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April 07, 2014


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Carole S.

Thank goodness all is well with your brother and with you!!! We were beginning to worry, all the while realizing that you do have a life.

Love the new quilty inspiration, and as always, I can't wait for more! Thanks for all you do for us!


Glad you are back, your brother is well and Rosie is Rosie. Good luck getting ready for market. Can't wait to see all of the wonderful new things you have in store for us! Welcome back.


Brothers are pretty special, aren't they? Your new patterns, as usual, are wonderful. I picked up some small bits of the linen but was nervous about trying it. You've just pushed me off the fence!


Wow -- you've been a busy girl. I LOVE that linen quilt -- I must try one SOON! And I can't wait to meet you at market -- will Miss Rosie be attending? Didn't she go to a market with you long ago?

edie gottschall

Hey, Carrie and Miss Rosie! Thanks so much for the update, I was just thinking about you last night, wondering about Mark's surgery. You can't kid me, I know there's no pharmaceutical company in the universe that can make any med as strong and effective as a great sister's love and care. That linen and the two patterns are gottahaves!!!! Cyber hugs, edie.


Pretty excited to read that you have a 'big quilt' pattern coming out soon! Glad to hear that your brother is doing well.


Welcome back. We've missed you. Following you on Instagram is a distant second, but I love, love, love seeing the pictures! Looking forward to the new patterns.

Sue S

Yay, they're back! Glad all is well. I have five brothers, and I'd do anything I can for them, any time. Love the fabric choices, and I too am going to look for that linen/cotton in my LQS.


My brother is 1 1/2 year older than me and there's not much I wouldn't do for him. Glad Mark is well and the surgery was successful!
And it's so sweet of Rosie to come with you with all the stuff she needs to do;-)
Love your (Rosie's) new patterns they look great! BTW I didn't believe you about the Hook pattern (shame on me, head hanging low) but it went together like a breath with your tutorial. I've learned my lesson and will never again doubt you:-)
And since you mentioned a big quilt: did you write a while back about a new book? Or am I mistaken?
Love and hugs to both you and Rosie, Hildy


Glad to hear all is well. Can't wait to catch up in Houston!


Good to hear your brother is doing well; it helps to have a sister there to boss you into doing your exercises. I followed the quilts on Instagram and am looking forward to more pictures and the final patterns.


Glad to hear that you are ALL well:)


So glad to "see" you again! Glad to hear all went well with your brother! I am amazed at how you were able to be of help to him, AND so productive! Market is getting close now! Remember, If you need help, I am willing! (P.S. Love the first Little Bite you shared!)

Linda P

Absolutely love that photo of Rosie!! She looks like velvet!
Yes, Market is just ahead - must squeeze it all in - all those quilts, mean lots of binding to do now!!

Andee in aZ

Love both of these quilt tops...great fabrics and cute patterns! Very cheery!


Good to hear your brother is mending well. I don't blame you one bit for dropping things(or dragging them along) to help out. I would have done the same thing (and have on more than one occasion actually) that's what family does...looks out for each other. Your quilts are lovely. Looking forward to your new book and hearing all about market this spring. I bought many yards of linen on our last trip to France...looking forward to getting home and using it in some new piecing projects!


I'm glad to hear he's recovering so well. It's amazing what they can do now. It sounds like you got a lot done. I'm looking forward to seeing the new patterns.

Ranch Wife

Happy to hear that your brother is recovering. I imagine the combination of you and Rosie made for good medicine. And you're right - family comes first! Sounds like you got a lot done and I like what I see!


Those are beautiful quilts.
I love the linen. I'm going to try that soon! Looks like the weave is tighter than the linens I'm accustomed to seeing.

Mary Ann

Ah...siblings, how we love them, even more as we get older! Quilts are fabulous, looking forward to patterns soon. And so glad Mark is on the mend, Rosie looks thrilled too.

Archie The Wonder Dog

So glad to hear that the op went well and your brother is on the mend - I'm sure that your care (and Rosie's loving gazes!) really helped with that. Love the sneak peeks of your new patterns - glorious!!

P.S. I converted the temperature into Celsius and almost fainted! I can barely tolerate our highest summer temperatures (about 24C/75F) and get really grumpy and whingy, imagine what I'd be like if I moved to Arizona?!! A complete nightmare, I suspect *winks*

Kellie from Indiana

I love the tops and patterns, and the fabric, oh my! I wish I had some of it. I havent been able to get anything new for a few years now because of the snowball effect. You lose your job, then your husband does too, then medical issues, etc. Its neverending. I keep a list by my side when online so "one day" I can get all that Im missing out on. Your schnibbles and fabric are tops on the list! For now I drool, and appreciate your blog because it physically hurts to go into a shop "just to look, not buy". I am glad to hear your brother is improving. There really is nothing more important than family. In the end they are what remains.


Just checking in to be sure that you're okay.

By the way, I love the linen. Your quilts are beautiful.

Linda P

Where can we find the linen? Is it out yet - I'm hitting nadda. Good luck at Market! (you don't need it)


Hi Carrie,
I just finished my semester, handed back the research papers, and began to read blogs that I'd abandoned in early August when I started teaching again after summer.

So I've read from Mark's surgery to the garage remodel to quilts and more quilts to scattering of ashes off California's coastline to your Mom's leaving us all to the beginning of the hot summer in your town.

It's been a lovely (yet sad) journey in time, and I extend my hugs to you about the loss of your Mom, and extend good wishes to you for a satisfying time at market, and extend my thanks to you for sharing your life with all of us.

You are still my favorite blog in the blogosphere, full of good humor, wisdom, a touch of sarcasm and none of that shrill "that's my quilt design!" that, for me, punctures the good humor of a soft quilt.

Glad to be back--and hope you have a great summer of quilting. I will be able to read more without papers to grade and look forward to your posts, that is, posts when you feel like it.


Just found you - again! Do you have a "follow you" on email or am I just that dense? I'm new to the world of quilting - and your blog, I actually enjoy! I'm kinda sick of reading all the self-promoters out there - and I I am new! Maybe I just haven't developed a thick enough skin. Thanks for a "keeping it real" blog. I'll try my best to remember (Miss Rosie - that I remembered - must be cause I'm a major league dog lover)! ;D

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