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July 16, 2012


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It is always nice to hear from you! Your ten signs are terrific...really covers everything, doesn't it! Perhaps for number two, it could read, " Happy Blog Friends"! Will look forward to seeing your next projects. Linda's book looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy!


Looks like a fun book! good luck with the pattern writing!


Love the signs...oh my...exactly like Howie and Zack...they don't really care one bit about going to bed...they can sleep anytime, anywhere...it's that nite nite cookie that they want.


What a sweet face.


So happy to hear from you again and glad to know everyone is doing well. Love the picture of Rosie, she looks soooo much like our dog Jake.


Enjoy writing those patterns! That's the glamorous part of being a designer, right? ;) Rosie is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing her!

Pat Sloan

oh my look at that face!!

Auntie Pami

How can you resist those eyes? Aah, nothing better than a BIG pile of quilty books and read and sip on some TJ Strawberry Lemonade and enjoy the AC.


I don't blame her, I want the treat too. With a side of A/C on high. xo

Archie the wonder dog

I love that Rosie gets supper - don't tell Archie though! Good luck with all that pattern writing (try not to spend too much money on Etsy!) and get some sleep!!!!


thanks for the update on Rosie . . . don't forget, she is a good part of the reason that some of us read your blog posts :0

Cleone Levos

sadly, I am woefully behind on Christmas sewing. I loved your trunk show at Sun Valley Quilts--such talent and you always make me laugh

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