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July 23, 2012


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Your cutting table looks perfectly normal to me! Your cruise looks so tempting. I was reading that the teachers all have one day for their projects so no one needs to "choose" the project they want to make since you will have a chance to make all the projects.
I have Lincoln on my to do list. I loved the schnibbles version but when you made the bigger one in Another Bite, I LOVED it. I have Claremont Farms put aside for that project but wouldn't mind making it in Tapestry (I'm soft on Fig Tree fabrics).
As to the pincushions.. I think that is a great solution, but I'm not making all those pincushions. You could always give them away after the photo shoot! LOL!


I'm registered to go on the Moda cruise. Please don't throw Laurie overboard until after I've had my class with her (if you really have to throw her overboard at all). I love that we will have a choice of fabrics for your class. Now I just have to decide which of these options I want for my project. I can't wait for January!


The cruise looks so fun. I'd love to go. Nice to have 3 fabric options for the quilt. I've made Lincoln but had issues with the flying geese so thought about making it again. Love your pin cushions and the backing flour sack fabric. Very cute!


Oooh, looks like you're busy and having fun. I love the way you've used the feedsack towels. And, I hope Laurie packs her floaties.

Mary ann

Such fun and funny business! Wish I was cruising but I will just have to be a stowaway this time. love the idea of the flour sacks for pincushions. Pincushions are my "go to " project when I just need to do something!

Linda P

Sure wish I was going on that cruise - do you know if there are any openings left? We are usually in Florida at that time, but....
That will be the cruise of the year for sure!! Pincushions are saaaaawheeeet!!! And the backings are quite clever! I don't have those towels, but have had other Moda ones, that are great!


Oh you crack me up. I wish I was going to be hanging out with you guys. Laurie totally kills me and those other sisters crack me up too. And you seem to be rather hilarious as well, so the 4 of you would be a blast together. Especially if there were cocktails.

Archie the wonder dog

I wish I was going on that cruise!!! I love your pincushions and can't wait to see what the lovely stacks of fabric on your cutting table turn into!

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