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December 10, 2014


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Pam P

Hi Carrie! Your post reminds me of when I got my job - although there actually was an opening :) My Boss-To-Be was new to the company and he was in the process of moving into town and hiring all of his new employees at the same time! I called and called and left messages and emails until I finally wore him down! I got my interview and he hired me on the spot. He told me that if I worked as hard on the job as I did to get the job that we'd get along great. I'm still working for him today - 15 years later (what was I thinking?) I guess sometimes you just know when you need something new/different. The "old" isn't wrong or bad - but maybe it's just not getting you where you need to be. Onwards and Upwards! Sounds terrifying! And EXCITING and wonderful :) All best wishes to you!


Well, the new job (that previously didn't exist!) sounds like it was meant to be - just for you. Best wishes in your new life adventure.


Good for you! Congratulations and wishing you all the best!


Love the quilts, love the quotes, and most of all I love the story!

It's crazy how we humans are sometimes terrified of the next step. Of rejection maybe...or even more so of acceptance. It's hard to break out of comfort zones.

But I'm so so happy for you is what I really want to say!

Lynne @ boutschoisis

What a lovely story - with a happy ending! Congratulations and I'm sure there will be much magic in this new beginning for you! I'm looking forward to the next chapter telling us what you will be doing with moda in this job that does now exist!


I love the story how your 'job that doesn't exist' become a real job. What I love most about it that you have a bunch of really close and good friends who pushed you in the right direction.
I'm really happy for you and hope and wish you all the best in your new life:-)


You are only limited by your imagination. You will continue to be amazing. Moda is fortunate to have you. Am I jealous, of course. Will I miss my Schnibble fix? Yes. But most of all I'm looking forward to what lies ahead. Man, this sounds totally nerdy.mbut, you know what I mean, right?


Congratulations on having the guts to get yourself out there and see what happens! I wish I had your nerve.

I started Come-On-A-My-House earlier this year when I moved to a new town and got married to the love of my life. I just have a few more houses to sew, and then I can put the top together. I was excited to see your version to start this post on your new life. That's the reason I'm sewing this quilt - starting a new life. I guess it did take a lot of nerve to do this as Age 58. Best of luck to you!

Karen Likens

Are you kidding? You are Carrie Nelson! How could they not hire you! :)

MOM Quilts

Dear sweet Carrie,


You're the BEST !

Leota Krantz

I wondered when I would finally find out about this "job that didn't exist". I have truly been curious. Couldn't be happier for you and for Moda. They know they see "a good deal". Life is indeed full of surprises. Enjoy the ride.


I truly believe that things happen for a reason. I believe that while we have "free will" to make decisions one way or the other that God definitely has a "hand" in our decision making process. Moda is VERY lucky to have you and I am really looking forward to being part of your journey. Thanks to your friends for supporting and encouraging you ... they are truly gems! Linda

Mary Kastner

This is a great story Carrie. I am so excited to see all the wonderful,things that you will bring to Moda's
"Table ". I just had a never ending move and it is such hard work. I am feeling your pain for sure. We are moved but everyday there is still a lot of work and unpacking going on. Best wishes for you! Are we still going to get a new book from you soon?


Tracey Holzer

What a great post!! Have fun with Moda.


Congrats to the new exciting job! I am so happy for you! It seems like a really interesting and exciting job, it'll be so interesting to hear more about it!


You have to believe in yourself before anyone else will! You may have always wondered 'what if?' had you not made that first move. I agree with Karen, above, YOU ARE Carrie Nelson & they're so lucky to now have you at Moda!! Borrowing from a Jimmy Buffet song to add to your list of quotes…'breathe in, breathe out; move on!' Congratulations on landing the 'new' job & best wishes for smooth packing & moving trip!


Ah, resumes! That's the hardest thing I ever did when I moved to CA because I had only had one job for 24 years. I expanded on the "expandable" and bullet-pointed what I couldn't expand. Took me a week! Love your quotations. I need to post those on the fridge!! I'm just so excited for you - the new job, not the packing/unpacking!!

Paulette Doyle

Congratulations, Carrie!! They are LUCKY to be getting you on their team!! Wishing you all the best!

