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January 20, 2015


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Archie The Wonder Dog

If you only lost one list during your move then you've done brilliantly! Glad you like your new home - the light does indeed look lovely!

P.S. Please don't shut up LaVieEnRosie completely, I like to read your archives from time to time!


Oooh, I'm with Archie -- We love your archives! So happy to see you all settled and enjoying the new job. Hope the remodel goes smoothly and that they bring the ceiling men back for your entertainment!


I now know that the only constant in life is that things WILL change. Not necessarily for the worse or for the better, just different. Hmmm, I think that might actually be called "growth"!
It's a bittersweet thing, but in my experience, I've always ended up just exactly where I'm meant to be. You are where you are meant to be... at least at this point in your life... and have impressed me mightily with the way you've dealt with all the changes.
My hope is to meet you in person some day, expecially now that you live in my neck of the woods - more or less!


I secrectly hoped that you'll keep this blog and write a post now and then about you and your life because The Cutting Table is more about Moda and your business life or not? And what is with your patterns? And all these great pictures and posts about Rosie?
Don't get me wrong, I'm soooo happy for you and Moda to find each other but I know I'll miss your blog and your posts and pictures. So, please, pleas keep your 'old' address and visit from time to time!

Mary Ann

So happy that your new life is falling into place so well...and is full of light and I imagine lots of laughter. Reading this post left me a little Teary though, I have always loved my visits and I come back often for the wonderful tutorials and ideas. Hugs!!!


Oh, I'm so glad I wasn't the only one that teared up. Bye Bye Rosie and Rosie's mommy. I'll miss you!

All Hail the new Moda Cutting Table. See you there.


Glad you're settling in and boy does it sure sound bittersweet. I'm with the other person who commented and was wondering about your patterns, which I'm addicted to. You had such a different blog with funny stories and pics. I read the cutting table and like it, so will look forward to seeing what changes you make. Spice it up :)

Bari Jo Moore

Was fun to see the post and see your pics on IG also. So happy for this new adventure for you! :O) Love reading what you write! And your quilts and patterns and inspiration - and tutorials have all been wonderful. Thank you for all you've shared! Felt sad as I read the closing of one (HAPPY!) chapter and wonderful memories and yet was rejoicing with you on what is next! Enjoy!

Mary Kastner

Best wishes Carrie! Change.....it is a struggle the older I get the more resistant I am but it happens anyway. The new blog has been wonderful and we all are anticipating what you will bring us next. I am glad our moves are behind us and I, too, have a few boxes that are still sitting there waiting for my attention. it may not happen for a while!



Out with the old; in with the new. Change is good. Make new friends, but keep the old…
Lots of sayings to go with your closing this blog but you already know that, right? Your tutorials will be missed if LaVieEnRosie totally goes away so is there a way to maintain those? It looks like you're off to a great start in your new home & job! I'll follow you where ever you're writing!



Nancy in Utah

Carrie, I'm so happy that you are seeing "Good signs" in the things that surround you in your new digs. THAT makes me happy :o) ... but I'm really writing to say thank you...thank you for your kindness and generosity more than once when I was struggling more than usual with health issues, though I didn't mention it in any comments, but the tone of my remarks were less than upbeat those times and there you were to cheer me up. You won't remember because you treat everyone with amazing kindness, but you read a comment I left on a blog a few years back about feeling like the only quilter in the world who was without a specific item...well, there was Carrie to the rescue, and again two years ago I inquired about where they sold one of your products...well, nuff said. I know I'll see you at the "Cutting Table", but I want you to know that all those many kindnesses and thoughtful things you do for sooooooo many of us, well, we don't ever forget. Thank you again, just because. Big Hugzzzzzzzz and I'm hoping you see "Good Signs" everywhere you look. God Bless and keep...


So glad that all is falling into place and you are settling in. Changes can be hard but good! I'm with the others though, I hope you keep this blog up b/c I still go back and refer to many of your tips that you've posted over the years. I'm really enjoying The Cutting Table!


I'm happy your move and new life are such an exciting adventure! Lavieenrosie really helped me through my own two Dogs' deaths recently. I hope you keep the blog going even if just to post occasionally


I was one of the original group of commenters. You started blogging and my daughter started college. Hard to believe she's since graduated, gone on to complete graduate school, and is now working at her first 'real' job out-of-state. And I've enjoyed reading your blog through all my changes and yours. I, too, hope you'll reconsider and keep this blog going and check in every so often. Glad to hear you're settling in!


I'm so happy for you - this is such a wonderful new adventure for you. I hope, as many others have commented, that you'll keep this blog and visit occasionally - I'd love to continue to hear how YOU are doing. Thank you for all you've shared over the years.

Linda P

You always have a way of cheering me up - even when you're not here............ I always want the very best for you, and that is to be happy first. You might need some new wooly mittens too! Love, xo

Linda H

I've been reading you since almost the beginning and while I am happy and excited for your new "adventures" it is poignant to think this blog will be going away. If at all possible please leave it open so we can access your archives and your tutorials ... they help more people than you might realized. If it's a matter of $$ for the internet service I'm certain we can contribute. Seriously ... please consider it ... seriously ;-) Linda


Best of luck and we will miss this blog as we miss hearing about rosie and your family.


I'm crying as I catch up on your blog. I've been away from reading blogs since early December 2014 due to life issues so this is all a huge surprise to me! I still miss your mom and Rosie and I'll miss LaVieEnRosie...but I'll always have my Rosie quilting books :) I do wish you all the best with your new Moda job....a "traditional" job eh? I'll follow you to The Cutting Table and continue to enjoy your blogging voice. You are so much fun and who doesn't need a little fun in their lives? Are there any job openings for me....ya need a personal assistant? Just asking . . . .

Lynne @ boutschoisis

Do you have to close this blog down? It will be sad to lose access to all the hints and tips here. I refer to them often! If it really must go I hope we will get a period of time to get to work with "Print friendly" or similar device so we can save what we need. I will certainly be following you in your new location and I'm sure you will be hugely successful there. What are the plans for the new book you were talking about a while ago? Lynne.


Oh my, Carrie. Even though I'm tuned in with you over at Moda - the Cutting Table, I still come back here just to be reminded . . . of so much. Some days, just for a smile, or a look at Rosie, or a thought about you and your mom, or a look back at a quilt, or I'm not sure what else. Just the familiar I suppose. But I'll get used to saying hi over at Moda, and am so very glad everything is working well for you in Dallas and at Moda. See you over there!

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