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July 18, 2012


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Florence Kensek

I'm in the first category -- almost finished my 4th and final bed quilt -- the rest of my gifts will be smaller. That looks like a fabulous book! Florence


I'm in the last category, still finishing projects from 2007, 2008, etc! I have the best of intentions, but life gets in the way. This looks like a great book!

Colleen Nunes

I'm in the last category! Yikes!


I dug through my fabric in June of this year and picked out what I want to make last year. I'm hope it is going to magically sew itself by Christmas!

betsey karl

i'm in the last catagory...please make me go start Christmas sewing!


Sad to say but I'm in the last group too! I do have great ideas and grand intentions. This looks like a great book--I'd love to win a copy!


I am in the late category. I would love to be more organized with time and money to start earlier.
This looks like a great book with a lot of great Christmas projects.

Paula Ganyard

I usually don't plan that far ahead, but this year I am proud to say that I am cutting Christmas fabrics for a quilt this week. So there may be hope for me after all. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book, it looks great.

Jean Burke

I'm somewhere between those last two. I have stuff in my head...now to get it out!! Love Linda's work. The book looks terrific. Thanks.....a merry july to you too! Peace.....


OMG! I'm in the last group also. But before I can finish the projects from 2007, etc., I have to remember where I put them!


I'm in the last group! Thankfully, the list from 2011 is not too long--a lap quilt and some ornaments--and the list for 2012 is fairly short--two stockings (but it also involves cross-stitching the name of the owner, so that adds some time)...

Gertie Pye

I am in the 2nd category - planned and started sewing. In fact by coincidence I blogged about this yesterday and got one comment saying "yes it's good to start early" and another saying "but it's way too early!". I have a lot of hand sewing to do, so I need to start now to avoid being a last minute Charlie.


I'm working on a christmas quilt but I don't think it will be finished in time. I haven't yet started to make those things I would like to gift for christmas as I've been busy making a few things for my new granddaughter due in October.


I'm in your category... just finishing a Mardi Gras quilt from last year, actually.

JoAnne McPherson

I'm in none of the above categories! I'm in the catagory of doing no Christmas sewing because I've lived in Hawaii and really haven't been "into" the whole Christmas decoration mode. But now I just arrived in Virginia, and I think I will love getting back to it. And this book would be a great start!

Mary Ann

Oh dear I am in the last group. I have given it a little thought but thats it! Linda's book would be the perfect nudge to get moving! Thanks for the push Carrie.


Sewing for Christmas?? For this year???? That will probably (maybe) happen around November 27 (maybe), when the panic settles in after Thanksgiving! This book looks like it is chalk full of inspiration. Sooooo, (maybe) I would start on Christmas projects in, say, August (mayyyybeeee)!

Becky S

Unfortunately, I'm in that last category. Thanks for the chance to win-it looks like a fun book.


I'm definitely in that last category. Are you sure this is really July? And are you sure Christmas is really coming? I mean, it doesn't seem like July....July snuck up on me I guess. And Christmas seems like a really long time away and I figure I'll start tomorrow. Really. Maybe. blessings, marlene


The book looks lovely! I find myself in the category of Haven't even planned my Christmas crafting list yet. Today seems like a good day to do that. :)


I LOVE that noel pillow and would love to make that one too.
ok layer cakes of your favorite Christmas fabric might get me going on actually making a Christmas project before Dec 15th!
looks like a fun book!


I'm certainly in the last category. Haven't even thought about Christmas project yet! Love Linda's book!

Auntie Pami

You had me at the hexagon pillow. I've been saving some Kate fabrics for something special, and this pillow would be it! Thank you.

Linda K

Maybe I'm somewhere between #3 and #4, because I just finished a project I started for last Christmas and I'm working on a second half- finished quilt I started LAST July. Maybe this year..... Thanks for the chance to win. The book looks so bright and happy!! And Kate Spain Christmas fabric would be a dream come true!

Kelly K

I'm in the second category, however only a small bit! Looks like a great book!


I Absolutely Love The Christmas Pillows! I would love a Chance to Win The Sew Merry and Bright Book! I Have planned my Christmas Sewing for 2012 and started working on a Christmas Gift Quilt using my Fathers shirts and ties for my brother. I also plan to make some belts and wallets for Great Nephews.

Becky Greene

Sad to say that I am in the haven't finished planning group :-( I really need this book - hint, hint :-) Thanks for the great giveaway!


I have several projects that I'm savoring lol they are in different stages. I would really love to win this book and fabric I'm loving the more "modern" looks that are out there these days.


Well...I have fabric picked out and ideas in my head but they are all from last year. I SWEAR I am going to make stuff this year! (Oh, I just remembered that I do have one project already started that will be a Christmas gift...unless I never finish it!)

Cheryl Miller

I am in that last category...sad, but true. I tried to make a gift a month, but fell behind after Feb.! Perhaps this great book and some holiday fabrics will rekindle my fire. Thank you for the opportunity.

