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March 07, 2013


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Carol C

Cool new tool! I just got the larger one but I do NEED that smaller one also. Glad to hear things are progressing in your world, and may soon be relatively 'normal'. Best wishes.


I so hope things calm down for you soon! Love the mini tumbler...and now excuse me...I might have to go see how many Fig Tree cream prints I can come up with!


How is it that you get girlfriends to send you cut pieces?? I must not whine loud enough :-( Very cool Crumblers!


Sorry to hear about your Mom's setback -- I hope she'll be on her best behavior this week so she can be freed. Your tumblers are very cute. And that Avalon is swoon-worthy. It's the first Joanna collection that I HAD to have and I LOVE it. I'm thinking I might need a bolt or two -- if only I could decide which prints I can't live without. Suggestions gladly accepted. Are you going to make it to market this spring?


I have to make that little flag quilt!


These little ones look like they could be so addicting... but you seem to be good at finding things for us, like Little Bites, and Schnibbles, that are also addicting.

Amy L.

Crumbling fun! And your quote is from my very favorite Mary Oliver poem. I got to hear her recite her poetry last year. It was marvelous. The hostess asked her where she did her best writing. Mary's reply, "I have trouble staying in buildings." My kind of woman!

Nancy  in Utah

Hi Carrie, I'm so happy to hear (er, read), that your mom will likely be home soon. I'm still keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers for "mom's" speedy recovery and for you to maintain your sanity...such as it is,*wink*. OH and I am absolutely smitten with your little quilts, too cute and your Crumbler Rulers, gotta go find them when I finish this. OH, is the "lil crumbler' in stores yet? OH, never mind, I'll find out in a few minutes. Thanks for the update on your mom and your sewing, I love to read good news before bedtime :o) ...
Big Hugs for you and scratches in all the right spots for Rosie...


Hi Carrie,
glad to hear that your momwill be home soon. My dad managed to got a little stroke this weeke gladly without any damage and he'll be home today.
Love your crumbler quilts they're crumblious;-)
Now I'm off to customs they held my Happy-Go-Lucky jelly roll captured (I'm for this big EU-USA trade zone,would make my quilting life easier;-)
Have a wonderful weekend, Hildy


Hey Missy,
You're wonder woman and doing a great job! Hope your Mom recovers soon. Love the red and cream crumbler! Take care, be safe, and steady as you go!

Cindy C.



I know what you mean...I drive through that very same mixmaster twice a day back and forth for work. Keep up the good work and I am praying for your mother to get better soon.


Sorry about your mom. I understand more than you know! Love the little crumbler and the framed quilts. You are really one amazing woman. Even with everything on your plate you still get more sewing done than I do! Have a wonderful weekend!


I hope you can spring your mom soon. I am sure she will be happier back at home too. Continued prayers for Mom, Rosie and Carrie!


Squeeeee!!! that little tumbler is so stinkin cute. I need it, I want it, I will get it. Thanks for creating it too.
I will say a prayer, light a candle and think positive thoughts so that your Mom can get home soon. I know it will help her recover and make your and Rosie's life simpler. Besides, having Rosie around will also make her feel better. Meanwhile, take care of you and grab any moment you can to create since it's always wonderful when you do!

Linda P

Well, what can I say? I NEED that tiny crumbler!!! Can I whine to get it or whine for framed piece - how much whining?? I'm not really into whining, but... one could be "else where" on it's way to my house!!
Does Rosie get to go see Mom? If not, I'll bet she really misses her. Sorry about the set back.
I do remember seeing your blocks way back, but can't remember what they were for or even the name of the block. What size do they finish?
On our way to warm up in Florida, so will be checking in. Take care!

Nancy  in Utah

Hi Carrie! Just thinking about you *again, LOL* and wondering how "mom" is doing and if she is home yet? I know your busy, so don't worry about replying, I'll just figure no news is good news. I just have this thing about waking up to find a friend is on my mind and heart...Makes me want to say hello and check in to see how everyone is doing. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Big Hugs for you and as always, scratches in all the right places for sweet Rosie...

Mary ann

Hope Mom stays on the straight and narrow, avoiding all germs and recovering nicely. I am sure Rosie is just as eager as her people for things to be back to normal with everyone in their place. Loving all these little projects and now I can start calling FQS and asking about the little Crumbler, so fun to get everything autoshipped. Imthought I had a lot ofFig Tree but I am a piker compared to you. You know what that means, shopping! EBay, websites and etsy, a creamer quilt sounds just perfect. Hope the week is good!

Bari Jo

I hope your sweet mom is doing better. My package arrived with my order and your sweet extra! Can't wait to try it out - you are so generous and I am so humbled. Thank you! xoxo


I absolutely LOVE the little tumbler flag.

I hope your mom is feeling better by now. Thanks for sharing your projects and talents:)


I am loving all the framed quilts! I couldn't resist any longer and bought both the Crumbler and Lil' Crumbler...yay! new quilting toys for me!!

I send lots of positive thoughts your way as your mom continues to heal from pneumonia. Give Rosie a noogie love on her head from me, and you continue to handle each new day as it comes your way.



Check out the Come Quilt with Me Tumbler template


Mine came last week from the Fat Quarter Shop. Can't wait to use it! Of course, I'll have to first wait for some "unstitching" of the surgical kind to happen first! It's always something ... I really like your Mixmaster description. Fits my life perfectly lately!!

Nancy  in Utah

Hi Carrie, You and yours have been in thoughts and I just wondered if "Mom" got sprung yet?. Keeping you all in my prayers for all things good!
***My hubby is making a FAST trip to Phoenix next week, I do wish I was riding with him but he is riding the Goldwing down to look at and hopefully purchase a small cargo trailer to pull behind the Bike. (I say bike, it's as big as our Camry, LOL) He will be going to Chandler. Is that anywhere near you? Big Hugs to you and your mom and of course extra good scratches to Rosie... :o)


Checking on you and your mom. I didn't get a reply to my email about mounting the quilts on frames and now have concerns...hope all is well.

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