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October 25, 2012


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wow now your talking my fabrics and of course I want to make them all! Love the quote that is wonderful and 1.5" squares I have some of those laying around here , LOL!!!
I am staying focused but if I wanted to stray a bit you will catch me making one of these :)

Loris Mills

Thank you, Carrie! these are so lovely! Such sweet ideas for your class and for gifts.


The quotation is perfect for me right now - my 4-year-old granddaughter wants me to teach her how to sew. She wants to make a quilt for one of her dolls.

I love all the different settings you showed! There really is such a difference in the finished quilt depending on how we turn the blocks.

Mary Kastner

Thank you Carrie! I love it and will definitely make it for a friend and/or sister. Hope you are feeling better. You might have your thyroid checked out. Ask me how I know.

Best wishes,

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Wow! I love them all! Thank you for the pattern! It is perfect. About the 'personal sauna's'~ yep, have the thyroid checked. ;-)
Have a great weekend!

JoAnne McPHerson

Wowser!! If you haven't been blogging, you sure have been creating and what a treat to share all of these patterns!!! Thanks so much!


You have been so busy, and so successful and continue to be so inspirational to the rest of us. Love the tidbits, and each and every quilt and block you have shown us today...even the extra blocks and pincushions are just adorable. Thank you for always making me want to sew!


I missed your last post, but went back to see what all the excitement was about. It's amazing how many of us are members of the totally female club. Funny I have had the chills too, not too much heat. I am always going around the house turning up the AC to my families displeasure. Good thing I live in Florida. I can always step outside for a little warm up. I've not gone with hormones, but I did read that a little bit of soy in the diet helps. Maybe that's why I don't experience much heat.

oh BTW, I did find the crushed walnut shells at Petco. They are the English kind too :-)

Nancy E

What great little quilts and love them frames, too. You are using my kind of fabrics! Love it you calling your stash "historical collection". Maybe you have called it that before and I just miss it.


Thanks for sharing your creative process with your pattern. I love all the different rifs you have taken with the pattern. I especially liked 803 3/4. The pincushions are adorable as well.

And I also liked the Take your Needle project. Thank you for the pattern and the quotation. I like the initial too.


Wow, you have been busy. What great little projects, thanks so much for sharing!


Love the new little projects! Thank you especially for the wonderful idea of framing them. And the quotation block is wonderful.


Wowza! These are simply adorable little projects and I appreciate you sharing them with me, errr.... us! Give Rosie a snuggle from me, thanks!

Oh... get one of those squirt bottles with a built in fan, they come in handy at times.


Love, love, all these projects! I want to make them all! I'm not sure I can bombard my family with any more new quilty decorations, I'lljust have to sneak them into the rotation! Thanks for sharing your many talents!!


Wow! You HAVE been busy!! I love all the framed pieces...just beautiful! ;p

Sandy M

You are such an overachiever, making us all look like slackers! Lol! Thank so much for sharing the add ons to Tidbit, and that framed piece is just too beautiful!
I hope you enjoy your students and I'm looking forward to your adventures next month!


Love the leftover block projects x


Beautiful! Love all the little blocks and ideas and because I have an addiction to quotations, I especially love that project and thank you for it!


I love all of your pincushions, they are just wonderful.


They are all beautiful. You are so talented.


So...I'm catching up on blogs after market (finally) and thinking that I should start making some Christmas gifts...thank you so much for all of these wonderful ideas and patterns!

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