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July 31, 2012


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Rosie is beautiful and I hope she has many years ahead of her. My old dog started with her back legs giving way, she too is very stubborn, she is blind, very deaf and has more problems than I could list in one comment. She never ever gives in, she was so ill last week I thought this was "it" I had to hand feed her and we were trying to decide if we had to make the "decision". Today she is back to her old self, she manages (occasionally) to walk up 5 steps from the garden and even (occasionally) jumps into the chair.....and the reason I am telling you all this.... Lady is 19 years and 4 months old. Hugs Linda x


That is an amazing shot and to have the camera ready just at the exact time. There must be a contest to enter that one in. I love the pin cushion.


Rosie is a gorgeous dog! I love the lightness of her face---beautiful! Love the pin cushion too but Rosie is the star of this post!


Hi Carrie! Awwwww Rosie is just to cute. The picture of her peeking at you makes me want to reach into the screen and hug on her. Might even throw the ball (or a rock if she still likes the rock game. Big hugs for you and lots of scratches for Rosie....


I'm glad to hear that Rosie is doing relatively well. I have a cat who likes to play fetch, and she'll do that same look. Usually with the ball just out of my reach. She even drops it outside my door in the middle of the night.


Oh Rosie! I love Rosie stories. Will we see Rosie's Mom in Houston? Would love a visit.


So throw the ball, Mom! It's sad to see our older pets slow down. I have a cat who's just turned 15. Most days, she seems pretty normal, other days she has problems jumping up on the bed or sofa. I put a stool next to the bed to make it easier for her, but she wasn't interested. You got a great shot of Rosie - she's beautiful!

Archie the wonder dog

Oh, I love Rosie so much! It's lovely to hear Rosie still likes games - Archie likes to play the 'how long will I have to stare at her before she gives in and gets me a treat' game most evenings...I usually win but every now and then he wins ;o)
P.S. I love your pin cushions!

Beverly Atkins

I love your Rosie. There are so many times I just come here to check on Rosie. I lost my Callie on March 30 (seems like just this morning) and I miss her so much. I knew I would not have her long (turned out to be 7 years). She had a liver shunt with I adopted her. Oh how sweet she was. She would put a paw on each shoulder and lay her head on one shoulder and look at me like I hung the moon. So I come to get my virtual hugs from Rosie some days. I know it's hard to see them age but she is a beautiful girl. She'll be with you as long as the good Lord sees fit. I love your pin cushions as well! They are fabulous. Give Miss Rosie a real hug for me.


Another great pin cushion! Love the quilted fabric in it. Rosie is such a sweetie. Our old dog, Sis, lived to be 14. She had a squeeky snowman she would put on the coffee table and if someone moved it she'd find it and put it back. It was her favorite toy and I guess she thought it should have a place of honor. She was a character. We now have my Mom's dog....talk about stubborn! She's a cutie though. I hope you have Rosie for long time to come. Throw her the ball for me. :)


love that sew stitchy fabric!!!! too cute as a pincushion too!

Mary ann

Love the pincushion! I made that size and shape from your pattern for friendship group friends last year and they are often the ones that come along. Love the Rosie story, our 8 yr old bulldog is very stubborn and right now he is obsessed with my scrap bin. If I don't jump up right a way to take off the collar ( whole other story about licking and cysts) so he can get a drink ( which is always a ploy) he head butts the bin and tries to drag fabric all over...really a trick with a collar ! I see that same look in Rosie's eye, gotta love them, mostly.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Giggle I love Rosie's sense! What a character! LOL Wonder what she thinks as you repeat the ball hiding over and over. ;-)

Auntie Pami

Funny you mention her age, I was just thinking about that the other day. She still has the puppy look and that is the best! Cute pincushion.


Rosie reminds me of my old golden retriever, Jules. I adopted him when he was ten and I was lucky enough to have him for three years. What a character he was! On walks we went wherever he wanted because if I put even the slightest pressure on the leash, he would stop in his tracks and we weren't going anywhere! And his game was to drop the stick or ball in front of me and bark until I threw it for him. And when he wanted to be petted, he would paw my hand until I dropped whatever I was doing and paid attention to him. I still miss him and when I read about Rosie it makes me smile.
And I love your quilts; you are brilliant.

Linda P

Not a day goes by, that we don't talk about our Sunny Boy - August 29 will a year since he left my side. He was such a joy and still brings me smiles, but it was difficult to go up to sew without him for the longest time. I even see him from time to time, funny how that is.
What a very cute idea for little pin resters - those little things really come to life when you stuff them. Are you using any of the crached shells or just stuffing? I think I need them all over the house - I do, right? I do keep one on my dresser, for when something is new with pins or you take a pin off of what you're wearing before putting it away. Sweet!!


Awwww, poor, sweet Rosie. It's so hard to watch them get old, isn't it? It's good that she still wants to play. Cute, cute little pincushion!

Kathleen B

Today is Gabby's 13th birthday! She will be waiting for Rosie to join her in this wonderful milestone. We've found that putting lots of rubber backed throw rugs on the slick floors really helps boost the walking confidence of our older girl. Love you both, Rosie & Carrie!


My dalmatian is about the same age of Rosie he will be 13 in Dec his name is Rudy :) And yes he has the back end problems and my sewing room is upstairs, so I have to assist him up and down, so when I go up we stay for a few hours -- I did take him to the vet a few months ago and they put him on Tramadol -- he is walking better and the other day when it was cooler he ran down to the garden! Just enjoy her - that is what I am doing -- and I know he is doing the same when he looks at me with those sweet eyes!!
Dorothy in IL


I just love your pincushion, and Rosie is just as beautiful as ever. Enjoy your time with her. Pets are just the BEST.


lol, dogs are very smart and most have one track minds...kinda like toddlers. they get a bee in their bonnett and they aren't gonna give up until the bee is squashed! ;p

my dog doesn't stare at me...she leans against me. yep, she's a 'leaner'...all 110 lbs of her. ;p


That is an adorable pincushion!! Love it!! Love the picture of Rosie too. I hope you are both enjoying the weekend :-)


Love the pinnie. Now I know, I should have been making a list of projects that I want to make as I'm fumbling around in my mind as to what I should make next. Of course, why didn't I think of a list! Glad to hear Rosie sounds like other dogs with her toys and playing. Dogs seem to be easily pleased if you feed and play their way! Take care; happy sewing!

Bari Jo

Oh I love Rosie stories! And what a cute picture!!! I am so sorry about her leg trouble... my friend's German Shepard is going through the same thing - happy as can be - but the legs are doing the same... it is breaking our hearts, too.... I am sorry Rosie is going through this but so glad she is happy as ever and love that she loves messing with your mind! LOL!

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