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August 30, 2012


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What a great giveaway! I've seen these little square around blogs but never managed to find myself any!
I love maltesers! do you have them in the US??

Renee Steele

I got my first Moda candy in my new BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop of the Mystery Designer BOM! It is the new line Vintage Mondern! So, I am half way there with these patterns! Oh, my favorite candy is cherry sours!


I love M&Ms but I get some own supermarket brand which I like better (and they are cheaper) Love the pin cushion patterns. Linda


OH MY! Little Bites patterns to go with Moda Candy! Perfect match.
My fave candy is PLAIN M&M candies. No peanuts in there please (although I will eat the coconut, pretzel, mint and dark chocolate M&M's).


Oh wow these are SO CUTE!!! I love licorice, we have really yummy divine Darrell Lea licorice here in Australia :)

Angela Nicholls

I love peanut slabs. If you love peanuts and chocolate then you must try a peanut slab. My mum regularly sent them to me when I lived overseas (back in the 80's). if you want to try one I can post some. One is never enough:) Angela


Oh those are too cute!! I just love Reese's Peanut Buttercups.


Well there's the obvious answer: dark chocolate. But as far as non-chocolate candy, right now I'm obsessed with Swedish Fish!

Alyce {Blossom Heart Quilts}

Can't beat a Snickers bar!! Chocolatey caramelly nutty goodness!!


I LOVE Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! Chocolate and Peanut Butter....OH MY! Your Little Bites look just scrumptious! Thanks for the chance to win your fabulous giveaway!

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thanks for the good instruction that i have found here.

JoAnne McPherson

These patterns are awesome! I can't wait to start playing with them. I had a few "orphan" charm packs that I did't think I would be able to use.

At any rate, right now I'm afraid my favorite candy is pure junk. No "good for you" dark chocolate. No almonds, or nuts, or anything vaguely "healthy," No, right now my favorite seems to be Mike and Ikes. In particular, the red and yellow. (I give the green to my husband.)

Thanks for the give away!

Elyte Stephens

Love small things and everything sweet.


I love the new patterns, especially the pincushions! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies! And my favorite candy is Dove Dark Chocolate! It's the best! :0)

Lynne @ boutschoisis

Ah - so that is what you've been working on! All the suspense was worth it. The patterns are gorgeous - I'd love to win! My favourite sweets are "Mi Choko" - French chocolate caramels! (I remember that we have that "passion" in common!)

Debbi Cline

Oh my! These are so fun. And I adore anything with caramel!

Becky Greene

I just love your patterns - what a fabulous idea!! No wonder you got sidetracked - we are lucky you did :-) I would love to win some of these sweet little candy packs! I would not sew while eating my favorite snack because it is cotton candy and that would just be too messy. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Heather W.

Love the mini charms :) my favorite candy is reeses peanut butt cups!

Robyn Brown

You know my candy favorites change but one that remains at the top is peanut m & ms.

Nancy E

Love your new little patterns - what a great idea! Sure glad got sidetracked - we are the winners! It would be so much fun to win your new patterns. I love eating the smooth creamy Dove candy. Thanks for the great giveaway and a chance to win!


I love everything with dark chocolate.XXX


These are very cute. My favorite candy is either m & m's or snickers. Well I really love any kind of candy. I'm sure I would love fabric candy too.


70% dark chocolate is my 'candy' of choice! Great giveaway! Thanks!

Marilyn W.

What cute patterns, particularly the pincushions. You are quite talented and prolific to say the least. My favorite candy would be dark m & M's.

Archie the wonder dog

Oh, I love them!! I've been thinking of making some mini quilts and now I know where to come when I'm ready to start! (And I love the names...are you going to be making a 'nibble'?!)
I don't think I have a favourite but I love liquorice allsorts, chocolate raisins, jelly sweets (like Haribo, etc.), chewing nuts (chocolate covered toffee), dolly mixture, rhubarb and custard, miniature heroes (do they count?!), chocolate limes...I could go on but you get the picture!


Mercy! What sweet Little Bites! I love them!
My all-time favorite candy is peanut M&Ms but then there is Baby Ruth and Snickers and Reese's cups and......do you see a pattern here? Chocolate and peanuts together in basically any form is just great!! However, given a choice, I'd take fabric candy any day over edible candy!!!!!
Thanks for the chance to win!