Loris Mills

Well, you definitely picked the right company! Can't wait to see all that is in store for you. I'm guessing its going to include rather happy designing and new friends. Hard to beat that for a new adventure! Thank you for taking us all along for the ride :-)

Lisa D.

This is going to be an exciting year for you. I think you + Moda is the perfect step for you! And closer to your brother, too. Awesome. I wish I could help you pack and fondle all your treasures. I'm happy for you and your next phase!


Thumbs up for going forward and taking the risk. We all fear that "Thanks, but no Thanks!" response. I too am at a cross roads at this point in my life. I've some decisions to make about whether to go forward or just put it all back in the box and look back one day and think, should I have taken the chance? I'm proud of you girl!


I am excited for you Dallas is a very vibrant city and I know you will like it . Working for Moda should be fun for you and I look forward to seeing what you create. i do hope you keep blogging? I would love to keep up with you and since I live in a suburb of Dallas, maybe I will even run into you somewhere? Packing is not a fun thing but I know you will get it all done and be ready for your new adventure. Have fun!

Mary Ann

Here's my favorite quote for taking a leap...
"You sort of start thinking Anything's possible if you've got nerve enough!" Ginny Weasley
And you've got nerve, talent and support enough for sure, you're Carrie Nelson! Congratulations!


Thank you for sharing your story, it is truly inspiring to those of us also in the transition period of our lives. It is a brave thing to go forward into change. Congratulations on your new position, your new home, your new town and mostly the new possibilities that await you.


I look forward to seeing how your creativity expresses itself at Moda. Hope the move goes smoothly and you settle in nicely.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Way to go! Wishing you all the best in your move and new job. :-)

Kristy Thomas

Hi Carrie --

I purchased a pattern from you on Dec. 9 (DEAE03FCDC713495) and the link that was emailed to me does not work. Is there a way you can send me a corrected pdf?

Thank you!


SO exciting! I can't wait to see the fruits of your labors, so to speak. And who knows -- maybe I'll stumble into you at the local mall or whataburger or something -- much to my motherly dismay, my baby is moving far away and will land in your new location!

Linda P

So exciting! A new adventure and you are taking us all with you. Sooooo - that position that didn't exist, now exists so what are we going to be doing besides showing up each day? I love for people to succeed and you will fit like a glove. That coveted fabric of yours.....? I've got it, and its the part I can't make myself cut, as I know I will want it for something else if I do. Acccck!! Decisions!! pack, pack, pack, and get going. Please, don't stop blogging, I miss you when you're away. xo

Peggy Aront

SO exciting. New adventures are fun and exciting and getting a job with a fabric company has got to be the icing on the cake for you. Best of luck and keep on packing so you're ready.....and if all those quilts are too much for you, you have my address, just send them to me for safekeeping LOL.

I read your post out loud to my daughter who's job searching and she thought you were very brave to "sell" yourself.

Keep on packing missy......


Ellen Simmons

Change is good, and you have the perfect personality to make it work! Looking forward to hearing more.


So excited for you and SO looking forward to reading about all the adventures you're going to have!


So exciting! I can see where this would be a wonderful new adventure for you. You won't have to do your own marketing any more and the young people with their new ideas and energy will inspire you, I'm sure. I've loved your patterns for years and do hope you will continue the blog. So anxious to see what the future has in store for you!

Wendy Ouellette

Congratulations on enlightening the Moda crew into realizing they needed you to fill a spot they didnt even know was empty. It reminds me of a story...After college my son was looking for a job. With school loans to pay he applied everywhere he could think of. He went to a boat manufacturing place and brought in a resume...the first thing they asked him was if he had experience in that field. His answer, "no, but I learn quick...they said, "sorry, we need someone with experience." His answer, "Well while I am here, can you show me around, it looks pretty interesting." At the end of the tour, he said," can I offer you a week of work, at zero wages, if you like my work you can hire me, if not just send me on my way and you have gotten a week of free labour." After 3 days they hired him!
Sometimes you just have to be fearless and go for it.
Go show them what they,ve been missing by not having you on board long ago!


