thanks for the opportunity.


This is definitely a book for me! I always have problems trying to decide which fabric to use, five would be so much easier. Thanks for the chance.

Alicia Key

Looks like a great book!

Maria do Carmo Pezzuto

Me interessei por este livro por usar poucas cores,trabalho com sucatas e a maioria das vezes vem grande quantidade de uma Ășnica cor,esta semana chegou 30 kilos de verdes e 11 de de palha.Obrigada pela [email protected]


Love her book. Thanks for sharing the photos, this is a must have.

Teresa Felgueiras

That book looks wonderful. Being in somewhat economic difficulties making a quilt using only five colors would be just great.


Love Gets A Buzz Cut quilt. Great review and will definitely get this book since I really need a very major destash of my fabric. After all I don't need to be featured on Hoarders!


How do you choose which one to do first!?! They are all so gorgeous! I would love to win this book,but, if I don't, I will go out and buy it!


I like all of the quilts I've seen on this tour. The only problem would be deciding which one to make first! Thanks for the review and the chance to win a copy.


Always love the chance to win a book! Thanks for the review, and the opportunity!

Kris V

Can one ever have enough books around to inspire? I think not! Thanks for the chance to win!


Looks like a wonderful book. Love the quilts I have seen so far.


I love her first Take 5 book and am looking forward to enjoying her current one just as much. Winning one would be frosting on the cake!


This book looks amazing! I would love to make a few of these quilts. Pick me! (Please!) lol Thanks for the opportunity! Happy quilting!

Julie Forslev

You've convinced me! I need this book! Thank you for the opportunity!

Jean Ziessler

I think the book is just wonderful.I like all the patterns.Thanks for a chance to win the book.

Denise in PA

The book looks great! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Kim Hamilton

Wonderful quilts! Five fabrics are so easy to pick! I would love to win. Thanks for reviewing it.


Picking only five fabrics sounds doable and the quilts I've seen look marvelous. I would love to have this book around for inspiration. Thanks for the chance.


The book looks wonderful......if i'm not lucky enough to win a copy...I will be looking for it at my LQS. All the quilts I have seen in the book I like. You don't find that very often....


Lovely patterns and a good addition to any library.


I think 5 is a good number to work with. This book looks pretty fabulous. Thanks for the giveaway.


I would love to win this can say i am teacher's pet if i have the book lol
using just 5 fabrics can make picking fabrics easier & i am all for that lol
Hugs Janice


I need to destash! Thanks for the giveaway.

Sandy M

I'm with you on the coffe pattern. Lovely!

Jeanne Bishop

I'd love to win this book!


Love it!! How easy is that, five fabrics....Thanks for the giveaway!


This book already caught my eye when I saw only 5 fabrics were needed to produce such beautiful results. Choosing fabrics is my first hurdle in making a quilt. I have a horible time trying to decide because I just do not have enough knowledge or experience yet. This book would be perfect for me. (We just won't discuss the other hurdles I have after the fabrics are chosen. ha! I'm working on those and those will only come with each quilt I make as I gain the experience)

Thank you so much for the chance.

Terrie Ruiz

Wow !!!! LOve love that idea and I LOVE those quilts!!! Five could be quite fun :)!!!


What fun! I'd love to win this book!


I think I have five fabrics! Would love to win a copy of this new book. Thanks.


That makes choosing fabric a breeze! I would love this book!!

Kathleen B

I love ANY book endorsed by Rosie's Alter Ego and this one looks fantastic! Thank you for yet another great giveaway, Carrie. :)

Linda v

I'm loving not only the amazing quilt book but this great "shop hop"! In just 2 days I've got 2 new amazing quilting bookmarks! What talent is out there! Thanks for being a part of this and for your added ideas about the Take 5 book. I'm looking forward to visiting here often!

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