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September 06, 2013


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Judy Snider

Ilove thier rulers. This one looks like it would be a great addition to my list of favorites.


I would love to win one of these rulers. It looks like it would be very useful. Hoping i can figure out the block without the ruler if I don't win. Love the scrappy look of the block.

Toni Anne

I love anything that makes my sewing time go smoother. Thanks for giving us all a shot at winning one. I hope your weekend goes as planned and you finish you projects. I need to hand finish the binding on a lg. twin size quilt, wish me luck. ;->


Just an FYI - I pop seams frequently and find that it really helps! I referred to your tutorial until I had the process memorized ( which, by the way, didn't take that long).
I hope that you have some free time soon. Or at least, that you have a few free minutes to listen to some fun music. Or watch a good tv show. Or dance a little. Or sing. Maybe nibble a nice bar of Ghirardelli chocolate.


I'm completely intrigued by the ruler. And, of course, I love all your patterns. Thanks for the generous giveaway.


Looks like a great ruler. Thanks for the chance.


Those rulers look like a great way to achieve precision! Love the scrappy version!

sharon macpherson

I already ordered the pattern I sure hope I win a ruler Thanks Sharon


I just ordered the pattern and look forward to making the quilt. Thanks for the chance to win a ruler. I love your scrappy Trip Around the World quilt. All those small squares make a very impressive looking quilt!

Ann in NC

Shaded four-patches have caught my eye lately. The ruler looks like one that would be a great addition to my collection! I hope the fall season isn't as challenging for you and your family. I am always glad when life lets you post to your blog!


Wow! That looks like a great ruler for the perfect finishes. Thanks for the clarification.

Glenda in Florida

I'd love to try that ruler--I've never seen it during any of my shopping expeditions.

Becky S

I LOVE your Mercerie Schnibble and your beautiful Scrappy Trip quilt!!!
Monique's Fit to be Quarter ruler sounds great. Thanks for the chance to win one.


What a cool ruler; you're right, Monique is a genius! Thanks for the chance to win one. btw...don't worry about getting that last photo 'just right', draped, with cookies and floral arrangements or anything - your quilts are so cool it is inspiring just to see a picture of them!


You make it look so easy. The ruler looks like an amazing tool. Thanks for sharing.

Wendy Barker Paull

Carrie, I have to tell you that I recently had one of your books made into a spiral bound version. I use your books so much the pages came loose, and duh! spiral binding makes it so easy to lay it open and follow along!

Please pick my for the ruler giveaway!!

I am going to get all my favorite quilt books (that would be 2 more of yours included) spiral bound next.

PS I am with you in the newest issue of Quilts and More!!! I feel so honored to share magazine space with you.

Carol Campbell

I'm kinda sorta understanding how you did that....... What a great result! One of those rulers would be fantastic.

Carol C

The ruler does look useful. I keep reminding myself to look for one, but It seems I keep forgetting. I guess I'd better make the effort to have the ruler so I'll be ready when my pattern arrives.


I just finished a king size quilt with that block. Too bad I didn't have that ruler!

Love your scrappy Trip Around the World!

Ramona Chester

This ruler sounds fantastic. Thanks for explaining because I couldn't figure out why you cut the pieces larger when using Monique's ruler. It would be great to win and give it a try.

Chris Deveson

Two of my favourite things - your patterns and monique's rulers


I love your patterns and I love Monique's patterns! Btw, I just started your six degrees pattern with some Bonnie and Camille fabric, it's looking good!

Janet Clifford

I love your pattern, all your patterns, I have the Fit to be Geese ruler, so the Fit to be a Quarter would be a bonus.

Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

Your Trip Around the World is lovely, its on my 'to do' list


ok love this block and tutorial you make it look so easy
I NEED that glo line tape too! that would make my life easier :)
the eyes are just not what they used to be!
love the pix of the tatw you get to see so many more of the fabrics and the great word fabric on the back :)
thanks, don't include me in the giveaway I am LUCKY enough to own those rulers already.


Her rulers are pure genius! I would love one since I have two of her books, beautiful designs. Thank you for the opportunity and for a wonderful tutorial.


Your patterns are so great! And I love your Trip Around the World---so happy! Thanks for the chance to win the rulers.


