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January 08, 2014


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FUN! I have those same fat 1/8th bundles so if you need more of something let me know, I'd be glad to share...no plans for them!


What are you going to use for the background? I have a large collection of taupes myself - 2 piles of which will be made into Thimbleblossoms quilt patterns.


What a great idea.....this way you will always have some progress each week. Love it!


Love the whole "Sting" reference :) Open those babies up...let us see what the fabrics look like!!! Sounds like a fun project, looking forward to seeing what you do.


Project 48 sounds like a great idea! Too bad though, that Sting is not involved! Can't wait to see what your fabric looks like since you only offered us sneak peaks.


Looks like a super fun project. I say you're done by Pittsburgh. Well, just after Pittsburgh, 'cause you'll have to take a few weeks off to get ready for Pittsburgh. ;-D

Ramona Chester

You are such a fast sewer, that once you start on the actual sewing part, I bet it takes you less than a week. I have some daiwabo fabric too. Love the site Patchwork Pink Carmel and see how she and her students use their daiwabo. Happy sewing!


I think this is a really neat idea and I might have to give it a try! I have a whole bunch of those 1/8th bundles of taupes that I've had for a couple of years now....along with many other bundles, fat 1/8th, fat quarters, etc. This would be a good way to make small progress on something and at least use from my stash rather than buying more. Thanks for the idea!


I think this is one I want to follow the progress on. My daughter in AZ. Collects these, therefore I will
Have her take a look. I think Zippers are a good thing, love the pattern.


You go girl!

Linda P

Hmmm! I think you are a pretty fast cutter, sewer, I'm going to say 12 weeks - that is only 1 hour a week, right? Pssssst, you are doing "Zipper"- You will be zippy fast!!
When do you start?


Love the pattern and your fabrics will create a whole new look for Zipper. Love the creativity within common parameters.

Auntie Pami

Hmm, Sting. Be still my beating heart. Oh well. I have a bunch of those as well. I didn't look up Project 48, but I'm game. I need a background. Wonder how the flax yard dyed would look, or another color...


that's a really good idea - I might have to try in on one of my projects too ! I'm going to say you'll have the top done in less than 8 weeks - you're including your prep in your one hour right ! have fun :)


You know, Carrie, after I read your side of this little conversation all us bloggers have with the 'mostly-fit-but-could-stand-to-lose-a-few-pounds air' (that's a B5 reference btw *g*), I wondered what your schnibble X-rated would look like, made in those glorious Daiwabo fabrics. No idea on a ground, though. Perhaps I read too many Quilts Japan magazines? :-)
I'm glad you feel able to post more. I enjoy the sound of your 'voice'. :-) À bi et à la préchaine!

Mary Ann

Ok! I have decided on my passion 48 or Project 48...what ever it is. (Just know I am NOT posting passion 48 on Instagram, I am nervy but not quite to that extent unless I could post a photo like Amy Poehler necking with Sting at the Golden Globe last night) any woo, I am going to work on a French Roses quilt. I have had it all cut out for several years and somehow just never got to it. It was meant to be a 60th birthday gift for my sil. Well that didn't work out so I am determined now it will be her Christmas gift 14.

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