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December 06, 2012


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You can choose a specific time to start, and thus finish, your auction. When you choose how many days you want your listing to be, you can also choose a starting time. There! That was an easy fix. Anything else I can do for you? Ha!


Ok, I love scratch, now I won't have to finish it!

Mary ann

I am so anxious for the tumbler to arrive! And I have snuck over to eBay....such fun!


well hopefully beenington gets to come live at my house , at least if it closed right now I would win!
again thank you for doing this...NJ /NY needs all the help it can get


Thank you, Carrie, for doing this auction for the Red Cross. A lot of us wish we could help, but you've actually stepped up to the plate. You're my hero du jour!


This is such a cool thing you are doing!


Great idea. Wish I had money to bid on a quilt.Hoping the quilts raise lots of money for the Red Cross.


you can set the ending time for your auctions - by changing the time that it starts. You can have an auction start at any time/date that you want :)


Good for you for stepping up to help the storm victims! Hope you're able to raise lot$ of money to donate!

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