Thanks for your little tutorial! I've already thought about using Scrumptious for my Mercerie ... now I'm sure:-)
Please say hi to your mom and Rosie and have a wonderful weekend, Hildy


Fun tutorial on the blocks!! Happy September. I heart Fall!

Ann  in PA

Wonderful tutorial! I must try the GloLine Tape. Thank you for a chance to win the Fit to be Quarter ruler...I need all the help I can get. LOL


Love the pattern and thank you for sharing the
tutorial with us. The fit to be quarter ruler
would be great to make those blocks so accurate. Thanks for the chance to win.


I love those blocks and that quilt pattern - such a clever way of making the blocks, you're a genius! I love your scrappy trip quilt (I also need to attend the same quilt arranging/photography class!) and can't wait to see which fabric(s?) you choose for the binding. I hope you, your mam and Rosie are well xx


Thanks for the chance to win ! Anything that helps with accuracy is a real plus.


Wow! This is so much easier than paper piecing this block (which is how I have done it in the past).

Linda Hoch

Would LOVE to add that ruler to my "stable" ... love making those PERFECT blocks ... life is so much better then ;-) Scratches to Rosie!!!

Joyce Triezenberg

Thank you so much for the really excellent instructions/tutorial for making that "half half square triangle" corner unit!

Melody Wathor

Thank you for the tutorial,. I love perfect and I love your paterns.


Great tutorial! Now I think I can do it! (I'm sure I can get the water spot duplicated perfectly!!) Thanks for the chance to win the ruler.


I have the Fit to be Geese ruler and love it. I wish I had known about the Fit to be Quarter when my guild made our opportunity quilt. I chose you Jellystone quilt that has a million units just like this in the bear paws. We got it done, and it is gorgeous, but it was a challenge teaching some members how to make that unit.
Your trip around the world quilt is beautiful no matter what the photo set-up!

Linda P

Am I the only one who doesn't have one of those rulers yet? You make it look so easy!
Is that what people used to call "Mary's Triangles"? I have an old Moda pattern/kit that uses that- I'll have to take a peek. Love the new pattern & Canasta also. I am a paper type gal, and will order when it's up on the site.
Starting to get "fallish" here in the mountains. Our summer was so short with lots of rain, I may have to head south for some Florida sun!!


Just got your Crumbler ruler, but would <3 to add the Fit to be Quartered one to my collection too! Here's hoping you find the time to get that binding done!


I love Monique's rulers, but don't have this one. Yup! I think I need it. And I'm with you on the drape-y quilt photos. Can never get that shot right. You have some pull - maybe you can get Camille to do a tutorial for those of us drape-y quilt challenged?


Wow a ruler that gives PERFECT results---Boy do I need that!!!!

pam hansen

Hey Carrie,
The best to you, your mom, and of course the one and only Miss Rosie.
Someday might you contemplate an online trunk show? I saw another wonderful designer's work displayed on a blog and loved the show. Unfortunately I missed the tell part, but pictures do mean a lot. I have four of your books and use them often.


I loved seeing your technique! And would love to win a ruler :)

Pati Elliott

Oh, I would love to win one of those rulers! I've got the pattern for Mercerie (as well as many others by you) but I'm a little intimidated by the pattern. Maybe a ruler would help me.

Sharon Meek

Very intrigued by the ruler because who doesn't want to be perfect?!?
Thanks for the giveaway! Merci


I'm only just discovered Monique's ruler, but I'm really enjoying what little i've done. I love how the navy dot looks in that block. Thanks for the giveaway.

Karen Shackleford

Thanks, Carrie, for the demo. Would love to win the ruler. I love, love, love Monique's flying geese rulers! About as much as I love, love, love Schnibbles!!

Anne Reimer

Nice to see that someone else likes to press the diagonal seams open rather that the straight-set ones - makes so much more sense in my mind, and like you say, it does a great job of reducing the bulk in the corners. Great pattern, too. I have a whole box of scrap squares and triangles that would play oh so nicely with this one. I already have some of Monique's rulers, but a smaller one would be delightful. Thanks for the giveaway and the opportunity to win...

Cathy C

I love the pattern, looks so scrappy and complicated but really deceptively simple, kind of like life. I would love to win the ruler. That would move this project to the front of the line.

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