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January 24, 2013


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Ouch! I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's fall. But I'm glad to hear she's healing and will be home again soon.


Sorry to hear about your Mom's fall. Glad she is doing well, though.


I'm so sorry to read about your mom's fall & rehab stay (although it sounds like she's being well taken care of)!! It's really nice that Rosie is allowed to be a regular visitor which surely perks everyone up! Dogs are like that!! Nice to see that you're taking some time to sew & teach close to home!


I hope your mam gets better soon - any chance she can bring the handsome young man home with her?! I bet Rosie's appearance at class made everybody's day!!


Kind of figured something had happened. Looks like we both were taking care of our mom's in the hospital at the exact same time. Mine is a little older than yours though. Glad your mom is doing better, mine is too. Glad Rosie also gets to go for a visit as I know she misses your mom so. Love the projects in the works, can't wait to start up my machine again. Thanks for the update, and Rosie is oh so adorable! I love that face!

Ranch Wife

Oye! Never a dull moment, but I am glad to hear that your Mom is recuperating and has some lovely eye candy while she is doing so. :) Sending prayers for speedy healing. Rosie is looking quite adorable, as usual, and seems to be enjoying her adventures. Your scrap basket project is making me drool and 2026 will be here before you know it. I keep getting slower, and time keeps speeding up. I think it's a conspiracy.


Wow, Rosie is becoming even more of a celebrity! Rehab AND the Quilt shop! Woo-hoo! Way to go Rosie. Glad your Mom is on the road to recovery. Life sure has a way of throwing in some surprises.


I'm so sorry you won't be on the cruise with us, but Mom has to come first. My husband had a bad accident on his bicycle last August while I was on a another cruise in Alaska. I was frantic to get home to be with him. I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone. Hopefully, there may be other cruises in your future.


Oh, Carrie...you have been busy! I had no idea! My 91 year old grandmother fell and broke her hip the first Sunday in October. It's been rough, but she got to come home just before Christmas. We were really worried because she wasn't getting around that well when she first came home. But now it seems she's getting around too well! She lives with my Mom, and Mom has had to hide the coffee so she doesn't drink about 20 cups a day! She still has one or two more weeks of physical therapy and is dressing herself and just really getting back to normal now! So glad Rosie gets to go visit her, too...bet that is good for both of them!

Take care of yourself!

Linda Collins

Life has a habit of keeping us busy. Finding time to sew can be very therapeutic. Glad you are finding some. My M.I.L broke her hip just before new year, so know and understand where you have been. Things will get better!!

Cheryl Miller

I enjoyed seeing Rosie! And I am so glad to hear mom is progressing nicely. Cute guy to tuck me in each night...I could go for that too, but the food...I agree with mom.


Sorry to hear about your mom. But I am a bit jealous of her getting tucked in by a cute guy.

Isn't that red fabric in your scrap basket project from Moda's Wuthering Heights line? I find it amusing because just this morning I dragged out my Wuthering Heights leftovers to see if I have enough for a scrap basket project.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

I am so sorry to read about your Mom's hip! Hubby's Dad took a little tumble and did the same thing. He is home from rehab now and doing pretty well. We worried, he enjoyed most of the attention. ;-)
Rosie looks very happy to be a LQS greeter and show stealer. LOL

Love your little projects! Have a good evening!

Karen Shackleford

Oh my goodness. So sorry to hear your mom fell. Such a scarey thing for our aging parents. Glad she is doing well and enjoying her PT guy. Oh, and Rosie too. Tell her "hi" from all us fans.


Sorry about your mom, at least she has you to take care of her! Love Rosie :) She has the sweetest face!

Nancy  in Utah

Carrie, I'm truly sorry to hear about your mom battling with her health and then to fall an break her hip...OIY!!! I so glad that she is spending a bit of time in a rehab therapy center though, I know my sister recovered so much more quickly from surgeries that required constant help and therapy and she was up and around when she came home. The are wonderful places, but it is nice to have a tasty meal and treats brought in...at least that's what my sister said, lol. I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Big Hugs all around...

Ann in NC

Welcome back! Missed you and hoped "life" hadn't gotten too bad. Of course Rosie should visit your mom and "her" club!


Hi Carrie,
first thanks for your suprise paket! I've send you an email but didn't know if you get it.
Sorry to hear about your mom, hope she gets better soon.
Looks like Rosie has the time of her life. I'm sure she appriciates your driving service.
Have a great weekend, Hildy


glad to hear mom is doing better, never a dull moment in Rosieville is there???
love the new blocks and well love the wire basket they are in! what a great idea will have to look for those, wonder where oh where did you buy them?
pottery barn?
hmmm did I catch the line in the post right ...
They will be cut into tumblers using my little template.
a little crumbler in the works????


A cute guy? Waytago, Mom! :) And I know how Rosie feels about cookies! Your last cookie post had me drooling for like forever! Hope Mom is home soon and you're all back to "normal"!