Linda Lum DeBono

Thank you Miss Carrie! You're the best! xo


I`m here:Have planned your Christmas sewing for 2012 and you've picked out fabric. Mostly.
Thanks you for the giveaway!!


I am like you - won't even start thinking about it for several months! I go on a retreat in October and one year, I got all my gifts made there - it was so nice!


:Sigh: I am in the last category, always have been a procrastinator.


I'm in the last category and I will no doubt be pulling out the fabric and sewing machine on December 20th to begin the 30 projects that are in my mind!


Well, unfortunately I'm in none of the above categories. When it's so hot my brain goes into a mental meltdown and I move at a snails pace. This book does inspire me though and I've been journaling ideas! This book will be a smash hit! Congrats, Linda and Merry Christmas!


So, I am in the "unmentionable" category- the one so far behind you did even want to include us! Does that disqualify us? We may be those that need the book the most! I know I would be inspired to get my list started.
Thanks for the opportunity!

Terrie Ruiz

So I am sadly in the later group !!! Annnndddd I may not have even actually planned out my 2012 yet......but I am actaully currently working on something #1 so does that earn me extra credit :)??????
Loving that book and can't wait to see your pillow......I will then no dout HAVE to make one of my own.......yup, I'm officially a follower :)!!!!!


OH please pick me! I'm half way thru my projects for this year, but I would LOVE to add some of these cute pillows. Oh please!


I am definitely in the "Have planned your Christmas sewing for 2012 and you'll start it as soon as you finish your Christmas sewing list for 2007. And 2008. And so on..."
I started Opening Day with Glace by 3 sisters three years ago and I'm still working on the border.. I have completed at least 10 to 15 quilts in the meantime. I just put on the binding for a Xmas Cindy Lou Who that I made on the FIRST Year of Schnibbles.
Still, I missed the chance to get my greedy hands on that Count Down to xmas line by Sweetwater... I'm sure that if I had scored me some of that, I would have been afraid to cut into it for a good long while. I would have just admired it for several years like I did with their Sunkissed line.
I appreciate you showing your crazy, it gets lonely out on the ledge at times! LOL!


Unfortunately I am in the category that would fall AFTER the last one you listed! But, if I won this book and fabric it would bring me right up to date!

Meredith F.

This looks like a great book! Love those pillows! I haven't even begun to think about Christmas sewing yet....eek!


I'm glad I'm not the only one in that last set! I have a Christmas quilt left half-quilted from last year (had to clear the table to wrap presents, and somehow, it never got finished!), and I'd still like to finish two other throws that were started many moons ago. My poor husband--his birthday is Christmas Eve and he LOVES the holidays. I think this year, he'll finally get his Christmas quilt!


Alas, I fall into the 4th catagory. Actually, for me there should be a 5th that is "Haven't even started planning my Christmas 2012 sewing yet." This is why I need the book!

Linda P

I have actually started sewing a few table runners, and since I know a couple getting married in early October, I thought they needed one also - you know assembly like sewing (only selected for them). New couples need new Christmas accesories, right - made just for them as a couple instead of their individual "stuff" they drag into the marriage.....LOL!!!! I also really enjoy all things Linda LDB. She does make some fun things - those tie ons would be a nice addition to anything.

Archie the wonder dog

I seem to be in a different category altogether! I've been planning a Christmas quilt for the last two years (and I've 'collected' the fabric, I hope it all goes together!) but I can't settle on a design - every time I think 'I'm definitely making that' I change my mind a few days/weeks later. I've promised myself that I'm going to spend a few weeks this summer getting it to the 'layered and tacked' stage so I can start quilting it in October but I still can't settle on a pattern. Which category is that?!! As for other Christmas sewing...I'm not doing any ;o)


I'm in the last category.....hmmmm.....that means I better get sewing on christmas! Life, fun new fabric, fabulous looking books, and interesting blogs (and blog hops) get in the way:)!! Did I mention tennis, golf and gardening get in the way too?! I think you're on to something by cutting back on the sleep.

Linda K. Smith

Sad to say that I am in the last category. I have such good intentions but I get sidetracked with so many other things that come up. I need to retire so I can devote more time to my projects!


I'm defintily in the last group, too. You see my brother's birthday was on July 10th and I finished his birthday quilt on July 9th. My father's birthday is on July 26th and I've already started his quilt, that's an improvement in my case;-)
Great giveaway, thanks so much and greetings from germany, Hildy


Oh, that's funny.....sewing? Christmas? I only wish.....hhmmm, let's see, right now my poor sewing machine is buried somewhere behind the washer & dryer that are residing in my sewing room while the laundry is finally getting walls--only after 22 years in this house......once the washer & dryer go back where they belong I get to continue putting all my fabric into boxes......so, no, there will be no sewing for Christmas 2012 in this house.

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