There's nothing quite like the liberating feeling that comes from purging. My mother used to say "if you haven't worn it in a year, then it's not yours". I love your writing style.


I'm so happy for you. Guess that says it all. Have enjoyed watching you grow... I still miss Rosie.


I'm truly excited for you (with just a twinge of awe!) Congrats on your new path and I'm thrilled that you'll just be "up the road apiece" from where my life is. Originally from South Dakota, I've called Texas my home for over half my life now, and it has been a good home all these years. You won't even mind the heat here, since you're transitioning from Arizona.
Keep on keeping on (as we used to say in my youth...)


You are truly an inspirational woman. Wow! That is all I keep coming around to. I wish you all the best and am excited to see where this new path leads you and what great things are in store for the "quilty world".

Merry Christmas!


Congrats on your new venture! I love everything you do so am excited what you'll be doing in your new job. I hope you'll still be designing shnibbles and minis cause I love them too :). Have a great holiday!

Archie The Wonder Dog

What a great way to get a job!! I hope the packing/moving/unpacking/starting work goes well!

Lisa Vancor

Carrie, What a great opportunity for Moda and for you.
You are one of my favorite designers soooo of course they hired you.

Best wishes,
Lisa Vancor,

Merry Christmas, too


Oh MAN!!! I know how you feel right about now. I did that just a little over a year ago (moving) and went from 3600 sf to under 2000. So you can bet a did a TON of purging but very little was from my stash. I still haven't found a place to put most of it! UGH So it lives in the spare bedrooms out for everyone to see (or at least anyone who dares peek in the doors). You CAN do it (just doesn't seem like it at the moment).

Andrea Kelter

Hi Carrie, I missed this post on the 10th - just saw it now and love, love, love the story about "how the "traditional" job came about! Of course you had to do it the non-traditional way!!!!!

Packing. Did you realize that pack is a four-letter word? Just sayin'!

The photo of C'Mon a My House is fantastic! And one of my favourite "Rosie" quilt designs - which I was fortunate enough to purchase a few weeks ago from your shop (thanks for sending the discount - very, very nice of you!). Oddly, I've been sitting on just the right fabric collection for that design for two years now, kept looking at patterns, drew out some of my own - NO! - none made my brain go "click". Then I visited your blog to see if you had moved yet - and found out some of the "before" patterns were resurrected and for sale!!!!! Made my day!!!! I shopped. Next, I will cut and create. Just one teensy thing...Home for the Holidays. Available anywhere? Will it ever be available again? Another one of my absolute Rosie fave's - I saw it on Pinterest for the first time in 2013 of all places, but without reference to where it came from and who designed it. So.....the marketing director/sleuth in me tracked it down through various channels - and no surprise, it is yours! Me want. My quilting life is a bit incomplete without it. Where can it be purchased? Or can it? I cannot find it for sale anywhere... :o(

Re: the move. I hope (know it will) goes well...probably has already gone well. Unpacking. Not a four letter word - and because it is the first step on a new chapter - will be much more fun (I think) than packing. Where DO things go? Does this look better here? Or here? Or there?...

First night in a new place. The sounds are different. The smells are different. The light is different. But it's exciting. Then....unpacking magic. The familiar finds its place in the new space. The favourite pictures are hung. The quilts get displayed. And...one day...you walk through the door at the end of another busy day and...you're home. And it has become just that. Not a new place anymore. But home.

This Christmas I wish for you all the usual holiday excitement and special moments and lots of really, really good food. But also these things....

• The joy of teamwork, creating the magnificent and memorable art you do in a setting that encourages you to explore and stretch the boundaries of your talents to the limits.
• Discovery. Of new friends, new favourite places to eat, new little stores to browse, new outdoor retreats for the ultimate weekend getaway...
• Renewal. Shedding the old and donning the new. Keeping beloved memories, and making new ones with all the joys and sadnesses that accompany the process.
• Success. Although no one needs to wish you that - I feel very certain that success is the only option in your lexicon. And that your star will shine more brightly than ever.

Merry, Merry Christmas to you. And much, much joy in the coming year.

Take care, Carrie.


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