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December 29, 2014


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It sounds like your move went smoothly. Lucky you to be able to walk to restaurants! Congrats on a smooth move and being functional so quickly! Wishing you joy in your new home, new job, and the New Year!

Peggy Aront

Great to see you made it safe and sound and you were able to celebrate the holiday in your new home.

2015 should prove to be an interesting year with a new job, new friends and a new house....i'm so excited for you. Best of luck and enjoy!


I'm tired just reading about everything you've accomplished...so wonderful that you were able to get all of this done in such good timing...and I do hope you get to sew soon!

PS It's cold here, too. 21 degrees at 8am this morning...and Las Vegas is supposed to get about 3" of snow on New Year's Eve...and that is in the lower elevations...

Ramona Chester

Such a great outlook as you move into your next adventure. And no matter what, moving is a major chore that makes us realize how much we have accumulated. Can't wait to see what you are doing with Moda, but I love the new mix it up charm pack I just saw posted on Facebook. And you will be surrounded by some of the best and most creative quilters in the industry. Plus closer to Mark and Casey. Sounds like a win-win!

Mary Ann

Happy New Beginnings Carrie! Following both you and Vicky the last few months ought to motivate me to have a big purge....ought being the operative word!


Moving is a great opportunity to throw things out :) Glad you've made it safely and are settling in. You will always have dog hair for memories~no getting away from it, even with moving. Rosie is there in spirit! Happy settling in :)


Glad to hear all went well on the move. Hoping new doors open for you and you enjoy Texas.

Jennifer Gwyn

Welcome to Texas Carrie. I look forward to your new chapter and seeing what you will create onboard with MODA.


Yes, it's cold in Phx. BRRRR It was 28 degrees in my corner of the Valley. I crave cold so I'm enjoying it. :-)

I'm anxious for you to get your sewing room set up so you can sew, sew, sew!

Suzanne Simpson

OMG - look at those lights on the trees-magical - don't see that much in australia - my temperature on NYD is supposed to be around 36-38 C or about 100 F - so enjoy the cooler temps - happy for you that the move went smoothly but boy did you do a lot in that time and you must know your way around to go out to the shops - shopping is always good-enjoy

karen @ badlandsquilts

Glad your move went smoothly. Would love the roast recipe! If there is still an Eatzi's there, they also are a great place for outsourcing (my lingo for I can't cook it, but I can buy well!)

LN Tan

Glad to know you had settle down in your new apt, and spent your first Xmas in the new place. Take care, happy new year !!


I feel like my life is a parallel of yours. Lost my "Rosies" (I had two), divorce and subsequent move, and new job. Your attitude of adventure helps me keep my spirits. Thanks.


So exciting this move, although I do understand being sentimental with so many memories..... Looking forward to reading more of this great adventure! Good luck and best wishes for a healthy, happy and creative 2015!


Thinking of you and send happy wishes for your new chapter. Just got closure on my parents home and it was bitter sweet but looking forward to more quilting time and friends. So excited for you and your new adventure.. You will Rock it! Miss you... When are you coming to Illinios again. Happy New Year. 😊

Andrea Kelter

Hi Carrie, glad you're moved safely and ready to forge ahead. It's always hard to leave a place that holds many memories...perhaps packing them safely in your heart and keeping them there? Then you can pull them out like a good, old-fashioned photo album and reminisce at your leisure. A Nova Scotia/Bay of Fundy soup recipe for you (only good if you like seafood). This is the chowder I make on the boat (it gets rave reviews, but then, people are chilly and hungry by the end of the trip, so they'd probably eat just about anything!). Brown a good size Vidalia onion (or two) that has been chopped to medium size (not too fine). Brown it in a good amount of butter. Meanwhile, scrub some nice white potatoes and coarsely chop. You also need about four to six frozen fish fillets (any firm white fish will do, and salmon works well also - but frozen is important). Once the onions are browned nicely, add the potatoes and just cover with water. Add salt too. Lay the fish on top (it should not be covered with water). Let it all boil lightly until the potatoes are tender. Turn off heat. Add two cans unsweetened condensed milk. Add pepper, salt and parsley flakes to taste, along with another good chunk of butter. Turn heat back on and let simmer, stirring every now and again, until nicely blended and very hot. Serve with hot, fresh bread or rolls. This is a very filling, hearty soup which will warm you right through! (I like lots of pepper, to give it a bit of bite!). Wishing you all the best in your new adventure!


