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October 01, 2012


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Who would have thought that pin cushion making was that involved?
Thanks for all the tips. Helps me to understand why mine don't look as good as yours...but I'm working on it.

Karen Miller

Carrie -- I LOVE the collection! Isn't it funny how just looking at someone's collection makes you want to make 1 or 2 or 5 pincushions ?

Thanks for the great tips and looking forward to hearing more!

Have a splendid day!

Linda P

You crack me up!! .... and hey it's Monday morning - that's great. Let's challenge everyone to make one or two...Yes, any more than two is a collection and we'll all have a collection of pinnies!!! woot!!
BIG thanks for showing how that aging process goes - loved it!!


Wow. Great info. Thank you very much.


Great tutorial on pin cushions. Thanks for the heads up on Daniel Craig being on SNL. Carrie, you need to mark your calendar for October 26, yup that is when Skyfall opens in theaters!!! Also did you know that Oct. 5 is James Bond day? Have a great day!


Can't wait for Skyfall, it opens close to my birthday! sorry, got distracted. Great hints!


I like the results of your crumple and press technique. You say to make the back 1/2 inch bigger than the front and to use a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Are you easing the back or do you just center the front on the back and stitch 1/4 inch from the edge of the front? Thanks.


Adele doing the theme song would be really good! Chris Cornell a good choice as well. I think the worst was Madonna. That whole movie was terrible. I felt bad for Pierce Brosnan because I felt they gave him a bad script to weed him out.


Wow, I need to get out a pin and paper and take some notes here... you are a wealth of good information!
Thank you for the birthday shout out! It's a great day here... how is it there on YOUR birthday today?


You stinker! Sending us other places for birthday wishes when there is a birthday in your house too! Have a wonderful day! Hope you get spoiled!


Thank you for the great information. I also seem to be accumulating pin cushions. My problem is keeping them clean. Hate to admit but I'm not the worlds best at keeping dust at bay and they do tend to get dusty. Any hints on keeping them clean?
Will you be putting this post under Random Stuff? That way we can print it...or know where to find it when the pinnie mood strikes!
Sounds like it's your birthday. Hope you have a great one!

Judy BL

Thanks Carrie - great info on tools and materials to use - also "aging" the look.
I didn't realize DC would be on SNL so will have the DVR set to record!!

Becky in Georgia

Happy Birthday to you, too! Hope your day, week, month, year.... is absolutely fabulous!


Happy Birthday to you and thanks for the tutorial! Hildy

Sandy M

Love the info!!! I'll make sure to "star" it for when I'm making my Morsel!
BTW: Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

JoAnne McPherson

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the tutorial. May I just say that I'm positively drooling over the flag pincushion? Wow! Also, way back in 1995 when I was first quilting and making Little Quilts, I used to crumple and iron and crumple and iron. As usual, no idea is unique, apparently! I hope you have a great day! At least you get to enjoy 2 parades.

Kathleen Ronnebaum

Happy Birthday! Love your blog and patterns and such good ideas on
techniques for things such as pincushions. I hope it's a great day!


Happy Birthday! Love your pincushions and the wonderful tutorial! Have a marvelous day!


Happy Birthday! Hope it is filled with lots of love and laughter and hugs from Rosie too!

Kay Mc

Blessings to you on your Birthday & hope you have a fun-filled day. Loved making the little Speck quilt.

Karen O

Happy Birthday Carrie! I love your pincushions. I have not made one yet.

Linda K

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! Thanks for all of the tips, especially the " it happens, that's life" part. I have to remind myself of that sometimes. I have a pincushion kit from Kathy Schmitz that I'm going to make (work on) next week on retreat. Can't wait to use some of your techniques. I'd better go find the muslin and get it packed!


I think if it's Sinta's birthday that means it's your birthday too. Happy Birthday!

Loris Mills

Great tips for some sweet pin cushions! Thank you for sharing them. And...
Have a very Happy Birthday!

Kim P.

Hey Miss Carrie (aka THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!), happy birthday to you! I hope you're having a wonderfully joyous day! And, by the way, I think you're WRONG: you ARE an expert in making pincushions! I treasure the two you made and gave to me--one, the woolly sheep--is displayed on a shelf in the Sweat Shop, and other, the pieced one is one that I use all the time--I love the size and weight of it. It's perfect!


Happy happy birthday!


Happy Birthday, Dear Carrie!! hope it was a good one!! And thank you so much for all the good info in today's post!! Hope Miss Rosie is continuing to get better!!

Karen Shackleford

Happy Birthday, Carrie! Hope you had a wonderful day.


Happy Birthday, Carrie! To good health for you, your mom and Rosie. Best wishes.


Happy Birthday Carrie!
I hope you have a great day with lots of cake!
Wonderful pincushions!

Kathleen B

Happy B-Day, Carrie! (A day late...sorry!) I think Victoria's blog is at Blogspot at http://thesillyboodilly.blogspot.com/
I hope your day was fantastic and fun with Rosie by your side. :O)

Archie the wonder dog

Happy (belated!) birthday!!

This is such a great post - I use many of these techniques when making cushions but for some reason have never applied them to pin cushions...from now on, I will! I love the 'scrunch and iron' technique - I'm definitely, definitely doing that the next time I make a pin cushion!
P.S. I call the pointy corners 'bunny ears' and yes, a class I once took looked at me like I was mad when I said I would show them how to 'get rid of the bunny in their cushion'...


I hope you had a happy birthday :-) WooHoo! Thanks for the pincushion help :-)

Helen LeBrett

i hear it's your birthday : Happy, happy birthday!! You don't know me, but you sent me a nice reply when I complimented you on your Fresh Pallet line, and it was so sweet to hear from a "famous" (at least in my world!!) person!! Hope your day is fabulous!!! Helen in Healdsburg


Hey, I have a pincushion collection too! Of course it consists solely of ones you've made me. :-) And you know what? I love every. single. one.

PS- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Can't believe you are already in your 30's. You don't seem a day over 25.


Wow, this is an awesome tutorial, thanks Carrie! I love that you share your quilting "secrets" and you make it fun! It keeps me coming back to your blog to find out what's next!


What a great post...love the squishing technique...thanks for sharing!

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