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July 01, 2012


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Thank you for your parade! So nice to see what you've been working on! Love Dimestore, especially in the Jo Morton fabrics. Can't wait to see what's next!

Auntie Pami

I wish Jo Morton came in charm packs. So much easier than trying to chase down pieces. Hard to find in my neck of the woods. Really, it is. Blizten is so pretty. "You have a challenge ahead with many (small) pieces fitting together." Is that really my fortune this week/summer?


What great quilts!! Thanks for sharing them.

Linda P

As usual, I'm swooning and coveting all of them. Will be ordering, soon as we get back. Yes, we are in the mountains, but... we are escaping to Florida to cool off! WHAT?? Yes, it's been cooler there, but - also just have to see my little girls!! I especially love the Charlotte #2 - I have been loving that line from Bonnie & Camille! I made my niece a quick jelly roll quilt from it with a pillow case and she loved it, and matched her room. I't so fresh. Dimestore is intriguing - I might have "weave" Pat's fruits and veggies together using it (when it comes out). I like both Bounces and especially the border!
Dang it all - I'll be whining for a Blizzard - wonder if I could talk hubs into one for HIS birthday tomorrow!!!


Thank you for a great post full of inspiration and entertainment... that is they you "speaking" part! You crack me up. I am glad I started my Monday with you.


That's what the answering machine is for, silly! ;p


I love Dimestore with the red background...but then you knew I would. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the Odds&Ends fabric...I just love that! You're a busy girl! I'll bet Rosie is a really big help.

Mary ann

Oh my, I will be back drooling at all these quilts again and again. I am determined to get bindings done this week on a couple of gifts but I think I'll be looking at my towering pile of charm squares and playing a play date this weekend! Happy 4 th of July Carrie, hope Rosie doesn't worry herself to much about the firework pops!

Archie the wonder dog

I love your version of Bounce - I always love seeing how fabric choice can change the way a quilt looks and your parade had this in spades!
P.S. What's a 'Blizzard'? An ice cream?


Thank you, Carrie!!!! Yes, thank YOU.

I love all the quilts!!! I couldn't pick a favorite if I wanted too...although Bounce might have a little edge. :-)

Happy 4th! You and Rosie...and Mom, stay cool.

Linda Lum DeBono



...and my condolences on "losing" Steve Nash. It's just a bitter pill to swallow and a sad, sad day!


Just realized I read your title as minor "distractions" instead of distinctions. Made me laugh. Keep up the good work!


You're amazing, just how do you do it? elves in the night? elves in the day? Rosie must be getting really old if she puts up with that! I love bounce. . . gotta try one. And I love the new items you're selling. Oh, and nash? what the heck? I guess there always has to be a time to be able to say "the good ol' days". Thanks for sharing.

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