I took my parents to their first live Hockey game on December 23 when the Stars played the Maple Leafs. It was a terrible game, well, for the home team. I don't think I converted my parents into Hockey fans after that game. They are true basketball fans. :)

Welcome to DFW. If you have questions about the area be sure and post them. I'm sure your North Texas fans will have lots of info to share. Happy New Year!


Congratulations on getting it done--and so well--and having a good Christmas with your brother and his cute pup. Hope all continues to go well, and that your start at Moda is amazing.


Welcome to Texas! I grew up in the Dallas area and now live in the country in East Texas with some acreage. I hope you will love it here. I also hope the job goes well with Moda. It is scary to jump out and take a chance. It sounds like it was something that was to happen. And if you are ever driving in downtown Dallas, I will leave you with a piece of advice my father told me a long time ago (and it works) remember "E" for exit and hunt for Elm. Almost always the only way I found it out of downtown to head back to Irving.

Sharon Rogerson

Hello Carrie,

I'm in the UK and absolutely love your patterns, in particular "Dimestore"

Could you please tell me how I could get the pattern? I know your busy at the moment but any answer you may have will be greatly appreciated, :-)


Archie The Wonder Dog

Glad to hear the move went smoothly - hope 2015 is a fabulous year for you xx


Welcome to Texas! I'm hoping to run into you in one of the 5 quilt guilds I belong to. Would love to have closer contact with your creativity! :)

mdm samm

Been thinking of you a lot these past few months....I could not be happier for you too in many ways...to new beginnings sweet Carrie...May your soon to be colourful adventures fill your heart so you can pour more of it into our world....YOU have such a delightful gift to share..so pleased they saw something in you to cultivate....WE all WIN.....

blessings to you always, 2015 ...MAKE IT COUNT....

Ellen Simmons

So glad to hear your move has gone smoothly. Your new place looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us.

Linda P

Well, I'm just a few days late getting caught up - the bug got us, but we are ready for this brand spankin' new year - I think!! It must have been bitter sweet to leave your AZ home and the memories. Wishing you all the best and all fun adventures for 2015!


I'm glad to hear that your move went well and that you're getting settled in. I hope that 2015 is a wonderful year for you!

Susan McAdams

Welcome to Texas. I made the move to Austin 6 years ago and I could not be happier.

Teresa C

Congratulations on your new adventure! And, it begins in a lovely apartment!

Looking forward to reading your blog in the new year. Thanks for sharing.

Teresa C

By the way, is your online shop moving too, or is it just a temporary glitch?


Awwww Carrie -- that moving out part made me cry. It's been so fun to read about your adventure -- and to see your pics on Instagram. I hope your job is going well -- I know you'll love it there. It's also been fun to read because my son just got his new apt. this week and he's very excited to be there too. He said he's starting a softball league -- isn't it too cold to be out playing softball in January LOL? And thanks for the tip about the DL -- I'm sure son doesn't know about registering the car first -- I'll pass it along! Good Luck and thanks for sharing all of your fun!!!


In terms of the "stuff" part of moving. I agree. We moved a year ago, and the amount of "stuff" was astonishing and overwhelming. My resolve to keep it reasonably under control is working pretty well (something in, something out) -- well, except for fabric ...

I'm glad your move went well. Hope that your new place is soon under control, and feeling like HOME.


I'll miss La Vie en Rosie, but I know I can keep up with you at the Cutting Table. Best wishes always!

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