Glad to hear your mom is on the mend. Sorry to hear you are missing the cruise. I know a couple of ladies that are going on it and you will be missing some fun! Maybe next time!

Hope your life calms down some and gets back to normal...whatever that is.


You are being a good daughter by taking care of your mom! Good for you. If I took a class from you, and I would LOVE to, I would be very disappointed if Rosie wasn't there. You two are a team!


Glad to hear your Mum is doing OK but don't forget to take of yourself!


1) bring food to your mom..she needs her energy to heal.
2) rosie should become a pet therapy dog(officially, none of this off the books stuff)
3) 2026? that will be here sooner than you know it so sew faster!

Glad to hear your mum is recovering. Ask her to kiss the handsome PT good-night from all of us in blogland. ;p

Sew Create It - Jane

Oh your poor Mom...that sounds painful...but I'm glad to hear she is recovering and that all the right people are there to help her. ((hugs))

Debra Masek

So very glad to hear you are fine! Your mom sounds like bit of a "fire cracker"!!! And Rosie...well, gotta love her!!


Oh my Carrie, I can so relate to all of this. I have been the daughter and I have been the patient. Really, being the daughter is preferable cause that patient thing has a bit of pain associated with it. Bless you for being the loving caring gal you are and hugs to your Mom and wishes for a continued good recovery. My advice--do everything the PT asks of you. It may hurt at first, but it feels so good to get stronger and better. As for the food--I totally agree with Mom--much, much better at home!!

Linda P

Moms will do anything to fix daughters up with a cute guy! Glad she is on the mend though.
Rosie IS quite the celebrity, I hope you are keeping up with her portfolio and slicks! She is so pretty, and without your Mom home, I'm glad she got to go with you. Always miss you when you aren't blogging, but life has a way of happening.
Take care!


I've been wondering what was happening in your life especially when I noticed you were no longer on the Quiltmaker Block Party roster. So glad things are okay...or as okay as they can be with your Mom's broken hip. Hope she heals fast and things get back to normal for all of you soon. Glad to see Rosie is keeping everyone happy with her visits. Take care!

Dania Kinney

Hi Carrie:
I have a question regarding the Month 4 - Prairie Nine-Patch. I'm making the 6" and the 9 patch cutting sizes must not be correct as I made it according to the directions and it's way too small! 1 1/3" is too small. Have any ideas?
[email protected]


it's hard being the wonderful daughter you are, so I am glad that you had a moment spare for us in bloggiville... life does have it's ups and downs. And for your downs... it sounds like it's an A+ time for Rosie getting to travel and meet everyone at the rehab and at the class. She looks so happy. I am sure your mom has the same smile on her face getting tucked in at night!


Gosh, good thing life treats you so well. You've been super busy. I wish your Mom a speedy recovery and hope that she takes life a little easier. Rosie is such a beautiful dog; glad that she gets out and about also. Take care!


So sorry to hear about your Mom, but it sounds like she's getting good care. How nice of them to allow Rosie to visit - I'm sure it's good for her and others at the facility. Make sure you take care of yourself!

Beverly Atkins

So glad to 'see' you back! I've missed you and Rosie. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom's hip, but now that I've read about it, I'm planning to schedule me some rehab around Valentine's Day. What do you think? I'm not willing to break anything to get it though. Hope your Mom is recovering well and home soon. Although I might take my time if I were her!


You are SO funny -- I just love reading your posts. So sorry to hear about your Mom and your cancelled trips. Being a good daughter takes a lot of work, but you are the best! Your sneak peeks look fabulous -- can't wait to see more!


Glad you're back. I was really starting to worry. We definitely missed your stories and wit. Glad your mom is on the mend, I'm sure that Rosie helps the process. I love the smile on her face in the picture...what a cutie!

Jo Morton

Carrie, I was looking forward to a nice visit with you in Portland during the Quiltmaker Block Party. Sorry about your Mom, but happy she is on the mend and in good hands.
I totally understand your decision, we only have one wonderful mom, mine is 90, will be 91 the end of May, the past 3 1/2 years have been rocky since her heart attack with many complications. She keeps bouncing back, well not really bouncing, but you know what I mean.
Take care!


Well I'm late to the party here, but want to chime in and say OMG! things are crazy there too huh? You're still getting stuff done, which is more than I can say. Glad you're all doing ok now, and mom is getting better. xo

Candace Mugele

So very glad to see you back on the blog. Life can be such a pain, but the alternative is unacceptable. I'm glad your mom has you and Rosie to encourage her; and Rosie to encourage you!
I miss your delightful posts and pictures, but I sure understand life happens while you are making other plans.
Eagerly looking forward to your next post, with hugs and best wishes to all, and a virtual cookie for Rosie! <3


Chin up, chin up.... don't make me come out your way and hold a cookie above your head...LOL!!

Although it must be an intense time in your life helping out your mom, you give us a post filled with your witty humor... which then makes us (me!) LOL and happy that I came to read your blog.

Hugs to you, your mom and special pat on the head to Miss Rosie!

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