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July 17, 2014


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Great to hear from you! Love the quilts.


You've been busy! I enjoyed seeing your quilts.


My brain just exploded with inspiration!

Lisa D.

Wow, you really have been busy! Lots of eye candy in your post today. I love all your new patterns and can't wait for the Schnibbles, too. And a book! Can't wait to hear more. Do you need any stunt sewers? :)


So glad you two are well. You have been VERY BUSY! I LOVE your new patterns. I may have to make "Gertie" in honor of my grandma - Gertrude (but don't call her Gertie):)


Thank you for blogging! So much eye candy.

Mary Ann

I am so excited! Just saw the shipping notice on the club from FQS! Which means I'll be cutting this weekend for Seven Letters! So glad I have been collecting those wonderful low volume/contract pieces. I pushed ahead on my Project 48 too. I need to add the top and bottom border and it can go off to the quilter. Now we're a few weeks past a Project 24 but maybe I can challenge my friend Vicky to Schnibbles in 20 weeks. Thanks for all the inspiration Carrie and big hugs to Rosie.


We went to Seattle for a few days and it was 59 in the am and 80 something later. Brr.


Well, cool weather IS just a moment away if you pop on a plane! I needed a sweatshirt this morning -- it was only 58 outside -- come north for the summer!

It looks like you've been on a BIG finishing roll. Your quilts are all beautiful -- Well Done!!!


It IS good to see you post again. I have been keeping up with you in Instagram. Your quilts, and your visits to eating establishments and (snort) your snacks.......... oops maybe that was for Rosie ;-) Anyway, it's always fun to catch up with you.

Linda P

I just got back from visiting relatives from 2 - 92, well actually several in their 90s!! I am really ready to get back to sewing! I've also got some bindings calling me!
You've been missed - me thinks you like IG :)


Great post Glad everyone is fine. Great quilts, as always you have out done yourself. Such worthy quilts you have shared.
Give Rosie a hug for me.


I just got the Red Letter Day pattern a couple of days ago...can't wait to make that quilt. Would love to make one like your Shower Shuffle, but a different line of fabric. My Daiwabo stash is still in the drawer, can't decide what to do with them, maybe put them with that new linen material, that's an idea?? My Cotton & Steel is ordered, just waiting on it to arrive...it's just that this darn full-time job gets in the way of my real passion, and that's quilting! Come on retirement, but still have several years to go!


Love then all! Great organic lines and Red Letter Day quilt, that's one of my favorite fabric lines cause it's so different.

Lynne @ boutschoisis

With all the debate going on about whether blogs are dead I'm very pleased to see that yours is still breathing. I hope you won't give it up - you write so well. Looking forward to hearing more about the new book and I've added a "Seven Letters" to the "to do" list. Lynne.


Glad you are ok, busy quilting along! I can't wait for ZOOM---it is my favorite of all of your new patterns. Churn dash has always been my favorite block!

Archie The Wonder Dog

I have the same thing with time moving oddly between blog posts...maybe it's somehow related to quilters who live with very cute dogs?

I love Ten Penny and can't believe how productive you've been! Rosie must be exhausted!


Love, love, love all of your quilts. Really love your Purple Letter Day -- purple is my favorite color. Every quilt should have purple in it!


So glad to see you back online! I love the reasons you have been gone. You might even inspire me back to the sewing machine. Thanks Carrie for all the cyber love and inspiration. See you in your blog pages. :)


I love all of these quilts - and so glad to hear you're both doing well! I'm heading to your store to pick out some patterns!


yes you certainly have been sewing a lot ..that green one is a knock out in my mind..being a 3 colour girl...I find that Classic...lovely ....and too hot..I never thought you would ever think it was too hot...here we are having 50-60 degrees...at the end of July and August for goodness sake...
thinking of you and Rosie and smiling...thanks for always leaving me with a smile..

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