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May 15, 2016


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carol fun

Happy to see you pop back in here... I enjoy seeing your WIPs makes me feel better about mine but inspiries me to make more! I love Gwen's quilts and some day hope to see some in person... and I'd like to see some of Freddy Moran's... part of my bucket list... take care!


It's so great to hear from you and to see what you are working on. Sometimes time fly by and passes in a blink. I can't believe it's May already and I have so many things on my sewing-to-do-list sometimes I don't know where to start. Glad to hear I'm not the only one;-) Hope you have a great time at Quilt Market and wish you post a lot of pictures!


Nice to see you on your own "space". Congrats on your move to better living quarters. Have a wonderful time at market. My guru Jo will be part of your pack now-so exciting!



Welcome back...just checking "in", just in case. What a happy way to start my soggy, wet Monday morning. Can't wait to see the finished quilts. Have a great time in Salt Lake. Maybe someday...for me.


Always great to "hear" from you. Glad you are moved and hopefully resettled. Enjoy Market, and then hopefully some sewing at home time. It's always inspiring to see what you are making!

Lynne @ boutschoisis

Lovely to see you back. Your brother will be so pleased with you! Enjoy the Salt Lake event!


Really enjoyed Moda's booth at QuiltCon and chatting briefly with you. :-)


I love the look of your charm quilt in progress...even though I've developed a taste for some modern quilts and fabrics, my heart still belongs to the pretty, old-fashioned prints :)

Linda H

Regardless of when (or how often) you post it is always good to hear from you. Loved your QIPs and appreciate your sharing. Moving is a pain, regardless of whether it's far or near. We used Two Men And A Truck (just the men, too) and did the U-Haul thing when we retired and moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Traverse City, MI ... been 3 years and STILL have boxes in the sewing room that I haven't opened ... do you think there is too much fabric in my life? But that doesn't stop me from shopping! LOL Loved the quilts in the Pilgrim exhibit ~ would have loved to see them up close. Will look forward to your next post ... someday ... or whenever ;-)

Mary Samaniego

I am looking for a past pattern from Miss Rosie. It is "Come On A My House". I have found out it is out of stock. Is there anywhere I can obtain it. Thank you.

Diana Wylie

So glad to hear from you here again! I love your works in progress. I am hard on irons as well and have pretty much given up on the rowenta's. i broke down and got an Oliso and so far so good. We will see if it can make the long haul so to speak. Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth Eastmond

My last iron, from Target, lasted 12 years. The one before that lasted 20 years (Proctor and Silex, sadly not made anymore) lasted 20 years or until I wore out the soleplate. I use mine a ton--so maybe try one of those domestic models for longevity? I always pick one that feels good in my hand and has lots of steam vents. I hear more and more how the expensive irons fail so quickly--that's really a shame because so many people swear by them.

I'm late to commenting on this--always fun to see you at Market, and I love your line-up of quilts here. It's hard to run two blogs at once, so I understand about sporadic postings. Just know that we are all your fans, no matter what's going on.

Mary Ann

Oh my, I missed this post by weeks! It's fun to see you hear Carrie and working on your projects. I will look forward to seeing one done by September...seems a very doable kind of thing!

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