Cute! Lisa could not have picked a better designer to come up with something for Moda Candies.

And to answer your question, my favorite candy is...all of them. I've never met a candy I didn't like.

Christine McCarthy

There are not too many candies that I don't like. Chocolate anything would tickle my fancy. LOL


Right now I'm into cold Snickers, but I confess to liking candy period. Love your Bites patterns. Thanks so much.


Illinois so in on this one! I love little quilts the best for my own home decor and these are a must have for me! Lisa did good to pest you...in friendship of course! Gosh a favorite candy is tough because I like way too many of them but if there is chocolate and peanut butter together than we have a winner! But wait...love my Almond Joy too! I need a snack... Got to run!


Really?, I said I'm so in on this one! Not Illinois! Errr!

Patty D

I've never met a chocolate I didn't like but M&Ms are the best. thanks for a chance to win - can't wait to give these a try!

Kathie L

I'm a fan of dark chocolate Dove bites. In fact, I'm going to get one right now. Terrific new patterns. Thanks.


The thoughts that went through my head when I read this- Candy is adorable. My fingers are too chunky to handle 2.5 inch squares. I wonder if Sinta and Sherri will add this to the parade. I still have 2 Schnibbles from this year to finish and the one I did finish was MONTHS after.
I love the idea of framing them. If I finish one using starting 2.5 inch squares, I'd want to show it off with a frame!
Way loong comment! My favourite candy are Cadbury's Fruit and Nut bars. Love them!

Toni Anne

Dark chocolate of course, the more bitter the better. Any kind will do! I have 1 Moda candy charm, what could be better, NO calories. ;-> Toni Anne


Wowser, I'm so impressed!!

Candy? Hmmmmm...any!

Sue Bennett

What a wonderful giveaway. The patterns for the candy squares are awesome.


Candy snacking is such a weakness while quilting! Love it all...but I have a special lust for Butterfinger. Thanks Moda, for cutting all those 2 1/2" squares for me and you, Carrie, for creating these adorable patterns.


I think these Moda pre-cuts look like so much fun! My favorite candy is Dove dark chocolate. My second fav is a Heath Bar.


I like Werther's original if I want something to suck on. Otherwise a Kit Kat is always good. The Moda Candy packages look yummy too!

Sandy M

Ack! So worth the wait! You have outdone yourself with these. So darn cute cute cute! I was over at the shop and I could not decide which I want to make first! I love the idea of framing them.
As to Lissa, she sometimes pops into our Modern Guild meeting (Dallas) and she brings us little treats and a boat load of challenges. Great person to have around to kick you in the butt! LOL!

OK. I must say that my favorite candy is Starbursts but Sweet Tarts come in a very close second!

Have a Great Labor Day weekend!!

Sue Bennett

I hit send on my comment to fast and forgot to say that I love peanut M & M's buy them in the biggest bags that Sam's Club has. Yummy..


What's my favorite candy you ask...hmmmmm,sour candy, chocolate candy, chewy candy, hard candy...all time favorite candy bar a Snickers all time favorite sour candy, Zotz watermellon or green apple. But now this morning I've learned of a new waist friendly candy....and I am in Love...Moda Candy...I think they might just be habit forming!!! :D


What fun. I love Charleston Chews!!


So cute, great for when you want to make "a little something."

My favortie candy of the moment is Ghirardelli Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree chocolate squares. One or two is just enough to satisfy my chocolate craving.

Angie C

Beautiful Patterns!! Snickers w/Almonds is my favorite candy! Thanks for the chance to win!


Favorite candy - anything with chocolate in it.


A great giveaway! My favorite candy is Snickers but Heath bars and Peanut M&M are running "neck to neck" to overtake Snickers!

[email protected]


I won a giveaway that included one of the mini charm packs and I wondered what I would do with it. Seeing your adorable Mini Bites patterns makes me realize that there is a lot I can do with it--now all it needs is a friend...

My favorite candy is the Nestle's Nuggets in milk chocolate and toffee. Delicious. That reminds me that I need to go to the store...

Laurie in Iowa

Those mini charm packs are adorable. My favorite candy is Cadbury Mini Eggs.

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