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July 25, 2012


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Love this post, THANKS for the inspiration, the quilts and your words! Circling the Ohios is in the Buggy Barn book "A Little Bit Crazy". I bought the book just for that one pattern alone and feel it was worth it!

I've never sold a quilt, I've gotten a few offers, it's just not in me. But I love giving my quilts to the right person. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story, and thanks Laurene for giving Carrie Nelson the notion that maybe she could teach a quilt class and then do more.

Hope you're surviving those dust storms, it's so hot here the top fell off my metalwork decorative daisy, the heat is killing everything, even the fake flowers!

Sandy M

Both quilts are gorgeous! I'm sure that Laurene will always treasure that quilt. The fact that it was made from her first fabric line must make it very special to her.
I love that notebook! It is soooo true!! LOL!
Oh.. and Yes, I have heard Drive By. I love Train!


Fabulous story!!! Gorgeous quilts! Yes, I can see you were born to be a designer by that quilt!!

The notebook quote...priceless. True. Hilarious. Literally, laughed out loud. :-)


I LOVE those quilts! Both of them are treasures, I'm sure, to their owners!

Hope you get to sew tonight! I'm hoping for the same thing for me!!


Does your brother use the quilt on a bed or decorating a wall? I love to see the quilts I give away being used!


A few things become apparent as I read this post: 1) you have a great sense of humor - love that notebook message! 2) you are a softy - giving away a quilt that was so special to you to someONE who is even more special. 3) Your taste in quilts continues to be remarkably similar to my own (I've known this for a l-o-n-g time). Being an Ohioan, I love Circling The Ohios.
Happy Quilting!


These two quilts are amazing!! And how very generous of you to give your special quilt to Laurene. You are such a good friend :-)


Oh my gosh Carrie!!! Both of these quilts are gorgeous, but I especially love "Laurene's Legacy Star"...and having been the beneficiary of your wonderful kindness and generosity before, I can almost see in my mind, Laurene's reaction when you told her the quilt was her's! Like Jayne pointed out, you are a bit of a 'softy' *wink, but you also get so darn much joy and satisfaction out of giving just because, that it makes you a very special lady.

Now, about the notebook cover...I cracked up, because it made me think of a DVD I have called "Bill Cosby Himself". He is talking about people who use drugs and says he asked someone what 'coke' did for them. Their reply was "It intensifys your personality", then Bill pauses for a moment before saying "Yeah, but what if your an a**hole?" He makes a good point, hehehe! Big Hugs comin your way...

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No kidding: radio is just playing 'Drive up'! Beautiful quilts and I love the story behind. Hildy

Deb A

Need the inspiration today - thanks! Beautiful quilts and that was really nice of you to give her that quilt! I have a hard time parting with some of my quilts, even as gifts to family!


Carrie, thank you so much for sharing your Laurene story. It brought back such fond memories. And, those are two gorgeous quilts!

I have to say I laugh and laughed some more at the notebook cover. You'll find it pinned on my Favorite Quotes. Couldn't resist!

Archie the wonder dog

I love both these quilts and really enjoyed reading about them! I love that quote!


What a great post..I loved seeing and hearing about those amazing quilts!

That Drive By song is one that I keep finding going through my mind, too...must be something about the combination of lyrics/music!

Stay cool!

Bari Jo

LOVE the sign LOL.... and your story about giving the quilt to your friend Laurene - was sweet - loved it! I bet she was so excited when you did that! :O) Your quilts are beautiful works of art as always! Loved seeing them in this post!

Linda P

Just another reason why I admire you and really enjoy coming to your blog. You are incredibly generous and talented. You made my day!


You're too funny -- I LOVE that Be Yourself quote! Love those quilts too! You're WAYYYYY nicer than I am -- there's no way I could part with that quilt!!!



Julene Miley

I remember Laurene telling us you GAVE that quilt to her. She was so happy and proud to have such a beautiful quilt! Brings back some great memories!

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